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    Fun Factory - Manta Masturbator - Blue

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    Product number : 5300859
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    Product information

    • High-quality design
    • Powerful vibrations
    • Waterproof
    • Rechargeable
    • Suitable for erectile dysfunction
    • Made in Germany
    • Colour: Blue

    The Manta Masturbator by Fun Factory is a modern multi-feature masturbator. The toy is equipped with broad, vibrating wings which glide over the penis. This makes the toy ideal for penis and tip stimulation. The Manta can also help with erectile dysfunction. The flexible wings and the open design also enable use with a (partially) flaccid penis. The Manta can also be used during (oral) sex. This multi-functional model can be used as a couples vibrator and for all types of external stimulation, i.e. nipples and clitoris. The Fun Factory masturbator has 12 settings, is waterproof and can be recharged.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 5300859
    • Brand: Fun Factory
    • Colour: Blue
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Fun Factory - Manta Masturbator - Blue


    • Length: 18.00 cm
    • Inner diameter: 3.00 cm
    • Outer diameter: 5.00 cm


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Flexible: Yes
    • Material: ABS, silicone
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Penis
    • Length charging cord: 75 cm
    • Opening: Neutral
    • Internal structure: Ripples

    Power & Speed

    • Vibration power: Extra Powerful Vibrations
    • Operation: Push button
    • Vibration Type: Adjustable vibration / multispeed
    • Settings: 12
    • Run Time: 60 min
    • Power: Charger (USB)
    • Noise level: Very quiet
    • Charge Time: 57 min

    More specifications

    • CE tag: Yes
    • Suitable for couples: Couples: Him + Him, Couples: Her + Her, Couples: Him + Her
    • User level: More Experienced
    • Internal structure: Ribbed
    • Weight: 338 gram
    • Package size: 19x9.5x5.5 cm
    • Origin: Germany
    • EAN: 4032498806501

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    Reviews (27)

    27 reviews
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    • Ryco
      Expert review
      Ever since I discovered the Manta from Fun Factory I've been interested in what it could do! The Manta finally fell into my lap not too long ago, and to this day, I'm still really happy with it. I felt like I had to shout it from the rooftops. I fucking love this toy! Not only has it changed my masturbation game, it's also changed oral sex.
      manta masturbator

      First Impression

      Okay, if we're talking about design, the packaging is nothing to write home about. But it's got everything you could want and need to know. You'll find the nice color you're used to with other Fun Factory toys on this package, too! In the box you will (of course) find the Manta, a manual and a magnetic USB charging cable. It reminded me of a robotic beetle with 'claws', that's sort of what the Manta looks like. Like it comes from another world. The toy is made of lovely, soft silicone and has an amazingly powerful motor. Before you can use the masturbator you need to charge it for a little while. But believe me when I say it is worth the wait. I think the biggest advantage of the Manta is that it is completely waterproof, which is great in the shower, and that means it's also very easy to clean (I'll come back to this later). There are about 12 vibration modes, 6 of which are constant speeds and then 6 patterns. It's incredibly easy to operate the Manta, the buttons are located on the 'loop handle' that you can put your fingers through, so you can easily switch between the functions during use. Compared to what I am used to in terms of motors, the Manta is surprisingly quiet!

      The magical journey...

      Of course I started out using it solo, but according to Fun Factory, apparently it can also be used with a partner. But first things first, the solo aspect. Like I said, the Manta is essentially like a robotic beetle that vibrates. The large 'claws' easily wrap around your shaft. There are also ridges on the 'claws' that provide an extra sensation, but they also hold the water-based lubricant during use. Apply a little bit of lubricant to the inside of your beetle buddy, rub a little on yourself and slide the 'claws' around the shaft... oh, boy! Personally I prefer using it with a little less lubricant, you can feel the ridges a little better. Most of the vibrations are in the tips of the toy, where the 'claws' spread out. It feels sensational when you press it gently against your frenulum! The design is so ingenious that you can actually feel the vibrations around the entire penis and you notice it when you work your way through the different speeds. But the design also makes it easy to slide the Manta up and down your shaft, you'll figure out what feels best for you. It feels great to use the Manta as a masturbator, the up-and-down and around movements penetrate deep into your penis. The Manta will take you on a magical journey to an orgasmic world.

      More fun with two

      An extra pair of hands never hurts, and that's true for masturbation, too. The Manta actually comes into its own even more when you share the pleasure with a partner. Putting the Manta on the base of the shaft during oral sex is next level... simply place the Manta around the base of the shaft and turn it on to the very lowest setting, it takes some getting used to. Start gently with your lips and tongue on the tip of the glans and work your way up, but then go for it! Then move the Manta with your lips as you continue with oral play across the shaft. Yes, that sensation is truly indescribable. But frankly, it's a tremendous overload for your nerves. The oral part in combination with the vibrations will lead to the most intense pleasure ever. Period. Everything vibrates with you, you try to grab hold of the sheets, you start breathing more deeper, heavier, and at a certain point you reach a point where there is no turning back. Can I put it like that? Yes, right? For me it was one of the best oral/deep throat experiences ever! Even though I usually have no complaints, the Manta really takes it to a higher and more intense level.

