Back to college! Here’s your perfect study buddy

study buddy

The fun and games in the summer sun are over and it’s time to crack those books again. But no worries! With your perfect study buddy, you’ll make your studies a resounding success…

The best study buddy sex toys

The right study buddy can get you through the hard times and allow you to relax a bit in between study sessions. We’ve made a list of great study buddy toys for you that will help make sure this academic year is full of incredible highlights!

For women

FemmeGasm Tapp 2

Do you have a deadline to meet and little time to relax? Then of course, you want to reach a dazzling climax as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to work feeling completely Zen. To achieve this, an air pressure vibrator is your best option. And these are generally quite expensive… But don’t worry, the FemmeGasm Tapp 2 is going to be your new best friend. This toy is not only very affordable, it’s also a ‘normal’ vibrator. It can be used on both sides. Two toys in one!

Panty Rebel Vibrating Thong

If you’re so busy right now that you don’t have time for a sexy break, you need a toy that will bring you pleasure but won’t interrupt your study session. In that case, the Panty Rebel vibrating thong is your perfect study buddy. Just wear it in your panties, leaving your hands free. It’s ergonomically shaped for comfort. Easily operate with the stylish remote control in a very discreet design. If you leave it lying on your desk, no one will suspect. Prefer internal stimulation? Then you could also go for a vibrating egg.

EasyToys Mini Wand Vibrator

This wand vibrator massages your entire body. It’s perfect for loosening up those tense neck and shoulder muscles after an intense study session. Afterwards, you can continue massaging your erogenous zones. The vibrator has a handy size, feels very soft and is easy to use. It has 18 vibration settings to give you everything from a soft, gentle massage to powerful stimulation.

Lily Vibrator

Ah, the Lily vibrator… A favourite not just for us, but also for many students! This vibrator is not only very affordable, accessible, and just plain cute, it’s also made of silky soft silicone and has a lot of vibration settings. Lily can come in handy during a short study break, but is also perfect for long pleasuring sessions, both with and without a partner.

“Not just one of our favourites, but also that of many students.”

For men

Tenga Pocket Stroker

Tenga Pocket Strokers are very affordable and easy to use. Your perfect buddy during masturbation! It’s easy to hide if needed and very easy to carry in your pocket or bag. The thin, flexible sleeves feel soft and glide smoothly over your penis. The inside is provided with a stimulating texture. These strokers are for single use only and come with a packet of lubricant. This way, you immediately have everything you need at hand. There are 6 different Pocket Strokers, each with a different inside texture.

Boners Masturbation Cream

A little extra help with masturbating never hurts, does it? After all, you need to have enough energy left for your exams. Boners Masturbation Cream is a wonderfully soft cream that glides smoothly over your skin. This prevents friction and irritation and allows you to fully focus on the feeling instead of the technique. A satisfying climax is always within reach ; ) Afterwards, you can concentrate on getting your credits.

A satisfying climax is always within reach!

Teazers Oral Masturbator

If you prefer to have your hands free while studying but still want to enjoy intense stimulation, the Teazers Oral Masturbator is the best option for you! This automatic masturbator does all the work for you. All you have to do is turn on the vibrations and put it into position. For example, place it between your legs whilst seated. If it’s cold outside and you need something to warm you up? This masturbator has got you covered… literally. 😉 It’s equipped with a heating function that heats up the inside and provides even more stimulation.

Butt plug with Pull Ring

If you’re into anal stimulation, a butt plug is a very nice toy to use while studying. You can wear it while you focus on your studies. At the same time, the butt plug provides a nice feeling and increases your arousal during your study session. This butt plug is available in different sizes, so there’s sure to be on that fits you snugly. In case you want more stimulation, opt for a vibrating butt plug.

Which one’s your favourite study buddy?

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