Discover the May Masturbation Challenge for women and own your PLAY!

May Masturbation Challenge for women

May Masturbation Month is back! And it’s bigger and better. This month, we’ll surprise, inspire, and push you out of your comfort zone to get the best out of your sex life. Every day, we’ve got a fun challenge for you. Will you join us and become a true masturbation queen? Pleasure is literally in your own hands!

Tip! For some assignments, you need certain sex toys. Make sure to read the schedule beforehand.

The assignments

Day 1 – Sweet 15

We’re starting off this month quietly, very quietly. Today you can masturbate for 15 minutes but without coming! Why? Because it’s a nice way to warm yourself up for the rest of the month. By postponing your orgasm, you’ll end up feeling even better and more intense when you do ‘get’ to come! See it as a good warm up before the real competition starts.

Earn 1 point.

“We’re starting off quietly, very quietly…”

Day 2 – Photo of your (secret) crush

Today you can come… gloriously! Your assignment is to masturbate while looking at a picture of your (secret) crush. So this could be your partner or boyfriend, but it could also be that actor, musician or colleague… Because you delayed your orgasm yesterday, you’ll have a wonderful climax today anyway. Combine that with the photo of your crush, and fireworks are guaranteed!

Earn 1 point.


Day 3 – Technique day 1: Up and down

Every woman has her own masturbation technique. There’s almost always a particular movement that always gets the job done for you. But, do you know that by doing so, you also make it more difficult for yourself? It could be that you’ve conditioned your body in such a way that you can only come with your own, personal technique. That’s why it’s good to alternate, so that’s what we’re doing today.

Let’s get started! Today, you may only make an up-and-down movement during clitoral stimulation. So no circles, no figure-eights, and no left-right movements. Only from below (towards your bum) to above (towards your belly button). Are you not into clitoral stimulation, and do you always go for penetration? Then this will be a challenge for you! It’s all about discovery, and an orgasm is not the goal. Not getting there? That’s no problem at all.

op en neer

Earn 1 point.

Day 4 – Temperature Play Time

Experiment with hot and cold sensations! Start, for example, with a massage with warm massage oil. And warm your toy in hot water or cool it in the fridge. This creates a completely different sensation than a toy at body temperature. Note: not all toys are suitable for warming or cooling. Glass or metal dildos are always suitable. You can also slide an ice cube over your skin. For example, start at your breasts and slide via your stomach and hips to your groin…

Earn 1 point.

Day 5 – Masturbate without hands

Wait, what? Yep, we said it. Today you have to be creative, because you’ll be masturbating without using your hands! Use a suction cup dildo, or wedge your ordinary toy between something. Ride a cushion or let someone else hold your toy…

Earn 1 point.

Day 6 – No Pants Day!

Today is No Pants Day and that means you have to go outside without underwear! No, just kidding. But we thought it would be fun to let you walk around without your underwear… So dress as you normally would, but leave your panties behind. All day long, you’ll be the only one who knows what exciting secret you’re carrying (or… not carrying). Once you’re at home, you can masturbate as you please.

Earn 1 point.

Day 7 – Rest & info day: what happens in your brain during an orgasm

An orgasm is a small explosion of pleasure that sends a wave of relaxation and happiness flowing through your body. But what’s really happening in your brain that makes you experience this blissful feeling?

During orgasm, the area of your brain that controls rational thinking and decision making goes on “stand-by” for a while. Your mind is completely empty, and you only feel pleasure and relaxation.

This is because during a climax, there’s an explosion of positive chemicals in your brain, releasing dopamine, oxytocin, and the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.

This in turn triggers your reward system, and your brain remembers every nice and pleasant sensation that led to the orgasm. Your brain makes a kind of note that your body wants to feel those sensations again next time. This way, it’ll become easier and easier to get aroused and to evoke your own pleasure over time.

No points to be earned, unfortunately!

Tip: On day 10, you need lubricant! Have you run out of yours? You can order some on our site to be delivered tomorrow J Go for something stimulating!

Day 8 – Time for an erotic story

Have you ever read or listened to an erotic story? If not, today will be an exciting day for you! Are you familiar with them? Then you can relax and simply enjoy yourself today.

Earn 1 point.


Day 9 – Technique day 2: In position? Let’s go!

You usually masturbate lying on your back, right? Today, we’ll take on a different position. Sit on your knees with your legs slightly apart. That way, gravity works to your advantage, as blood will flow downwards.  Do you have a dildo with a suction cup? Then this position will be familiar to you. But in this position, you can also massage your clitoris with your hands or use another kind of toy!

Earn 1 point.

Day 10 – Slipping and sliding

Today is lubricant day, whoop whoop! Get out your favourite lube or use your newly purchased lubricant. Today you’re going to masturbate with lubricant, and you’ll try clitoral stimulation with lots of lubricant. Preferably use a stimulating variant, something tingling or warming, for example. Air vibrators are also a very good combination with lubricant.

Earn 1 point.

Day 11 – Porn fun

Today it’s time to watch porn or porna! Do you not really watch porn? Then start with porna… There are several websites that offer this woman-friendly form of porn. Try it out and see what you think!

