Gentlemen, join the May Masturbation Challenge! 🤠

May Masturbation Challenge for men

It’s once again time for a brand-new masturbation challenge! On each of the 31 days of May, aka Masturbation Month, there’s an exciting assignment waiting for you. For each completed task you’ll earn 1 point, but on some days, you can also score bonus points! Can you beat the high score?

Please note! On some days, you’ll need sex toys (or other items). Check the schedule in advance!

The assignments

Day 1 – No time to waste

Ready to start? We begin by putting your stamina to the test. Masturbate for at least 15 minutes, but don’t come! If you can’t do it all at once, take a break in between. Today may give you some blue balls, but that makes tomorrow even more intense 😉 .

Earn 1 point.

Day 2 – Portrait

Everyone has or had a secret crush at one time or another. Find a photo of the lucky one and invent an exciting fantasy to go with it! Do them and yourself a favour and make sure you don’t accidentally like the picture! This way, you avoid very awkward situations.

Earn 1 point.

“In what setting do you see yourself together with your secret crush?”

Day 3 – Technique day 1

On Technique Day, try out a new way of masturbating! We’ll keep it simple today. Turn your fist around so that, if you usually have your thumb facing up/forward, you now have it facing down/backward. Or vice versa, of course!

Earn 1 point.

Day 4 – Temperature Play

Get those ice cubes out of the freezer, it’s time for an experiment! By trying low and high temperatures, you’ll discover what makes you feel all hot inside. But be careful: only use the wax from a massage candle! Otherwise you’ll burn your fingers.

Earn 1 point.

temperature play

Day 5 – Hands off

The assignment is simple: masturbate hands-free! Okay, perhaps it’s not so practical, so be creative! Are you really struggling? Then use blankets or a pillow. Some audio and/or visual stimulation can also help 😉.

Earn 1 point.

Day 6 – No Pants Day

Today, you’ve got an exciting little secret… You can walk around all day without underwear! This will get you in the mood for tonight, because then you can masturbate and come as you please. Enjoy and make good use of the freedom!

Earn 1 point.

Day 7 – Rest day + did you know this about the orgasm?

An orgasm is an explosion of pleasure that sends a wave of relaxation and happiness flowing through your body. But what exactly happens in your brain that makes you experience this blissful feeling?

During an orgasm, the area of your brain that controls rational thinking and decision making goes on “stand-by”. Your mind is completely empty and all you feel is pleasure and relaxation. This is because a climax leads to an explosion of positive chemicals in the brain, releasing dopamine, oxytocin, and the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.

This in turn triggers your reward system, and your brain remembers every nice and pleasant sensation that led to the orgasm. Your brain makes a kind of note that your body wants to feel those sensations again next time. That’s why it’ll become easier and easier to get aroused and to evoke your own pleasure over time.

Tip! On day 10, you’ll need a new kind of lubricant.

Day 8 – Erotic story

When was the last time you got carried away by a sexy story? Find a sexy story online, light some candles, and above all, enjoy the climax of the story!

Earn 1 point.

Day 9 – Technique day 2

Decide how challenging you want to make it! Are you feeling a bit lazy? Then masturbate while kneeling. Want something more challenging? Wank off while squatting! And if you’re really competitive, we’d like to know how many squats you can do before you reach your limit. 😉 😉

Earn 1 point + 1 bonus point if you masturbate from your squat position + 1 bonus point for 3 squats.

Day 10 – Lube it up

Lubricants come in all shapes and sizes, from chocolate or strawberry flavoured to warming, cooling, or hemp-based liquids. It’s up to you to try out a new alternative and stimulate your senses. We’re curious to know which one it’ll be and what you think of it!

Earn 1 point.

Day 11 – A new environment

Watching porn is ideal when you’re looking for quick relief. But because of its convenience, we often watch the same kinds of films. How do you break out of this rut? With a new porn category, of course! Never watched porn before? This is your chance!

Earn 1 point if you tried it + 1 bonus point if you enjoyed it!

Dag 12 – Een nieuwe omgeving

Whether in the bedroom or the bathroom, you probably masturbate in the same place most of the time. High time for a change of scenery! It could be a different room, but who knows, perhaps the fresh air outside will really turn you on. What would be the sexiest thing to do…?

Earn 1 point.

“Challenge yourself to keep things heated in the bedroom!”

Day 13 – Rest + info day

Okay, are you ready for some mind-blowing sex facts? Here they are:

  1. A single sperm cell contains 37.5 MB of DNA information. This means that one orgasm represents an information transfer of 15.875 GB. This is equal to the capacity of 7500 laptops! Woah.
  2. A female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for more than a year. That’s kind of sad, right?
  3. Using saliva as a lubricant is not a good idea, as it increases the risk of vaginal infections.
  4. In ancient Greece, women sometimes used a snake to masturbate! Yep, they would insert the live snake and enjoy the movements it made. We surely hope they inserted the tail, and not the head…. 😮
  5. No fewer than 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation to sex with a partner!

Tip! Tomorrow you’ll need a condom and on day 17, you’ll need a toy.

Day 14 – Technique day 3

Today we have a real challenge for you. You’re going to wank off while wearing a condom! This will require a little more effort, but you’ll be training yourself to last longer.

condoom aftrekken

Earn 1 point.

Day 15 – Speed test

This time, instead of keeping it up for as long as possible, make sure you reach your climax as quickly as you can. So grab a timer and let’s go! We’re curious to see how fast you finished, so don’t forget to share your time in a comment!

Earn 1 point.

Day 16 – On a journey of discovery

Perhaps you’ve already discovered it, but your crotch is not your only erogenous zone! So, today’s challenge is to explore other areas of your body. Indulge 2 or 3 erogenous zones (other than your crotch) and do your best to reach your climax with them.

