Your sexy year horoscope for 2023


Did you have an exciting New Year’s? 😉 2022 is behind us now! No doubt the new year will once again be full of surprises for your sex and love life. But of course, we have another exciting annual horoscope ready for you. Are you curious to know what the stars predict for 2023? Then read on!

Sex Horoscope Aquarius (21 January – 20 February)


You couldn’t wait to start the new year, Aquarius. Let’s face it; as far as love is concerned, you’ve had plenty to endure in 2022. Yet time and again, you’ve gotten yourself together once more, with better knowledge of yourself and what you need in a relationship. So, be proud of yourself and take your time to get back on track! Don’t forget to express your feelings. Your family and friends will be understanding, and this will help you grow closer together.

As a bonus, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin as well as perform better in the workplace. This is the time to take a hard look at your career. What opportunity or interest have you not really explored well enough? As soon as your need for a relationship resurfaces, don’t let the butterflies in your stomach drag you down too easily. If you’re careful and stay patient, you’ll get the most happiness out of it!

Sex life: In 2023, you’ll have less, but at the same time BETTER sex! You’ll know exactly what gets you hot, and how to spoil your partner. Enjoy passionate sessions and don’t be afraid to try something new once in a while!

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Sex Horoscope Pisces (21 February – 20 March)


Pisces, here’s some good news! In 2023, your chances in love improve significantly. Keep an eye out, because the days of drawn-out dates and disappointing adventures that eventually lead to the friend zone are over. There are people coming your way who will mean more than you can imagine. So open up and go the extra mile to get to know them better. If you play your cards right, you’ll land an invaluable relationship!

If you’re already in a relationship, set a resolution: make more time for each other. Yes, work life is hectic for both of you. And yes, you also want to leave time for other things. But if things continue like this, you’ll lose the spark in your relationship! Start doing fun things together and rediscover the reason you’re not only a good match, but are meant for each other.

Sex life: This year, your pleasure is focused on extended foreplay! The teasing starts with naughty messages and continues between the sheets. And you’ll make your partner very happy with that, because they enjoy it even more than the climax. So, build up the tension gradually and settle down slowly.

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Sex Horoscope Aries (21 March – 20 April)


Wow, Aries, you’re in a flow for sure! In 2023, you know exactly what to do to make the people around you happy, and you get a lot of positive affirmation in return. But beware, because you risk falling into a rut. If you’re not challenged enough and don’t get enough satisfaction, you’ll want to vent. And that will not only hurt your (potential) partner, but also yourself.

Whether you’re in a relationship or dating, feel free to be a bit bolder and let the other person do their best for once too! As someone who goes the extra mile for others by default, you deserve to be pampered once in a while. You may experience some resistance to this at first, but don’t let it drive you crazy.

Sex life: The bedroom offers you an escape from your daily routine, Aries, so make the most of it! Let go of your worries and let your fantasies run wild. And don’t just keep the fun to yourself, introduce an idea to your partner more often! You’ll see that they’re willing to do a lot more than you’d thought.

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Sex Horoscope Taurus (21 April – 20 May)


2022 was really your year, Taurus. Don’t worry, don’t get stressed right away, because 2023 also has a lot of great things in store for you! Last year you did everything that was good for you and that was enough, but now, new people are coming your way. Success in love, your career, and your finances is written in your stars. Grab the bull by the horns!

Don’t be too passive this year, because it will hold back your love life. Instead, take it easy. If your partner shows more dominance, let yourself get caught up in their control. As a single person, you have the chance to encounter a unique love, but you have to be open to it. And in a relationship, you find out as you discover how special your partner is. If you’re feeling jealous, possessive, and obsessive this year, try taking a step back. This is not the time to play this game, and your partner is not your enemy. Keep communicating with each other about your feelings rather than keeping them to yourself.

Sex life: It’s all about giving up control and taking control. This is the time to experiment with role-playing games with your partner. Dip your toe into the BDSM waters and surrender to the currents of pleasure that guide you through a new world.

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Sex Horoscope Gemini (21 May – 21 June)


Oh, how wonderful, Gemini. You slowly put your baggage behind you in 2022. Do you have any left? Push it off a cliff and don’t look back. This year is all about introspection and getting closer to yourself. On the love front, unexpected encounters take centre stage. Whether this is a new love, several new flings, or just some great new friends. It feels good to have so many burdens off your shoulders… and you radiate that. You’re more relaxed and you feel free.

As a Gemini, your brain can get quite chaotic. You want to do all sorts of things, but your brain is not always your best friend. It takes effort to stay in love, so make sure your partner is at the top of your priority list. Try your best to improve yourself and your partner will surely notice! It will only benefit your relationship.

Sex life: Hot, exciting make-up sex or just steamy sessions with a summer sweetheart in a beach house… you’ll experience all of it. And the last weight that’s still on your shoulders can probably be massaged out as well 😉 This is your year on the solo front too. You’re open to exploring your own body and experimenting with what you like.

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Sex Horoscope Cancer (22 June – 22 July)


Cancer, you really are a go-getter when it comes to your relationship. In the best way! Although it’s not always easy, you and your partner always get through everything. 2023 gives you the push you may need. More love, connection and compatibility await you.

This is also the perfect year for a romantic weekend getaway or holiday. As a single person, be careful not to isolate yourself too much. Go out with friends and family if you start to feel lonely. But Cancer, great things await you as a spark strikes mid-year. Perhaps you’re enjoying dating or running into an old crush… Exciting, right?

