Anal sex toys – a guide for beginners

anal sex toys

Anal sex is becoming increasingly popular, and using anal sex toys is perfectly normal. Nowadays, there are so many toys on the market that it’s difficult to choose the right one – especially if you want to experiment with anal sex and don’t know how to use anal sex toys. For every beginner, here’s the guide to using anal sex toys!

The pleasure of anal stimulation

The anus contains many nerve endings. Stimulating this intimate area can be very pleasurable and even result in an intense orgasm. Anal sex isn’t just about anal penetration; stimulating the sphincter with fingers, tongue, or a sex toy can also be a very pleasurable experience.

To get the most out of anal stimulation, relaxing the anus is very important. When the anus is touched, it often contracts. This is a natural reaction. Take your time to get used to touching the anus. Massage it gently and you’ll notice that it’ll start to relax more and more.

Using anal sex toys

To relax and stimulate the anus, you can use anal toys. There are all kinds of toys on the market which are especially designed for anal pleasure. Below, we explain several types of anal sex toys and how you can use them.

Anal beads

Anal beads are anal beads or balls which are often connected by a chain. The beads are used to penetrate the anus. Anal beads are perfect for beginners, as many of them come in a string of beads with increasing sizes. You can start with the smallest ball, which is at the end. Then you can try each of the larger balls in sequence.

For beginners, it’s best to start with a short chain of anal beads. Want to take things a step further? Consider buying larger anal beads. For extra stimulation, you can choose structured anal beads, such as those with knobs or ribs. Textured anal beads are more difficult to insert.

Tip: pull the anal beads out of your anus during ejaculation to experience the orgasm even more intensely.

Butt plug

The most well-known anal toy is the classic butt plug. You can recognise this toy by its narrow top, round middle, narrow end and flat bottom. They’re available in many shapes and sizes. A small butt plug is very suitable for beginners. Butt plugs made of a soft material, like silicone, are especially pleasant to use and move with your body for maximum comfort. As an inexperienced user, you should choose a plug made of smooth silicone so that it’s easy to insert.

Anal dildo & vibrator

An anal dildo is a toy that can be used by both men and women. This toy can help you to stimulate the inside and outside of the anus.  A classical anal dildo is often smaller and slightly narrower than a normal dildo. This is because the mucous membrane of the anus and rectum are more sensitive to damage. An anal dildo is also very suitable to try and see if anal sex with penetration is something for you.

For even more stimulation, you can choose an anal vibrator. The vibrations not only provide a wonderful sensation; they can also help the sphincter muscle to relax more.

Tip: Do you want to relax the sphincter during anal foreplay? Place a vibrator against it. The vibrations help the area to relax.

Prostate stimulator

The prostate gland, also called the P-spot, lies between the anus and the scrotum. This is an area with a lot of nerve endings. Stimulating the prostate is therefore very pleasurable for many men. To facilitate stimulation of the P-spot, you can use a prostate stimulator. It’s best to stimulate the prostate while you’re lying down with your knees up. Insert the stimulator slowly, towards the navel. After going about 5 cm deep, you’ll feel a hardening: this is the prostate. For beginners, it’s advisable to try out the stimulation gradually and slowly.

Butt plug sets

A butt plug set is definitely worth considering if you want to use an anal toy in preparation for anal sex with your partner. The set consists of butt plugs in different sizes, so you can slowly build up to a larger size that fits perfectly with your previous plug. You’ll gradually get used to a larger size, which will probably make the first time with your partner feel a lot better.


When you decide to try anal sex or anal stimulation, using lubricant is essential. The anus does not produce any moisture on its own, so lubricant ensures that stimulation and penetration can go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Pay attention to what kind of lubricant you use. A silicon-based lubricant is not suitable in combination with sex toys made of silicone material. If you use silicone toys, always use water-based lubricant.


When using an anal toy, you should pay close attention to hygiene. For example, never insert an anal toy into the vagina after it has just come out of the anus. Bacteria in the rectum can transmit nasty infections via the toy.

Tip: Never insert an anal toy directly into the vagina after it has been removed from the anus.

It’s also advisable to thoroughly clean and take care of your sex toy as well as possible. For most sex toys, you can get a special toy cleaner. This is an antibacterial agent and works well against bad smells, fungi, and bacteria. Dildos and butt plugs can also be washed in the dishwasher (without a dishwasher tablet). Don’t have a toy cleaner or a dishwasher? Then you can easily clean your toy under warm water. If necessary, use some mild soap.

Do you love anal sex toys? Or would you like to try them out? Let us know in a comment below!

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