5 signs that you need to look after yourself more

self care

We often find it easier to care for others than for ourselves. Most of us focus a lot on others and spend all of our energy on the people we love. But please, do think about yourself too! In this article, we share 5 signs that may indicate that you need to focus a bit more on self-care.

Dare to do nothing

In this article, we’ll outline 5 signs that could indicate that you’re experiencing too much stress and that you’re not taking enough time for yourself. Some people find it easy not to be doing anything, chill out and take a moment for some me-time. For other people, this is very difficult. And in many cases, these people don’t even realize that they’re so out of tune! This is because they always keep going and don’t listen to what their body is telling them. Hard-working is a great character trait, but, remember: you work to live, you don’t live to work. It’s okay to do nothing every once in a while and just think about yourself. Actually, it’s more than okay – it’s essential!

“Hard-working is a great character trait, but, remember: you work to live, you don’t live to work.”

#1 Doing nothing is not part of your vocabulary

You’re always “on”. You always need something to do, and if you don’t, you probably feel guilty. To you, it just feels like you could be spending your time so much better. However, do you know that taking a break is extremely important? You need those moments of relaxation and doing nothing at all to recharge. While it might feel like you have unlimited energy, even the strongest battery will run out at some point.

#2 You have trouble sleeping

When you jump into bed after a long day, you can’t immediately doze off. You keep ruminating on things for hours. What could you have done better today? Why did you do it the way you did? How will tomorrow go? This week is going to be so busy… All these questions run through your mind and you just can’t set them aside. Even when it’s really time to relax, you can’t. This is a sign of stress. To clear your head, try meditating before you go to sleep  or read a book. This way, you can get lost in someone else’s life for a while, and you don’t have to think about everything you (think you) have to do.

“Even when it’s really time to relax, you can’t.”

#3 You only eat because you have to

When was the last time you really took the time to cook for yourself? No clue. You haven’t had an extensive lunch for ages either. When you do eat something, it’s always quick, in-between things, or on the go. While this may be a recurring pattern, taking time to eat is taking time for yourself, and somehow, you don’t allow yourself that moment of peace.

self care

#4 You have headaches more often than not

Headaches occur for many reasons. You’re not hydrated enough, you might the flu, a hangover, or too much stress. If you recognise #1-3 above and if you often have a headache… it’s most likely caused by stress. In other words, it’s a sign from your body that you need to take it easy.

#5 You’re often irritable

Were you once as sweet as a cuddly puppy, but do people now describe you as a feisty tiger or an icy b***h because you’re so irritable? This is also a sign that you’re taking on too much. You probably have so many things to do and worry about that everything that doesn’t quite go your way feels like a huge setback. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s definitely annoying. Not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. Try to be a bit nicer to yourself and you’ll give off that same energy to those around you.

How much do you focus on self-care?

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