How to use a ball stretcher, ball crusher or ball splitter

ball stretcher

Ball stretchers, ball crushers and ball splitters may not be the most obvious choices if you’re looking for sex toys for men. Still, these toys can add a lot to your sexual adventures! Especially for people who enjoy BDSM, sub-Dom relationships and sadomasochism, ball stretchers, ball crushers and ball splitters can be very exciting options. What exactly are these sex toys, what can you do with them, and how do they differ? Read all about it in this blog!

Ball stretcher

What’s a ball stretcher?

A ball stretcher is a toy for men used for stretching the scrotum. It’s worn around the base of the scrotum under the penis, and the width/length or weight of the ball stretcher stretches the scrotum. With regular use, the scrotum can even be stretched permanently. Ball stretchers are often used as part of a BDSM game, for example in sub-Dom relationships, but of course they’re not limited to that scene. In fact, ball stretchers will not only stretch the scrotum, but can also make the balls even more sensitive to stimulation.

How do you use a ball stretcher?

Apply lubricant to the balls and/or the inside of the ball stretcher and gently slide the stretcher over the balls until it sits around the base of the balls. If your stretcher is made of stretchy material, stretch it between your fingers, place it around the scrotum, and release when it’s in place. All ball stretchers are easy to clean with toy cleaner. Spray toy cleaner on  and then rub it dry with a clean cloth.

What should you pay attention to?

Always proceed with care and don’t push too hard on the scrotum to force it through the opening. The delicate skin can very easily be damaged or even tear. Always make sure you have the right size, especially if your ball stretcher is made of material that doesn’t stretch, such as metal or leather. But even if it does stretch, it’s important to keep a close eye on the scrotum. For example, if the skin starts to discolour, you should remove the toy immediately. If the wearer is in a lot of pain, he shouldn’t wear it for more than a few minutes at a time to avoid injury.

Ball crusher

What is a ball crusher?

A ball crusher is a sex toy used for BDSM play. It’s the ultimate way to exert control over a man, as you literally have him ‘by the balls’. Ball crushers are mostly used in BDSM sessions centred around sadomasochism because it allows you to play with pain stimuli and humiliation. A ball crusher is also a good tool for a Dom to punish their sub in case of disobedience.

How do you use a ball crusher?

There are different types of ball crushers, but most models have the scrotum wedged between something or trapped in a cylinder. To do this, grab the scrotum with one hand and move it through the opening of the crusher, with some lubricant if necessary. Then use the screw to secure the toy. You can also use this screw to tighten the ball crusher, putting even more pressure on the balls. Sometimes there are also additional options, such as ankle cuffs attached to the toy or the possibility of sending electric jolts through the crusher. Always clean the ball crusher with toy cleaner and a dry cloth after use.

What should you pay attention to?

When using a ball crusher, it’s very important to proceed safely and keep a constant eye on the scrotum. Some pain is normal with this sex toy, as it’s made for that. Be carefuls, however, as you’re not meant to experience intense pain. Always agree on a safe word beforehand. As soon as he says this word, the ball crusher should be released immediately. Do not wear a ball crusher for more than half an hour to prevent damage to the balls.

Ball splitter

What’s a ball splitter?

A ball splitter is a toy made of leather, silicone or metal that consists of a cock ring and two separate rings for the balls to push the balls apart. It also pushes both the penis and the scrotum forward. A ball splitter can make the man’s bulge more prominent. A ball splitter also makes erections last longer thanks to the cock ring, and the balls become more sensitive, making stimulation feel more intense.

How do you use a ball splitter?

Slide or place the grand ring around the base of the penis. You can also use lubricant with this to make it easier. Depending on the model, you may also need to put both the penis and the scrotum through the ring. Carefully bring the balls through the other two openings. If possible, adjust the straps to fit properly. After use, clean the ball splitter with toy cleaner and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

What should you pay attention to?

Make sure the ball splitter is not too small. Of course, the toy should be tight around the  penis and balls, but they should never be pinched too hard. Severe pain and discolouration of the skin are a sign that the toy is too tight. If this is the case, remove the ball splitter immediately. As a beginner, it’s useful to choose a ball splitter made of stretchy material, such as silicone, or one that is adjustable. Never wear a ball splitter for more than 20 minutes.

Would you dare to try a ball stretcher, ball crusher or ball splitter?

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