Earn 1 point.

Day 17 – Toy Tuesday

Are you in a playful mood today? It wouldn’t be an EasyToys challenge without toys! Whether it’s a Fleshlight, butt plug or Tenga egg, today you use your favourite toy to reach your climax. Never used a toy before? This is your perfect chance to try one for the first time!

Earn 1 point.

Day 18 – Technique day 4

Today’s challenge is: just the tip! Use only your hands, for example by making short up-and-down movements or circling your glans and the tip. If you have a Satisfyer or lubricant nearby, you can use that too.

op de kop

Earn 1 point.

Day 19 – A positive self-image

You’re probably used to looking at images of other people, but how often do you look at yourself while masturbating? Put on your sexiest outfit, undress slowly and masturbate in front of the mirror. It’s time to appreciate yourself a little more 😉 😉

Earn 1 point.

Day 20 – Rest + info day: this is the difference between the male and female orgasm

During an orgasm, the same parts of the brain are activated in men and women. Men and women also describe their orgasm with the same words (‘explosive’, ‘euphoric’). However, there are also striking differences between the male and female orgasm!

  • Men have an easier time reaching orgasm
    In men, sexual arousal is largely linked to physical stimuli, while women mainly need mental stimulation to become and remain aroused. This is why it takes longer for women to become sufficiently aroused and to reach an orgasm.
  • The female orgasm lasts longer
    Research shows that the male orgasm lasts on average about 8 seconds, while the female orgasm can last more than 20 seconds. In general, women can enjoy their climax a lot longer. However, this can differ strongly from person to person.
  • Women experience multiple orgasms more easily
    Although men can also experience multiple orgasms, women are definitely at an advantage here. After the first orgasm, the sexual excitement in women drops less quickly than in men. So they stay in a state of arousal longer. This makes it a lot easier for women to reach a climax several times.

Tip! On day 23, you may need an anal toy.

Day 21 – Rhythm of life

You probably know a song that you know is so wrong, but oh well, you love it too! You’re in luck; today you’ll masturbate to the beat of your favourite guilty pleasure! And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

Earn 1 point.

Day 22 – Technique day 5

Are you completely at one with the elements, or is it still a bit chilly outside? Warm yourself up by rubbing your penis between your hands, as if you were making a fire. End the week with a new fiery sensation!

Earn 1 point.

Day 23 – Through the back door

Do you ever do ‘butt stuff’? If not, this will be an exciting challenge! Don’t worry, the only thing you should do is stimulate your anus. How you do it is up to you! Is this not that daunting to you? Then try a toy!

Earn 1 point.

Day 24 – Favourite underwear

Start the day off right by putting on your favourite underwear, whether it’s your tightest men’s briefs or your most comfortable boxers! Indulge yourself today and finish it off by masturbating with the same fine underwear on, or off. Do as you please!

Earn 1 point.

Day 25 – Technique day 6

To provide you with the necessary energy boost, give yourself a sensual lingam massage today! You may touch yourself everywhere, but don’t try to reach a happy ending too soon. This way, you keep control of your sexual energy. And you’ll benefit from it between the sheets too 😉 😉

Earn 1 point.

Day 26 – Water fun

Do you really want to get away from it all? Take a moment for yourself and masturbate in the bath or shower. Leave the door ajar; it’s bound to be a steaming hot session! Just be careful not to get too excited and accidentally clog the drain…

Earn 1 point.

“Save water? Come even faster with a waterproof toy!”

Day 27 – Rest day + masturbation myths

Masturbating is perfectly normal and almost everyone does it. However, there are still a lot of myths surrounding masturbation that often lead to shame and insecurity. Time to put an end to them!

– Myth 1: Regular masturbation leads to libido problems

Masturbating does not have a negative effect on your libido. On the contrary! The more you masturbate, the higher your libido can become. Your body will get used to the amount of sexual stimulation. Make sure you change up your masturbation techniques, as your body can get so used to that one action or way of stimulation, that in the long run, it takes longer and longer before you get aroused or reach orgasm.

– Myth 2: If you masturbate when you have a partner, something is wrong in your relationship

The fact that you masturbate says nothing about your relationship or your partner’s sexual skills. Sometimes, you want to be intimate with your partner and at other times, you want to spend some time with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s actually very healthy! Just try to create a good balance between sex with yourself and sex with your partner.

– Myth 3: Masturbating too often leads to sex addiction

Don’t worry, you can really masturbate as often as you want! There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that it can lead to a sex addiction. Only in very exceptional cases, such as physical pain or mental problems that lead to compulsive masturbation, is it best to cut down.

Day 28 – Technique day 7

Today you can touch yourself all you want, but you must keep your underwear on. Rub, use something else, be creative! But don’t take off your underwear before you’re done. It might get messy, but thanks to the fabric, you can really take the edge off 😉.

Earn 1 point.

Day 29 – Technique day 8

Take your time to warm up and pay attention to your balls. Find out what feels good to you before you start wanking off, from gentle rubbing and pulling, to squeezing and pinching. Which technique feels best, and is it closer to the base of your penis or your perineum?

Earn 1 point.

Day 30 – Take the stage

Today, you put yourself in the spotlight! You may take a photo, video or audio recording of yourself masturbating. Creative expression is also allowed, like a story or poem. Delete or hide it carefully when you’re done!

Earn 1 point.

Day 31 – The grand finale

Of course, we finish the May Masturbation Challenge with fireworks! Combine as many of the previous tasks as possible (at least 3). Challenge yourself to the limit and earn as many points as possible. This way, you’ll reach the finish line in a unique and spectacular way!

Earn 3 points + 1 bonus point per additional task.

How many points did you manage to get? Comment and compare each other’s scores!

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