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    Fleshlight accessoires and add-ons

    Fleshlight is a popular male sex toy that provides a realistic sexual experience. But the fun doesn't stop with just the standard product. There are a variety of accessories and add-ons available that can make using the Fleshlight even more enjoyable. Below, we will discuss the different options.


    Fleshlight Launchpad

    The Fleshlight Launchpad is designed to be used in conjunction with an iPad, allowing you to play with your favorite sex toy while also enjoying video content or engaging in a video call with your partner. You can even watch an "exciting movie" while using your Fleshlight. With the Fleshlight Launchpad, you can intensify your Fleshlight experience!

    Fleshlight Hang- and Stand Dry

    The Fleshlight Hang and Stand Dry are designed to speed up the drying process of the Fleshlight sleeve compared to leaving it on a towel. The Hang Dry design uses air circulation to remove moisture from the sleeve, while the Stand Dry keeps the sleeve upright, allowing moisture to drip down and evaporate quickly. This allows the sleeve to dry faster and more efficiently than if it were left on a towel.

    Fleshlight Shower Mount

    The Fleshlight Shower Mount is a holder for the Fleshlight masturbator, specifically designed for use in the shower. It uses a suction cup and mounting bracket to securely hold the Fleshlight against the shower wall or tile. This allows you to use the Fleshlight hands-free while showering, providing a new and unique experience.

    Fleshlight Warmer

    The Fleshlight Warmer is a handy and innovative tool for those who want to enjoy a more realistic experience with their Fleshlight sleeve. It works simply: by sliding the sleeve over the warmer, the toy is heated to 37°C in less than 10 minutes. This contributes to a more lifelike sensation during use and makes it a great addition for any Fleshlight owner. The quick and easy temperature adjustment of the sleeve makes it easier than ever to get the most enjoyment out of the Fleshlight.

    Maintenance Powder

    The Fleshlight Renewing Maintenance Powder is specifically designed to keep the SuperSkin material used in Fleshlights soft and supple. After cleaning and drying the Fleshlight sleeve, the powder is applied to make the sleeve smooth and soft again, thus extending the lifespan of the sleeve. The powder also provides a more realistic and enjoyable user experience.

    The various accessories and add-ons for Fleshlight provide many options to customize the sex toy to personal preference and comfort. Whether you're looking for a more realistic experience or more comfort, there is an accessory available that will meet your needs!

    Want to know more?

    In addition to the overview of all available accessories, we also have useful tips for maintaining your Fleshlight. This way, you can ensure that your Fleshlight toy stays in top condition and can provide pleasure for years to come. And to make it even better, we also have a comprehensive overview where we discuss the different versions of the Fleshlight brand. This allows you to easily see which variants are available and which one best suits your preferences.