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Welcome to Generation Easy! We at EasyToys are embracing a new generation. This new generation is taking the sexual revolution a step further. A generation not based on age, but based on their way of life. Move over Gen X, it’s time for Gen Easy!

Life Made Easy

Generation Easy stands for a new generation. A new generation that dares to be who they want to be, that accepts others regardless of their sexual orientation or preferences. A generation where there’s no such thing as kinkshaming. Where there’s no fear of enjoying sex. Where experimenting with sex and sex toys is normal, and where talking openly about sex is just as normal as talking about how nice the weather is today.

“A new generation that dares to be who they want to be, that accepts others regardless of their sexual orientation or preferences.”

Tips for being more open about yourself

Do you want to be part of this new, refreshing, and open-minded generation? Well, we’re more than proud of you! But we also understand that it can be difficult to open up when, all too often, society (unfortunately) still disapproves. We’ve got some tips for you to gradually become more open about your sexuality and preferences.

Tip 1: Start with yourself

Acceptance plays a big role in Generation Easy. That’s basically what it’s all about: acceptance of others, but also of yourself. To become more open and to be free and open-minded mind, it’s important that you accept yourself. Self-acceptance starts with self-love. Want to know how to develop more self-love? Check out this article.

In addition, travelling alone is the perfect way to get to know yourself better and to accept yourself just as you are. Does travelling by yourself seem a bit daunting? Visiting a festival or event on your own can also teach you a lot about yourself!

Tip 2: Practice!

Get to practicing. Erm, what? It may sound a little crazy, but getting used to talking about sex and sexuality openly is the key to becoming part of Generation Easy. The more you talk about this subject, the easier it becomes. Practice, for example, by writing it down for yourself and then reading it to yourself in the mirror. This also helps you learn more about yourself. When you’re writing, things can come to mind that you didn’t know you were thinking of in this way.

By saying things to yourself in the mirror, you immediately create a positive affirmation and acceptance. You learn to stand behind your words and see that it’s not so difficult to talk about sex. Just try it, you’ll see that it really helps. And it’s quite fun too!

generation easy

Tip 3: Scroll through an online forum

There are millions of forums online. Among these, there are also plenty of forums on the subject of sex. Scroll through them and you’ll see that you’re not the only one who has a certain fetish or isn’t straight. Or you’re straight and find it scary to use a sex toy – well, you’re not alone in that either. You’ll see that you are not alone on any level. Start your own topic to share your interests or questions and respond to topics to share your opinion or enthusiasm. You’ll see that it’s very normal to talk about sex and what’s more, you can do it anonymously. An excellent place to open up!

Tip 4: Play games with friends

And we’re not talking about Monopoly here. Games that require you to be honest are perfect if you want to be more open with your friends. Think of games like Never Have I Ever or Truth Or Dare. They’re a great way to get to know each other in a better way, and they’re also an ideal opening for deeper conversations where you can share your opinion.

A better future begins with yourself ♥

This is a very well-known statement which, in just six words, really says it all. If we all just keep waiting for someone else to work towards a better future, we can keep waiting forever. Starting on your own can be very difficult and that’s why we’re here to help you. Are you ready for Generation Easy?

Are you ready to become part of Generation Easy?

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