Secret pleasure! These are the best vibrating panties

Vibrating panties

With vibrating underwear, you discreetly enjoy the most wonderful stimulating vibrations. These panties are equipped with a compact and ergonomically shaped vibrator which can be worn comfortably. Often, the underwear features a special place to put the toy so that it stays in position and cannot slide around. Wear your vibrator panties during a walk, a visit to the supermarket, or just comfortably on your own bed or sofa. In this article, we’ll share the 5 best styles of vibrating underwear with you!

Vibrating underwear – what you need to know

Most vibrating panties are available in a one-size-fits-all size. The majority of women will be able to wear them comfortably. Not sure about the size? You’ll find more information about fit in the product specifications of each individual product.

“It can be incredibly exciting to relinquish control.”

Vibrator panties are also an excellent sex toy for couples. These vibrator panties all come with a remote control. Surprise your partner during a dinner party, for example, by handing them the remote control. It can be very exciting to relinquish control, especially in public. Nothing is compulsory, of course. You can also choose to use the toy solo or during foreplay.

1. Sway Vibes No. 3 Vibrator Panties

The Sway No. 3 is specially shaped to fit precisely into the lace thong provided. This, together with its quiet motor, means that you can wear the toy discreetly wherever you go. The flexible silicone material also ensures that the toy moves well with your body. The vibrator has 10 wonderful vibration modes, which you can easily control with the wireless remote control. If you prefer to use the toy separately, you can also use the button on the vibrator itself to control the vibration settings.

“The quiet motor allows you to wear the toy discreetly.”

2. Panthra Tania vibrating thong

Do you love a nice animal print? The Panthra Tania, with its beautiful panther print, showcases the latest trends and meets the needs of the modern woman. The vibrator comes with a matching thong. The thong has a handy storage pouch on the inside so that the toy stays in place. The remote control, which also sports an animal print, has a range of no less than 12 metres. In addition, the Tania comes with a trendy hip/shoulder bag in which you can discreetly store the toy after use.

3. OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 1

The OhMiBod Bluemotion is a portable vibrator that you can control with an app on your phone. Connect the toy to your phone via Bluetooth and use the OhMiBod app together to get in touch with each other. Because you’re using an internet connection, the toy can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Any distance between the two of you doesn’t matter anymore. This makes it a very interesting toy for couples in a long-distance relationship.

“Because you’re using an internet connection, the toy can be controlled from anywhere in the world.”

4. Pantyrebel collection

Are you very specific about what kind of underwear you wear? The Pantyrebel collection offers you a choice of four stylish items: a tanga brief, thong, boy short, and classic panties. Each type of underwear is equipped with the same clitoris vibrator. This toy is ergonomically shaped and made of a soft, supple material, so you’re always assured of an optimal fit. The 12 different vibration settings vary from subtle to powerful and give you or your partner plenty of opportunities to experiment!

“Thanks to the magnetic clip, the Moxie stays firmly in place and fits every size and type of underwear”.

5. We Vibe Moxie

The We Vibe Moxie can also be controlled worldwide with an app. The vibrator feels smooth and soft and has multiple stimulating ridges, which provide pleasant stimulation of the clitoris. You can also wear the Moxie while swimming or showering, because it’s completely waterproof. Thanks to the magnetic clip, the Moxie stays in place and can be combined with any size or type of underwear. For that reason, no panties are included with this vibrator.

Would you dare to wear vibrating underwear in public?

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