Reaching an orgasm through music? It’s possible with Lovense!

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You’ve probably heard of vibrating eggs, but this vibrating egg by Lovense is extra special! The Lovense Lush 3.0 can sync and vibrate with your favourite music on Spotify. Which song would give you the best climax? Let’s find out…

EasyToys and Lovense find the ultimate sex song

In collaboration with Lovense, the EasyToys sex toy test panel has tested this new, smart, sex toy extensively for no less than two months. The ‘Lovense Lush 3.0’ can be controlled by your phone and reacts to music and sounds. To find out which music is most suitable for your pleasure, our test panel listened to 60 songs from 10 different genres and then sexually experienced them.

While Hans Zimmer’s Time does a great job for foreplay, Jessie J’s hit I Want Love is the best track for an intense climax, according to the large number of testers who put Jessie J in first place.

I Want Love by Jessie J turns out to be the best song for an intense climax!”

The ‘Orgasm Top 10’

The research shows that the pace of the song is not decisive for offering the best kind of pleasure. “While certain music provides the right vibration, the ear wants something too,” says one of our testers. The panel paid attention to three different elements during the testing: Does the song help to get you in the mood and stay aroused? Does the rhythm make the sex toy vibrate in a pleasant way? And, does the music help you reach a climax?


Getting your brain in the right mood

The song that came out on top, I Want Love, is a surprising choice, according to sexologist Eveline Stallaart: “The song doesn’t have the sultry quality that you would expect. It’s exactly the up-tempo beat that works so well with this song. The positive lyrics can also induce a feeling of self-confidence, which in turn can contribute to more arousal,” says Stallaart.

The EasyToys ambassador advises people to experiment with music. “Music can help you get in the mood at times when that’s a bit more challenging for you. See which song works best for you and put it on regularly during sex. Your brain will make a positive sexual association with this song, so in time you’ll be turned on even by just hearing it.”

“The positive lyrics can induce a sense of self-confidence.”

lovenense lush 3.0

Great tunes work wonders for your sex life

Music is part of our everyday lives and has a huge impact on our emotions and how we function. Sometimes, a song can bring back a memory that we associate with certain emotions, but also the tempo and the different tones of a song affect our state of mind.

A stimulating beat makes our blood run faster and speeds up our heart rate and breathing. A song with a gentle tempo makes us relax more. Music can also help relieve stress or enhance a certain experience. A sultry song in the bedroom can make lovemaking with our partner that much more intense.


When we listen to music, our brain produces the ‘happy chemical’ dopamine. This is the same substance that is released when we eat, sleep, or have physical contact with someone. When we combine sex or masturbation with a sexy, exhilarating song, it can make us feel even more in the moment.

The large amount of dopamine that is produced will enhance the entire experience, including your orgasm. So bring more music into your sex life by putting on some exciting music more often!

“When we listen to music, our brain produces the ‘happy chemical’ dopamine.”

Sex toys that respond to music

With the above info in mind, it’s really no surprise that sex toy manufacturers have started to make their sex toys smarter. For example, many adult toys today can be controlled using your smartphone. From the connected app, the user can make the toy vibrate as desired or even give someone else the control of their sex toy.

“When we listen to music, our brain produces the ‘happy chemical’ dopamine.”

lovense music ei


The sex toy brand Lovense offers another interesting feature. This brand’s toys move along to your favourite music or respond to the sound of your voice. It’s also possible to sync your toy with your favourite Spotify playlist. The tempo of the music determines the speed of the vibrations.

If the song contains strong bass lines, you can expect deeper vibrations. This makes it very easy to lose yourself in your lovemaking or solo sex. And who knows, maybe a particular song will give your brain new associations if you experienced a wonderful climax with it recently!

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