Are you already an experienced porn user? Switch it up and choose another category. Pick something you wouldn’t normally go for so quickly. Or type your own name into the search bar and see what comes up!

Earn 1 point if you tried it, and another point if you enjoyed it!

Day 12 – Location scouting

Today you’re going to look for a different location to masturbate. You can make it as kinky as you like. Do you find this a bit too daunting? Then go for the sofa or the kitchen instead of the bed. Are you in for some thrills? Then choose the balcony, the garden, or the WC at work…

Earn 1 point.

“You can make it as kinky as you like!”

Day 13 – Rest day + mind-blowing facts about sex

Okay, are you ready for some mind-blowing sex facts? Here they are:

  1. A single sperm cell contains 37.5 MB of DNA information. This means that one orgasm represents an information transfer of 15.875 GB. This is equal to the capacity of 7500 laptops! Woah.
  2. A female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for more than a year. That’s kind of sad, right?
  3. Using saliva as a lubricant is not a good idea, as it increases the risk of vaginal infections.
  4. In ancient Greece, women sometimes used a snake to masturbate! Yep, they would insert the live snake and enjoy the movements it made. We surely hope they inserted the tail, and not the head…. 😮
  5. No fewer than 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation to sex with a partner!

Heads up! On day 17 you need a toy, so… If your bedside table is still empty, or if you fancy a nice new toy, then you still have time to buy something from our web shop.

Day 14 – Technique day 3: Indoor fun

For some, it’s more challenging than for others, but today we focus on vaginal orgasm. So it’s time for penetration! Forget your clitoris and focus on internal pleasure. Use a special G-spot vibrator and see if you can get the job done without clitoral stimulation. No toy? Then you can also use your fingers. This is how you find your G-spot.

Do you, for whatever reason, not like penetration? Then you can masturbate as usual, but first try to warm yourself up with a fantasy! Think of a situation that would make you feel hot, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, and try to arouse yourself without touching.

“Forget your clitoris and focus on internal pleasure.”


Earn 1 point.

Day 15 – Timer time

We could talk about it at length, but today’s task is simply short and sweet. Take out your stopwatch and see how fast you can come. Share your record in the comments.

Earn 1 point + an extra point if you came under 2 minutes!

Day 16 – Erogenous zone

Explore other erogenous zones to achieve an orgasm, so NOT your vulva. Go for your anus or your nipples…. Do your best and try to reach a climax. Are you really not feeling it? Even after giving it your all? Then you may finish as you like. But first make yourself as horny as possible by stimulating those other erogenous zones.

Earn 1 point.

Day 17 – Toy time

Today you can take your favourite toy out. But the best thing is to try out a new toy, of course! Enjoy it however you like. The best part is that you can share your favourite toy in the comments, so that you can inspire others!

Earn 1 point.


Day 18 – Technique day 4: Just the tip

Did you know that the vaginal opening is very sensitive? Today’s challenge: stimulate your vaginal opening! So rub along it or go in just a little bit (no more than 2 cm, so really a fingertip). You can also stimulate your clitoris. Use both of your hands.

If you don’t like penetration, you can still experiment with this, as you don’t have to slide your fingers inside. Just stroke your vaginal opening and the sensitive area around it.

just the tip

Earn 1 point.

Day 19 – Mirror, mirror on the wall

Masturbate in front of the mirror. No, don’t panic! Read this explanation first:

Find out what you like best about yourself. Some people find it very exciting to look themselves in the eye during masturbation, but maybe you find it very nice to look at your beautiful body, or of course at the spot that you’re stimulating. For some, this is easy peasy and super exciting, for others it might take some getting used to in the beginning, but you got this! Just try it out and choose a point to look at. If you do this more often, it’ll become easier and you’ll learn to love yourself and your body (even more). Get after it, you sexy animal!

Earn 1 point.

Day 20 – Rest day + info: This is the difference between the male and female orgasm

During an orgasm, the same parts of the brain are activated in men and women. Men and women also describe their orgasm with the same words (‘explosive’, ‘euphoric’). However, there are also striking differences between the male and female orgasm!

  • Men have an easier time reaching orgasm
    In men, sexual arousal is largely linked to physical stimuli, while women mainly need mental stimulation to become and remain aroused. This is why it takes longer for women to become sufficiently aroused and to reach an orgasm.
  • The female orgasm lasts longer
    Research shows that the male orgasm lasts on average about 8 seconds, while the female orgasm can last more than 20 seconds. In general, women can enjoy their climax a lot longer. However, this can differ strongly from person to person.
  • Women experience multiple orgasms more easily
    Although men can also experience multiple orgasms, women are definitely at an advantage here. After the first orgasm, the sexual excitement in women drops less quickly than in men. So they stay in a state of arousal longer. This makes it a lot easier for women to reach a climax several times.

On day 23, a vibrating anal toy can come in handy! Don’t have one yet? Then you still have time to order one now.

