Edging: delaying your orgasm for better orgasms


Do you come quickly and want more control over your orgasms? Or do you think it’s time for more intense climaxes? Then edging can help you. Edging is a form of orgasm control which can be very helpful. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this technique.

What’s edging?

Edging means “looking for the edge”, hence the name. Edging is all about discovering your body and your orgasm. You learn how far you can go, where your point of no return (PNR) lies, and when you should stop to prevent an orgasm. It basically means you masturbate without coming. As soon as you feel the climax coming up, you stop the stimulation. You can do this several times in a row. When you allow yourself to reach a climax, then this climax is very satisfying.

The benefits of edging

  • You get to know your body better
  • You get to know your PNR
  • It’s a method of getting to know your partner better
  • You get more control over your orgasms
  • The final orgasm is much more intense

How to practice edging

In general, it’s easier for women to practice edging than it is for men. Unless you’re a woman using a sex toy – in that case, it can also be quite a challenge. Would you like to get started with edging? Then it’s best to start solo. This way you have full control over the stimulation and your orgasm.

  1. Make sure that you cannot be disturbed for at least half an hour. Ensure you’ve got some private space where you can go about your business, such as a bedroom.
  2. Stimulate yourself until you feel aroused. You can use a toy or your hands for this.
  3. Keep stimulating yourself (gently). You can do whatever you always do, but you can also choose not to touch the most sensitive spots. This is the step where you get to know your PNR. As soon as you feel that you’re about to come, stop the stimulation. Always look for the edge, but make sure to stop before you go over it.
  4. Practice this for a while. You now have two choices; you can stop without climaxing or you can have your orgasm.

Edging as foreplay

Edging is also very suitable as foreplay. For example, you can agree with your partner that you cannot come until you see each other again. This is especially fun when you won’t see each other for a few days. Tease each other with sexy messages and touch yourself without coming. When you see each other again, your orgasms will be so much more intense!

Edging during sex

But you can also practice edging during sex with your partner. By delaying your orgasm several times, the final orgasm will be much more intense and satisfying. Practice makes perfect! By practicing edging solo, you’ll also learn how to apply your techniques during sex. Do you often come too soon during sex? Then edging can prevent this from happening too fast, because you’ll know exactly when to stop the stimulation.

Tools for Edging

Have you heard of the term edging? Would you ever try it?

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