Different ways to stimulate the perineum

Different ways to stimulate the perineum

An often forgotten erogenous zone is the bit of skin between the anus and the scrotum or vaginal opening: the perineum. This is a very sensitive area, which can be stimulated very well and intensely! Men in particular can deeply enjoy perineal stimulation. How? Read all about it in this blog.

Why the perineum is an erogenous zone

The perineum is the piece of skin that, in men, lies between the anus and the scrotum. In women, it’s located between the anus and the vaginal opening. Especially for men, this area is very sensitive as a lot of nerve endings are connected there. In addition, the penis has an internal part which is located at the level of the perineum.

Did you know… you can get an erection by putting pressure on the perineum?

Perineal stimulation not only stimulates the internal part of the penis; the prostate can also be massaged externally in this way, as it’s located a few centimetres above the perineum. Firm pressure on the perineum can bring about incredible prostate stimulation. In fact, this intense sensation can even lead to a deep orgasm!

How to: perineal stimulation

Perineal massage

You can stimulate the perineum with your fingers. Alternatively, your partner can use their fingers. To stimulate the perineum optimally, it’s best to first explore which part of the perineum you find most sensitive.

  1. Place one or two fingers on the perineum – right behind the scrotum – and apply pressure to it.
  2. Hold this for a few seconds and then release.
  3. Now apply the same pressure, but on a different area of skin of the perineum. For example, press your fingers more towards the anus.

In this way, you can find out which spot is most sensitive, and then continue massaging it. This can be done with a pressing, circling, or thrusting movement.

Tip: The best position for a perineal massage is lying on your back with your knees up.

Perineal stimulation with a sex toy

In addition to massaging the perineum with fingers, you can also stimulate the perineum with a sex toy.

We-Vibe Verge

There are several vibrating cock rings available, which are designed to stimulate the perineum as well. The We-Vibe Verge is one of them: it’s a stylish and luxurious drop-shaped cock ring. Not only does the penis ring ensure that the penis stays hard for a long time, the We-Vibe Verge can also be worn in such a way that the ‘drop’ rests against the perineum. To do this, the ring must be placed around both the penis and the scrotum. Such a versatile toy!

Prostate stimulator with perineum stimulation

For men who enjoy both prostate and perineum stimulation, a prostate stimulator that also stimulates the perineum is very suitable. This anal toy has a unique design that optimally stimulates both the prostate and perineum. Stimulating the prostate and perineum – simultaneously – can result in an incredibly intense orgasm.

Insert the toy anally with the curved head pointing to the side that’s towards the belly. The ring allows the toy to be inserted and released easily. As the toy is inserted further, the extra stimulating part comes to rest on the perineum.

Are you looking for an easy toy to stimulate your perineum? Use a mini vibrator or a compact wand vibrator. These can easily be placed against the perineum.

Suitable sex toys for perineal stimulation

Are you curious about perineal stimulation? Or do you already have experience with it?

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