Sex life: The dance of seduction lies in your future, as a single person and someone in a relationship. You don’t really need those extra pheromones, but if you want to give that extra push anyway… And next year is the time to experiment with anal play. Don’t put it off and sit back and relax. Talk does not fill holes.

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Sex Horoscope Leo (23 July – 22 August)


You’re jumping into 2023 full of confidence and optimism, Leo. Things are going great for you, and you can tick off your goals one by one without much effort. And that’s not only good for you, as this infectious positivity will motivate others to pursue their dreams too. Your motivation and self-confidence know almost no bounds and that’s wonderful, but keep in mind that not everyone can match your energy level. An occasional moment of peace and quiet won’t hurt.

You certainly have no shortage of sexual energy. Your passion for sexual pleasure and desire for physical contact lead to beautiful adventures between the sheets that you won’t soon forget. Make sure you keep taking good care of your body, not only by eating well and exercising enough, but also by continuing to fulfil your sexual needs. Then you’ll keep your confidence and enthusiasm up all year and cycle through any difficult moments with ease.

Sex life: You’re really up for anything, which means beautiful experiences between the sheets and romantic moments await you. Pay close attention to the new people you meet this year, as you’ll have a special connection with one of them.

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Sex Horoscope Virgo (23 August – 22 September)


2023 is all about new passions, Virgo. Especially in your sex and love life, you’ll discover new things, but in other areas you’ll also gain new interests that will enrich your life. And your perseverance and determination enable you to make something beautiful out of whatever comes your way. Whether they are wonderful experiences or valuable contacts, you know how to make the most of them.

There are also some big changes waiting for you next year. That might make you a bit nervous, but remember that not all changes are bad. On the contrary! You’re going to meet a lot of new people who will have a positive impact on your confidence and happiness. If you’re single and open to it, the love of your life might just be among them. So keep your eyes open. If you’re in a relationship, several people will encourage you to take that next step with your partner. Take this advice to heart, as you’ll see that it will turn out positively.

Sex life: A new bed partner turns up and takes you out of your comfort zone. But don’t panic, as this new impetus will only make your sex life better! This is also the perfect time to try out that one sexual fantasy you have been cherishing for a long time in real life.

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Sex Horoscope Libra (23 September – 23 October)


Sometimes your ambitions get in your way a bit, Libra, but not in 2023! You’re completely in tune with yourself this year and know exactly how to divide your attention and energy. Your (bed) partner has absolutely nothing to complain about. After all, you know how to spoil them and like to take your time. Luckily, you also get this in return. A perfect balance!

Sometimes, however, you’re so busy achieving your goals that you forget to enjoy your successes. And that’s a shame, because you’re really making moves! So make sure you step on the brakes every now and then to enjoy what’s happening now. Planning some time for yourself is no luxury. You really don’t always have to be productive. And whether it’s cooking a sumptuous meal, playing with your favourite toy, or reading a good book, you know exactly what makes you happy. So don’t be afraid to fill your free time with this type of activity.

Sex life: Your sex life is mostly very stable this year. There is little to worry about and everything seems to come easily to you. As a result, you have such a relaxed and open attitude that this is your chance to welcome new sex positions, toys, and out-of-the-box ideas with open arms.

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Sex Horoscope Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)


You’ll enter the new year full of enthusiasm, energy, and passion. January in particular is your month, Scorpio. You feel the motivation to pursue dreams and to really choose for yourself. You feel strong both physically and mentally and feel that this will be your year. And you know what, Scorpio… This may well be true!

Sex life: For single Scorpios, love won’t be long in coming in 2023 either. You just have to try your best for it. Passively waiting is not the way to go. If you do your best, go out and put some effort into socialising, it’ll all work out. Beware of unsafe sex, as viruses and infections lurk. Scorpio in a relationship will find that things are also going very well. Your new energy will boost your relationship and sex life.

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Sex Horoscope Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)


Sagittarius, get ready! 2023 will be all about relationships. And that doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships. The stars advise you to focus this year on the relationships in your life and the relationship with yourself. After all, if the relationship with yourself is healthy, then everything else will naturally follow. Family, friends, work… everything will finally really fall into place.

Also, this will be the year when you finally dare to take a step you’ve been doubting for months. This step is likely to be on a personal level and will bring a lot of positivity. To go the extra mile, consider getting a new haircut or trying a new style of clothing, or change something in or about your home.

Love life: This year, you no longer have to fear love. Whether it’s fear of being abandoned, fear of giving yourself completely, or fear of hurting people, you can handle it! If you can get over the fear you have, you’ll be greatly rewarded. If you have a partner, you’ll have a deeper connection and experience the best sex yet! Intense orgasms with tears of pleasure!

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Sex Horoscope Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)


Capricorn, don’t be alarmed! The first period of this new year may start off a bit unpleasant for you. Especially on a personal level, you may have a few things thrown at you. BUT… remember that everything happens for a reason. So be aware of everything that’s going on and remember that you’ll only come out of it stronger. This is a great time to think clearly about your priorities. The second period of the year will be very successful for Capricorns! The lessons you learnt earlier this year will now help you grow to new levels and achieve many successes.

Love life: You’ll find that you’re a bit fickle when it comes to love and need people around you. One month, you’ll want to be alone so you can chill out with your own thoughts, while the next, you’ll want to be surrounded by your partner or fling every day. Go with the flow and listen to what you want. If you’re with the right person at the right time, something magical might just happen!

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