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sexy swing

A sex swing is a high-level sex toy. A swing allows you to reach every place on your partner’s body despite differences in length and weight. It is also the perfect accessory to counter boredom in the bedroom and add some swing to sex life 😉 In this blog, you’ll read exactly what types of sex swings are out there and we’ll explain how you can use them with the help of a few images!

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing might be best described as an accessory that allows you and your partner to discover new ways of having sex with each other. The swing consists of a seat and, oftentimes, a few handles and straps to support the arms and legs.

Why would you want a sex swing?

A sex swing can be a helpful accessory in a variety of sex positions. Do you usually require a pillow to make deep penetration possible? Then a sex swing can make that pillow a thing of the past! You can adjust the swing to your liking, making difficult positions easier to get into and allowing you to stay in that position longer. After all, gravity is no longer a factor now that you have a sex swing.

For lovers of  BDSM, a sex swing can be a fun addition to their usual play as well. With the sub in the swing, the dominant partner is in complete control. Especially if a few extra bondage ropes get thrown into the mix.

What type of sex swings are there?

Sex swings are suited for a variety of body types due to their adjustable straps. Most swings can carry a maximum weight of somewhere between 120 to 180 kilograms. Besides the various ways to install the swing, some models come with extra padding for better comfort. The swings mainly differ from each other in the ways you can install them.

“Most swings can carry a maximum weight of somewhere between 120 to 180 kilograms.”

Sex swings

How do you use a sex swing?

Sex swings differ by installation method:

1. On the ceiling

Most sex swings are attached to the ceiling. The different straps need to come together at a single point on the ceiling or they can be secured to a beam. Nearly all swings come with a manual that tells you exactly how to install the swing securely.

2. Door swing

Do you want to try out a sex swing but don’t have a lot of room in your house? In that case, a sex swing with two ends that can be attached behind a door is a good alternative. These types of swings are often less expensive and can be taken down and stowed away within a minute!

3. Install on a stand

Do you not trust the strength of your ceiling and you want to be sure the swing doesn’t fall down? Then it’s possible to buy a stand for your sex swing. A stand has multiple points to connect extra braces, headrests, or cuffs to most of the time.

The best sex positions using a sex swing

1. Dog in space

dog in space

Doggy style is a great position to try while suspended in the air. Especially when you tend to be a bit lazy, this position is perfect! Lie down on one of the adjustable straps with your belly and make sure the rest of your body is supported by the other straps. Your partner holds on to your hips or thighs and pulls you towards him. The advantage of this position is that your hands are free to play with yourself, or you can just let them hang loose.

2. Fidget Spinner

fidget spinnerFor this position, you’ll need a swing that can turn 360 degrees. Your partner lies on his back on the floor for this position. You lower yourself down and just barely let your butt hang over the swing, so just your feet remain in the swing. Your partner then grabs your hips and can move and turn you around as he pleases, much like a fidget spinner.

3. The magic carpet

magisch tapijtMake sure you’re firmly sitting in the swing and lean back. Your partner will then stand over your face before bending over to stimulate you orally. By placing his arms around your waist, he can rock you back and forth so you can please him orally as well. A kind of 69ing in the air, so to speak!

4. The chandelier

kroonluchterSwings are even more fun with two people! Your partner sits in the swing and holds on tight. You then sit down on his lap facing him, after which you can lower yourself up and down to your heart’s content.

5. The doorman

deurwachterSit down in the swing, place your feet in the straps and hold on tight. You could optionally tie up your wrists to your partner to make things extra kinky. Pull up your legs a little, pick a perfect angle and enjoy!

Have you already used a sex swing before? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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