      The car wash and garage

      Like I said, the Manta is completely waterproof and that makes it unbelievably easy to clean. Just rinse it off under the faucet or wash it off with soap and water. Do watch out for the ridges, they can be a good hiding place for lubricant or bodily fluids. But all in all, cleaning isn't all that difficult. You can get the toy even cleaner with toy cleaner. As soon as the masturbator is clean, you can put it back in the box and the Manta will be ready for next time. Personally I've used the Manta several times so far, I'd say about six times, before I had to recharge the device. Of course that depends on how quickly you cross the finish line.

      My overall opinion is...

      Extremely positive! A regular masturbator with a bullet vibrator is nice, but the Manta stands out from the crowd. I'm far from disappointed! Personally I'm not a huge fan of the patterns, but you could say the vibrations are pleasant. They are powerful and penetrate deeply. The design really works to the user's advantage and makes it very easy to use. It's an amazing toy for solo use, but if you want to have a new experience with someone else, the Manta really is a superhero! If you like penis stimulation with vibrations, or if you are looking to make your oral sex game more exciting, I highly recommend the Manta. It's exactly what you've been looking for.
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    • Marc
      Expert review
      Written at color: Green
      Over the past few years, lots of new, innovative sex toys have been released onto the market. One of the front runners in this area is the German brand Fun Factory. They are best known for their extremely powerful engines and amazing designs for people with vaginas: like the Stronic Drei or the pulsing Tiger G5.
      manta masturbator

      The Mantra is a toy for people with penises and for couples. The design is so different that I wanted to try it out as soon as I heard about it. So I decided to bug EasyToys until they sent me one. I am so happy I decided to nag them as this is an amazing toy!

      What is the Fun Factory Manta?

      The Fun Factory Manta is sold as a 'stroker'. You can roughly describe it as a 'jerking-off machine'. However, that's a bit of an understatement. Look, you can use the Manta solo to stimulate your penis. However, you can also use it with your partner!

      Lots of toys designed for people with penises are shaped like a sleeve and have a fake pussy/mouth/butt attached to them. These types of masturbators tend to be huge, hard to use, loud and clumsy. These types of toys also aren't very inviting to use together with your partner. Fun Factory has managed to create a penis toy which also looks like a vibrator. It's easy to use, is comfortable to hold and it looks a lot less threatening.

      The Manta looks like a straight vibrator with a C-shaped head. The material is flexible which means the wings can cup the penis in a number of different ways. The C is also ribbed which provides extra stimulation and means the lube will stay put for longer. Fun Factory recommends you use a water-based lubricant (not included).

      Specs and options

      The Manta uses a 'click 'n charge' magnetic charging system just like all of the other toys manufactured by Fun Factory. The Manta is made of high-quality silicone. It's 100% waterproof, 18 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide.

      The Manta offers a constant vibration with 6 intensity levels and 6 different patterns. The Manta also has a 'travel lock' which means it won't suddenly turn itself on in your luggage.

      Mine was a manly army green but it also comes in navy blue (I guess it depends on which branch of the armed forces you prefer).


      The Fun Factory Manta comes in a gold box which looks really nice. It's a gift and a treat to open. The box even has a drawing on it showing you how you're supposed to open it. They've dotted every i and crossed every t. I love it.

      The first thing you see when opening the box is the instruction leaflet ("RTFM in your face, dude!"). The print used is pretty small. Luckily, it comes with lots of clear illustrations. It also comes with a safety guide which says this toy isn't suitable for children. The recommendation is not to use this toy anally. I wasn't planning on doing that but I want to thank Fun Factory's attorneys for including that piece of info.

      The USB charging cable is nice and thick and it's one of the ones that doesn't tangle easily. I'm impressed. You can charge the Manta by connecting the end of the charger to the two dots on the Manta. The magnet is very strong and stays put. A clever light system indicates how charged the Manta is: if the '-' is lit up then it's got less than a third of its charge left. You'll have two-thirds of the charge remaining if the '+' and '-' are burning. And it's fully charged if the logo is lit up too. Fully charging it took quite a while the first time (although it didn't take as long as the 6 - 8 hours suggested in the leaflet).

      The test drive

      The Fun Factory Manta is really comfortable to hold. The buttons are easy to find and operate. When you turn the Manta on it starts vibrating at a constant rate. The '+' and '-' buttons allow you to adjust the intensity. Fun Factory has put a lot of thought into how you scroll through the different patterns. Once you reach the highest intensity setting using the '+' button you'll automatically move onto the first vibration pattern. Once you've accessed the patterns you can flick through them using the '+' button. You will only return to the constant vibration settings by pressing the '-' button. That was a clever decision.

