What kinds of dildos are out there?


The dildo is undoubtedly the most well-known and the oldest sex toy out there. Even in ancient times, stone and wooden phallus-shaped objects were used for sexual pleasure. Nowadays, the word “dildo” mainly evokes ideas of a realistic-looking penis made of synthetics or silicone. But did you know that there are many kinds, sizes, and materials in the world of dildos? In this article, we’ll highlight all the different types for you! 

Different kinds of dildos

The world of sex toys is big. Really, it’s huge! And it seems to be growing all the time. Where a penis-shaped dildo used to be the standard sex toy for women, there are now many other types of dildos available – one’s that are also for men or for couples. Are you finding it difficult to figure out which dildo is right for you? Discover what kinds of dildos are available and who knows, you might just find the one for you!

1. Realistic dildo

The realistic dildo is the classic dildo. The name says it all: this dildo has the feel and look of a real penis. Sometimes it even has testicles and realistic-looking veins running down the shaft. This dildo is a favourite among beginners and experienced sex toy users alike. The realistic dildo is perfect for use by women, men, and couples.

2. Anal dildo

If you’re looking for anal stimulation, an anal dildo might be the toy for you. An anal dildo differs from a standard dildo, as the shaft is usually a bit slimmer. This makes anal penetration go a little smoother.

Tip! Use water-based lubricant to ease anal stimulation with a toy

Anal stimulation is suitable for everyone. Also for men! The prostate, an extremely sensitive area, can be stimulated via the anus. Stimulation of this spot can even lead to an intense orgasm. Prostate dildos have been specially developed to optimally stimulate this erogenous zone. These toys have a curved shaft and a spherical head.

3. Strap-on dildo

A strap-on dildo is a toy that’s often used by lesbian couples. The strap-on dildo can be attached to a strap-on harness, which is worn by a woman. This creates an artificial penis that she can use to penetrate her partner.

“A strap-on can be used by lesbian couples, but is also suitable for heterosexual sex.”

While it’s particularly suitable for lesbian couples, a strap-on can also be used for heterosexual sex, where the woman penetrates her male partner anally. This is called pegging.

4. Double dildo

The double dildo is a versatile toy! The name says it all: it has two ends. Some double dildos are elongated but flexible. These can be used for penetrating both partners, such as in lesbian sex, or for penetrating both the vagina and the anus of the woman (double penetration).

Did you know that… you can enjoy a double dildo both together and alone?

There are also models available with two penetrating ends. They often have a suction cup so that they can be used against a smooth surface or in combination with a strap-on harness. This type of double dildo is suitable for simultaneous penetration of the vagina and anus.

5. Dildo with suction cup

A dildo with a suction cup is perfect to enjoy when you want to spoil yourself with some solo sex. The suction cup on the underside of the dildo allows you to easily attach the toy to a smooth surface, such as the tiles in your bathroom.

Different types of sizes and materials

Large and small dildos

Of course, dildos come in different sizes. While some people prefer a modest size, others prefer the above-average or more extreme models. If you want to vary the size or determine the size yourself, you can also choose an inflatable dildo.

Tip! Are you having trouble finding the right size? In our online shop, you can use a filter for the length of your toy by category.

Glass and metal dildos

While many dildos are made of soft silicone or synthetic materials, some are made with more luxurious or exciting materials. How about artisan glass dildos? Or robust, metal dildos?

What’s your favourite type of dildo? Or which kind of dildos would you like to add to your collection?

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