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Ashley Rose Mega Masturbator

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Product number : FWB009
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Product video

Product information

  • Large masturbator
  • Lifelike feel
  • Realistic look
  • Stimulating inner texture
  • 2 openings
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Beige

The Ashley Rose Masturbator is a realistic looking and feeling masturbator which is provided with both a vaginal and anus opening. This masturbator is shaped like deliciously full buttocks and is made of TPR  which feels soft but firm. Both openings feature  ribbing on the inside which provides  intense  penis stimulation. Use water-based lubricant for a comfortable feeling.

After use  it's easy to clean the masturbator: carefully run lukewarm water through the openings  and use an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and pat it dry with a lint-free cloth. Then, let the material dry well and store the masturbator in a dust-free place.

Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
Friend with Benefits
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
Original name:
Ashley Rose Mega Masturbator


22.50 cm
Inner length:
8.00 cm
8.50 cm
28.00 cm


Suitable lubricant:
Water Based
Penis stimulation
Vagina, Anus
Internal structure:
Ripples, Nubs

More specifications

User level:
More Experienced
2600 gram
Package size:
42x30x14 cm

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Reviews (80)

  • Eduard Plezier
    Expert review
    4.0/5 2019-09-20
    It's 26.5 centimeters wide. It's 22 centimeters long. It's 9 centimeters high. There are two canals, anal and vaginal. Both canals feature a textured interior. Both canals are open at the back.
    ashley rose masturbator

    The packaging

    It includes:

    “ashley rose” in a soft plastic bag

    The smell

    Fortunately, this toy doesn't have the typical strong smell associated with tpe/tpr material. However, the smell it does have is strongly reminiscent of spoiled milk. The smell isn't very strong and dissipates a little bit, but the smell "stuck" to my hands for quite a long time.


    Using it

    I do wonder what the point of the anal canal is. There isn't much material around the anal canal, so it you can't really guide a penetrating member.

    Fortunately, the vaginal canal is another story; delaying my orgasm as long as possible was a difficult task. I think it's because of the internal texture and the fact that the material exerts a certain pressure that causes a lot of stimulation.

    Cleaning this toy's canals is easy because they are both open ended. The downside of that is that various substances can leak out of the openings during use.

    This material gets sticky and shiny after each use and I recommend using a powder, like corn starch or talcum powder, before using it again.

    For those who like jiggling butts, "ashley's" buttocks are a bit flat and fairly stiff so there's not much to jiggle.

    The sound

    With normal use, this toy does not make too much noise.

    The inside

    The pattern, shape and tightness of the vaginal canal are perfect for making penetration a pleasant experience. The interior of the vaginal canal consists of ribbing and studs.

    The look

    All surfaces are smooth, fluid and don't have any small details. The entrance to both canals is clearly visible through a round hole.

    The material

    The material has a clear yellow/orange tint and is relatively stiff, which means the toy still has some firmness. It's soft, as long as it's well maintained, and malleable.

    My final verdict

    I'd recommend this product for people for whom shape is a priority. That's this toy's strong point. Considering the price, I think you get a lot for your money compared to what some other toys cost that have a lot less "flesh" and shape. It feels like the manufacturer has tried to keep the price as low as possible by using fewer materials. That's clear from the "sawed-off legs" and the extra hollow at the bottom opposite the outlet of the anal canal. This allows the manufacturer to make this shape and size available at this price.

    If you look at other toys in this price range, you can see that a lot of them are purely for penetration. What this toy adds on top of that is the ability to hold two ass cheeks. The fleshlight or the kokos elegance just don't compare.
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  • Nymphoman
    5.0/5 2021-02-25
    I bought this because I see my friend with benefits a lot less thanks to the lockdown and still need somewhere other than my hand to put my gear every now and then. I hadn't expected this, but the inside feels pretty realistic, and the slurping sounds the material makes are pretty sexy, too. It's pretty heavy and doesn't slide off, so you can also put it on a table and go at it "hands free". I have a pretty decent girth and I still slid in easily. But after a minute of fucking motions, the studs inside started to irritate me because of the girth of my dick. For someone with a slightly more normal sized penis (less than 5 cm diameter) this would definitely be a great toy and I'd recommend it! It won't be the price that puts you off. I've read that the "exit" in the back is a drawback for some people, because your head can come out through it if you've got a really long cock. But it has its advantages, too - you can easily rinse out the inside, and if you don't go too far in, you can also put your finger in the exit hole and tickle your glans. That's really nice, too! You can also put a finger in her ass when you're fucking and rub against your glans that way, that also feels really sexy. Easy to clean, including the inside. I've now promoted Ashley to be my personal assistant on my desk. Her ass is the perfect stress ball if you have thumb pain after a day of computer work, she also does a great job as a pen stand and my tablet also sits up perfectly when I lean it against her ass! Basically, there's nothing wrong with it. Certainly not at this price, and it's multifunctional, too!
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  • HT
    3.5/5 2021-08-31
    Works well the first time. Second time it's not too bad either... but come the 3rd time, you hardly feel it.... let's say, no sensation
    Also, you shouldn't cum in the vagina as there is no exit.
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  • Johan122
    4.5/5 2021-08-17
    Feels amazing
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  • user one
    4.3/5 2021-02-03
    Somewhat smaller but also a bit heavier than expected. Rose feels absolutely great, even from the outside, a lovely little ass.

    Both "entrances" are narrowly designed, but that isn't a problem with a little lubricant and a "hard-on".

    The material and the ribbing on the inside make Rose feel very real.
    Rose absolutely has the potential to be addictive.

    Cleaning is also simple - rinse well, dry and disinfect.
    You can find the right products in the store.

    Conclusion: an absolute "must have" at this low price!
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  • Guz
    4.0/5 2021-07-31
    A lovely way to cum, but make sure you use a lot of oil.
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  • Bob de Douwer
    4.3/5 2021-01-07
    The Ashley Rosé.

    First impression: weight felt good, doesn't just blow away, just think the rose is a bit on the large side.

    Externally it feels soft, but firm, the ass moves along with you.
    Internally it also feels great, constant stimulation due to the extensive ridges.

    Since Ashley is rather "small" it could be difficult for a man with a bigger penis to penetrate.
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  • Henk
    2.3/5 2021-07-28
    Doesn't fit. Too small.
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  • Pieter31
    5.0/5 2020-11-14
    Great product, at first I doubted whether I should buy it or not but it's really great have used it now 3 times and the quality is still great, don't forget to order talcum powder and toy cleaner so it stays in good shape and it's important to use water-based lubricant otherwise it will damage the toy.
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  • Montanara
    3.8/5 2021-04-30
    Material feels wonderful and provides this intense feeling when it touches you
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