      Solo use

      The Manta offers a lot of options for solo use. If you have a penis - like I do - then you can play with this toy for hours. The C-shaped wings easily cup your penis. They feel soft but still offer a pretty sturdy 'grip'. The vibrations center around the head of your penis which is where all the nerve endings are.

      You can move the Manta up and down your shaft using a bit of water-based lubricant. Fun Factory says that the ridges help to keep the lube where it's supposed to be. This is definitely the case for the crevice at the bottom of the C. This works like a little reservoir.

      You can also wrap the wings around your glans or focus the vibrations on your frenulum. You can feel the vibrations throughout your penis and in your scrotum when you move the Manta all the way down. The vibrations are deep and intense. It's FUN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

      I tend not to be a huge fan of vibration patterns. However, the patterns included really mimicked the way I like to masturbate, both when it came to speed and variety.

      As the Manta isn't a 'fake pussy', it is also a lot of fun to use with your partner. You partner can tease you using the Manta's wings to stimulate your penis in a number of different ways. It can also be used on other parts of your body (like your nipples). And, while you're at it, you can also use the vibrations to pleasure her! Press the wings against her nipples, her labia or her clitoris. This is definitely a versatile toy.

      Deep Throat

      Fun Factory states that you can also use the Manta while receiving a blowjob. The person sucking you off places the Manta around the base of your penis. This is supposed to imitate the sensation of being deep-throated. I am not entirely sure about that. However, it does feel amazing when your partner focuses on the head of your penis using their mouth and tongue, while you're enjoying the Manta's vibrations in your penis and balls. Additionally - and equally importantly - my partner (wife) also enjoyed the vibrations. At least, as long as her mouth or chin didn't come into direct contact with the wings. I can also recommend using plenty of lubricant without a flavor when using it with your partner (you could use it without the lube but I would recommend keeping the Manta still if that's the case).

      Couples use

      The vibrations emitted really resonate through your penis; this means you can also use the Manta to turn your penis into a vibrator. Quite a few toys make this promise but the Manta really lives up to it! When I wrap the C-shaped wings around the base of my penis and then penetrate my partner she can (depending on the position) feel the vibrations too.

      This works best in positions where she's on top. I was able to operate and hold the Mantra in the amazon position. She was able to feel more direct vibrations when she bent forward. It was easier for her to operate the Manta in the reverse cowgirl position (with her back to me). However, it also worked doggy style and when spooning.

      How to clean it

      You can rinse the Manta under the tap because it's fully waterproof. You can use some anti-bacterial soap if you feel like it. It's really easy.


      This is the most versatile sex toy I've tested in ages. It's great! The vibrations are so intense and you can position it so it hits your favorite spots. It was really easy to orgasm (solo) after I managed to find just the right spot. However, this is also one of the few penis toys you can use together with your partner.

      Look, if you've got a penis you need to buy this toy. I know it's not the cheapest one out there, but I can guarantee you are going to enjoy yourself! The Fun Factory Manta has definitely made my top 3 all time favorites!

      The best things about the Fun Factory Manta:

      High-quality materials
      Soft silicone
      It always fits; it doesn't matter what the size of your penis is
      Easy to use
      Both alone and as a couple
      Nice design
      Clever charging system
      Travel lock
      100% waterproof
      Easy to clean

      The cons:

      The initial charge takes ages

      I would have liked a storage bag
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    • M
      Written at color: Green
      It's delightful to feel the claws around your penis, but it takes some getting used to if you have had a masturbator that makes your penis completely disappear inside. I still have to practice and haven't had an orgasm yet, the vibrations are indeed very intense.
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    • M B
      After using several times, was defective.
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    • jaap 70
      A beautiful and very silent masturbator.
      Works well with the buttons on the handle.
      When charged, you can enjoy it for at least one hour.
      Feels very good.
      Delicious feeling when the masturbator vibrates the glans.
      The result for me is an intense orgasm.
      A super toy.
      Definitely recommended.
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    • M.B.
      Never climaxed with a sex toy?
      This will definitely do the trick. I'm very happy!
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    • Openminded
      Have been curious about this toy for a while, at first I had to get used to the lubricant, but it is a little tricky to get it gently into the arc, then you turn it on and put your tools in it. the toy is flexible, so suitable for several sizes, once you have found the sweet spot it is a great feeling, because of the shape it is easy to reach all spots, which was more of a problem with its bigger brother, the cobra, and it is wonderful to be able to come.
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    • Oldlion
      Written at color: Green
      Great quality and very suitable for people with erectile dysfunction
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    • Daisy
      I bought this for my boyfriend based on reviews. It really is a wonderful toy. It makes him come blissfully and he enjoys the butterfly-like lips. Highly recommended!
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    • Vibro-king
      Incredible device when it works. I had to throw mine out after about half a year (and I really didn't use it everyday). It doesn't charge anymore, possibly a faulty battery. And that makes it an expensive device. Hence my 1 star for price to value.
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