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EasyGlide 500 ML - Waterbased

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500 mL (£ 25.40 / Liter)
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Product number : EG002
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Product information

  • 500 ML
  • Also comes in 1 liter
  • Water based
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Content: 500 mL

EasyGlide is a high quality, water-based lubricant produced by a certified German manufacturer. The special, non-fat composition is easily removed with water and does not leave any marks, even during passionate moments. With a consistency that feels pleasant on the skin, is not sticky, as well as excellent lubricating properties and an optimal amount, EasyGlide is ideal for fulfilling and carefree sex.

The basis for a carefree and sensual atmosphere is trust in the partner - just as essential is the confidence in all products that are linked to lovemaking and that come into contact with the genital area. For concern free intercourse, it is advisable to be pay attention to the following points at the time of purchase:

The CE Mark, which in accordance with the Medical Products Act identifies a legal medical product that is suitable for the genital area.
The identification mark "latex condom compatible", which guarantees the compatibility of the product with condoms.
A detailed description.

With EasyGlide, we offer a German quality product that complies with these three criteria and assures you with our wide variety of products for your individual needs and preferences.

- Waterbased
- 500ml

Ingredients: aqua, hydroxyethylcellulose, citric acid, glycerin, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
500 mL
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
Original name:
EasyGlide 500 ML - Waterbased

More specifications

580 gram
Package size:
18x10x10 cm
The Netherlands

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Reviews (1156)

  • Lisanne
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2019-03-08
    Lots of people think you only need to use lube if you have trouble getting wet enough. Think again. This clear liquid can improve everyone's sex life - both men's and women's. This is why I always have a bottle of lube within reach in my bedroom.

    What's my favorite lube? It depends on the situation. I tend to use a silicone-based one when I have sex with my partner. It's nice and thick and it doesn't dry out too quickly. The biggest drawback with this type of lube is that you can't use it with sex toys. Your toys might melt (WTF) and get sticky which means you'll end up having to throw them out.

    This is why I recently decided to try EasyGlide Water-Based Lubricant. This lube is - you may have guessed this by now - water-based and that means it's one hundred percent safe to use with your battery operated Tarzan. The bottle contains 150 ml and has a light-blue label without any erotic wording or pictures. The packaging has a neutral vibe. This means you can safely sit it next to your massage oil on your nightstand.

    I really liked the fact that the lube was easy to use. All you need to do is press the lid. This means you can open and close the bottle using just one hand. It's ideal in the heat of the moment when your second hand might be otherwise engaged. It's easy to dose the amount of lube you need by squeezing the bottle. This is my preferred method because pump bottles never last long with me.

    The clear liquid isn't just good for your vibrator, it's good for your skin too. The manufacturer claims that this lubricant is skin-friendly and that it has an optimal pH level, which means it won't irritate most people's skin. What does it feel like? I thought it was a surprisingly thick water-based lubricant which did what it was supposed to do. It's not scented or flavored, it doesn't stain and it's easy to rinse off. The only drawback is that it dries up quickly. Keep the bottle nearby if you want to keep things slippery. 
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  • Eduard Plezier
    Expert review
    4.0/5 2018-12-31
    A perfect example of an EasyGlide product: affordable and a no-nonsense performer.

    All facts lined up.

    Water-based lubricant, clear, transparent with the consistency of olive oil.
    Volume: 150 millimeters.
    The bottle is fifteen centimeters high by about four centimeters wide.
    When drying up, the substance changes into a kind of white fraying which is easy to remove from the skin.

    The packaging.

    No regular package for this bottle. Usually these bottles are delivered in a foil packages.

    The scent.

    A sharp odor that can only be noticed when your nose is close to the product.

    The feeling.

    A cool substance that effortlessly adjust to skin temperature.

    My final verdict.

    Perfect stuff that does what it needs to do; slide. I like the EasyGlide caps on all their bottles; they are no-hassle and easy to operate.
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  • Exles
    5.0/5 2021-07-31
    I always use EasyGlide's lube, this larger pump is perfect for the bedside table, especially since you need a lot of it quite often, as water-based lubricant evaporates quite quickly.
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  • snoeper
    5.0/5 2021-12-05
    cheap and it glides

    enough said
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  • Nance
    4.3/5 2021-02-05
    Great lubricant
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  • JB
    5.0/5 2021-02-05
    Good lubricant Slides nice and stays good for a long time. With that amount you can survive the evenings at home for a long time.
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  • Steef
    5.0/5 2021-02-05
    Great lubricant and not expensive
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  • Christiaan
    5.0/5 2021-02-05
    Great lubricant. It works very well if, for example, you want to slide on a cock ring and it also does not irritate around the woman's vagina.
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  • Eline
    4.8/5 2021-02-05
    Great lube, good price and does what it should.
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  • Elise
    5.0/5 2021-02-05
    Easy to use, feels good Thanks to the convenient, clickable cap, you won't get a mess.
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