7 luxury vibrators that do NOT look like a penis


Vibrators not only enhance your adventures in the bedroom, they’re also a nice addition to your interior at home. Although a penis-shaped toy can provide wonderful experiences, it’s not a very discreet addition to your bedside table. Don’t want to hide your favourite vibrator in a forgotten corner of the closet? These vibrators give your interior a spicy yet discreet upgrade.

7 discreet vibrators to complete your interior

These vibrators are your little secret and a visual reminder to whip them out during a steamy session with your partner or a relaxing solo session.

1. Good vibes with the Tedy Clitoris Stimulator

Looking for an upgrade for your bathroom? This cute bunny blends in with your shower essentials. The Tedy clitoris vibrator has two long ears to reach the right spots and is waterproof. Are you ready for some incredible orgasms?

2. The Gløv Saga for a greener home

This eco-friendly vibrator is the perfect addition to your green oasis. The Gløv Saga Eco Bullet vibrator is made of recycled ABS and body-safe silicone. Enjoy wonderful vibrations while caring for the environment!

3. The Tulip Clitoris Vibrator

Take your sessions to the next level with the elegant Tulip clitoral vibrator! With its unique swipe technology, you’re in complete control of your pleasure. It comes with a nice extra: an eye mask and a toy bag. You don’t have to hide this toy when you leave it in the neutral toy bag on your nightstand.

4. You’ll love the Fun Factory BE.ONE

Do you want to take your foreplay to greater heights? The Fun Factory BE.ONE is a small finger vibrator that you hold between two fingers, with which you can reach any and all erogenous zones. This vibrator is so small, you can really use it anywhere.

5. Rosy addition: the Rosy Gold Nouveau

The Rosy Gold Nouveau is a mini vibrator and definitely has a luxury wow factor. It is compact; the ideal toy to keep in the drawer of your bedside table. In addition, you can easily take this vibrator anywhere without it taking up too much space in your bag.

6. The classy Womanizer Premium 2

Do you have an office space at home? The Womanizer Premium 2 is perfect to use as a mouse (and, of course, more than that). This air vibrator has no less than 12 intensity settings and is equipped with Smart Silence. The toy only turns on when it comes close to your body. The ideal partner in crime if you need to put it away quickly!

7. Inconspicuous little secret with the vibrating egg

Do you have a jewellery rack? You can hang this vibrating egg between your favourite pieces, and no one will know! With the included remote control featuring three different vibration modes and seven patterns, you can expect unprecedented climaxes and erotic adventures. And when you’re getting ready for the day, you might even find a better hiding place 😉 .

If you’re still a bit nervous about leaving your vibrator in plain sight anywhere in the house, consider buying a nice, luxurious box or case to store them in. And if someone stumbles upon your collection after all? Then they’ll only see what you want them to see, and you won’t have to worry about it! ❤

Do you have a toy that’s a perfect fit for your interior?

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