No points, just knowledge today…

Day 21 – Rhythm is a dancer…

Masturbate to the rhythm of your ultimate guilty pleasure song! Use your clitoris as a turntable and enjoy yourself musically. Can you make it to the top? Share your guilty pleasure in the comments, if you dare 😉.

Earn 1 point.

Day 22 – Technique day 5: Get your feet off the floor

Legs up in the air, like you just don’t care. Today you’ll throw those feet up in the air! Lie down on the bed and throw your legs up against the wall (as in the picture below). Spread your legs a little so you can reach them (or spread them really far if you’re super flexible) and have fun! It may feel a bit crazy, but try it. When you come, all the muscles in the area of your pelvis tighten and if you lie like this, you can clearly see that you’re also tightening your legs at the moment suprême.

Earn 1 point.


Day 23 – A little backdoor action

Yep, we’re talking about your anus. Many women find it exciting to stimulate this spot. It’s a place full of nerve endings that can be wonderfully stimulated. So today, you’re going to explore it. And no, that doesn’t mean that you have to put a butt plug in right away (unless you want to, of course). Start by massaging the outside.

Apply some lubricant and massage with your finger or – preferably – a vibrating toy. The vibrations relax your anus and the longer you massage, the easier it is to enter if you want to. Note: never use a normal vibrator to insert deep into your anus. It might pop in and make for an uncomfortable trip to the doctor. A special anal toy has a special kind of wide base to prevent this!

Earn 1 point + 1 bonus point if you (unexpectedly) liked it.

Day 24 – Masturbate in your favourite lingerie!

Choose the set that makes you feel irresistible. Wear it all day, and feel like the sexy goddess you always are deep inside! Before masturbating, take the time to lubricate your body, pour a glass of your favourite drink and have a piece of your favourite chocolate or snack. Pamper yourself, enjoy yourself, and honour the wonderful person you are! Take your time for this session. This is sexual wellness.

Earn 1 point.

Day 25 – Technique day 6: Knock, knock, who’s there?

Today you get to work on the knocking technique! The what? The tapping technique. Instead of stroking, you stimulate your clitoris by tapping.

klop techniek

Earn 1 point.

Day 26 – Water fun

Masturbate in the bath or shower. Use the spray of the shower head to indulge your most sensitive spots and play with different temperatures if you like.

Earn 1 point.

Day 27 – Rest & info day 4: masturbation myths

Masturbating is perfectly normal and almost everyone does it. However, there are still a lot of myths surrounding masturbation that often lead to shame and insecurity. Time to put an end to these myths!

Myth 1: Regular masturbation leads to libido problems

Masturbating does not have a negative effect on your libido. On the contrary! The more you masturbate, the higher your libido can become. Your body will get used to the amount of sexual stimulation. Make sure you change up your masturbation techniques, as your body can get so used to that one action or way of stimulation, that in the long run, it takes longer and longer before you get aroused or reach orgasm.

Myth 2: If you masturbate when you have a partner, there’s something wrong with your relationship.

The fact that you masturbate says nothing about your relationship or your partner’s sexual skills. Sometimes, you want to be intimate with your partner and at other times, you want to spend some time with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s actually very healthy! Just try to create a good balance between sex with yourself and sex with your partner.

Myth 3: Masturbating too often leads to sex addiction

Don’t worry, you can really masturbate as often as you want! There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that it can lead to a sex addiction. Only in very exceptional cases, such as physical pain or mental problems that lead to compulsive masturbation, is it best to cut down.


No points today.


Day 28 – Technique day 7: Keep it on

Today, you masturbate in your underwear! This way, you don’t have direct stimulation and that can be very nice. If you normally prefer internal stimulation, this will be a bit tricky. But clitoral stimulation can be very nice without direct contact. Try making the same movement as usual, but now over your underwear. Be sure to choose panties made of soft, thin material, by the way.

Earn 1 point.

Day 29 – Technique day 8: Squeeze

It’s time for technique day again. Put your fingers around your clitoris and if you want even around your outer labia. Use two fingers and press your labia together. In this way, you squeeze your labia and between them your clitoris. Alternate squeezing and moving up and down to give your vulva a nice massage and to subtly stimulate your clitoris.


Earn 1 point.

Day 30 – Create sexy content of yourself

Create sexy content about yourself. It can be a photo, a video, an audio recording, a poem about your body… whatever! Today, we’re declaring our love of ourselves. Of course, we are curious about the poems, so if you want to, you can share them. If you do, you’ll earn an extra point.

Earn 1 point + a bonus point if you share that content with someone (you trust) or if share your poem in the comments.

Day 31 – Combi deal!

Perhaps our favourite day: combine as many of the above tasks as possible to finish with a bang. You can really go big on the points here!

Example: masturbate to the beat of your guilty pleasure with your legs up while looking at yourself in the mirror: 3 points.

Masturbate in a different place, in your lingerie, use the tapping technique and see how fast you can come while looking at a picture of your crush: 5 points!

Earn the total number of points for the tasks…

Are you going to participate in the masturbation challenge? We’re curious to see how many points you can score!

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