These are the 10 best masturbators

best masturbators for men

When it comes to sex toys, men were left behind for years. But now the range of masturbation toys is so huge that it can take quite some time before you get a good idea of everything that’s available. Because every man deserves a pleasant first experience with a sex toy, we’ve listed the 10 best masturbators below.

Top 10 best masturbators

1. Arcwave Ion Air Pressure Masturbator

Are you starting to notice that your right arm is much stronger than your left? Then maybe it’s about time for you to delegate some of the work. With an automatic masturbator, you can just lean back while your toy does the work for you. The Arcwave Ion stimulates the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the tip of the penis with fantastic pulsating airwaves. The Pacinian pleasure receptors are stimulated to the max, intensifying the male orgasm. Insert your penis in the masturbator and easily switch between the 8 different air pressure settings with the remote. The flexible silicone sleeve will fit any piece of “equipment” and is easy to clean.

2. FPPR. Vagina Masturbator

A relatively simple masturbator can make your solo moments so much more intense! The masturbator has an opening moulded into the shape of a vagina and a stimulating inner structure created to resemble the female sexual organ in a way that’s as lifelike as possible. The FPPR. masturbators are less expensive, making them the perfect alternative to the well-known Fleshlight masturbators. The casing of the sleeve is comfortable to hold because it features recesses for your fingers. This compact masturbator has an insertion depth of 14.5cm and comes in various skin tones.

“The case of the sleeve is comfortable to hold because it features recesses for your fingers.”

3. Fleshlight Girls – Riley Reid Utopia

Well, hello Riley! This American porn actress has been making waves in the porn industry since 2010 and has been awarded many prizes for her performances. Fleshlight Girls made it possible for fans to experience having sex with Riley. For the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight the manufacturer has made an mould of her vagina, which was used to create an exact replica of the real stuff. In addition, you can’t tell the difference between the SuperSkin material used for the toy and real skin. The stimulating sleeve is hidden in a casing shaped like a flashlight and can be easily removed and cleaned after use.

4. Fleshlight Girls – Stoya Destroya

Stoya is another popular lady from the Fleshlight Girls-collection. The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is moulded from Stoya Destroya’s vagina. The masturbator has a unique inner structure in which the penis moves through various stimulation chambers. The inside of this sleeve is highly stimulating and can help you improve your sexual stamina. Upon entry, the Stoya is nice and tight and the SuperSkin material used makes the experience feel even more realistic. When you close your eyes, it’s like you’re getting busy with a flesh-and-blood lady!

“The inside of this sleeve is highly stimulating and can help you improve your sexual stamina.”

5. Ashley Rose Mega Masturbator

This masturbator is also designed to simulate real penetration as closely as possible. What makes this masturbator different from the Fleshlight masturbators, is that the Ashley Rose will give you an incredible butt to hold during penetration. Ashley has two openings: a vagina and an anus which both have a variety of stimulating structures on the inside. Place her on a flat surface, massage some lubricant on her butt and vagina and brace yourself for a lifelike experience.

“Ashley has two openings: a vagina and an anus which both have a variety of stimulating structures on the inside.”

6. Chiven1 Masturbator

What makes a blow job so insanely good? Part of that great feeling during oral sex comes from the warmth transmitted to the penis. The Chiven1 masturbator has a warming setting so the feeling of the toy feels just like a real good blow job. Put some lubricant on the masturbator, slide your member inside, and let the toy do the job. The outside of the toy has a non-slip profile so you don’t have to worry that it will slip out of your hands. In addition, it comes with a handy storage bag so you can easily and discretely take your toy with you.

7. Airturn2 Masturbator

The Airturn2 masturbator will turn your masturbation session upside down! The automatic masturbator can vibrate, suck and also features a warming function that can warm your toy to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Despite all of these features and settings, the toy barely makes a sound. Not making any noise yourself is challenge enough with the Airturn2 😉 Always use some water-based lubricant for extra comfort.

“The warming function can warm your masturbator up to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.”

8. Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator

The engineers of the Tenga Flip Zero haven’t tried to copy the feel of a vagina but wanted to top that feeling. The complex structure of ridges and nubs on the inside of the toy ensure optimal stimulation. The masturbator can be opened up making it easy to clean after use. By squeezing the masturbator, air is pushed out creating a lovely sensation of suction.

9. Easy Choice Thrusting Masturbator

This automatic masturbator provides a very realistic sensation. The masturbator features 4 different thrusting speeds and has a function which features a real woman’s voice guiding you to your climax. The sleeve has a soft feel and has an opening moulded like a vagina. The different functions are easy to operate using the buttons on the handle, which is also very comfortable to hold. The masturbator also comes with a water-based lubricant so you can get right to it.

10. Moto-Bator 2 Masturbator

The Moto-Bator 2 is a real powerhouse in the world of masturbators. The Moto-Bator 2 now features an extra powerful motor which ensures a more intense experience. The masturbator has four different buttons, each marked with a different letter. The T button initiates the thrusting function and with the S button the Moto will treat you to a sensational sucking experience. The V button activates the stimulating vibrations and the S button will switch off all features at once. Combine various settings and create an experience that is hard to top.

Do you have a favourite masturbator?

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