The 6 best masturbation techniques for men

Masturbation is healthy. You get to know your own body incredibly well, you have full control over your own pleasure, and it helps you to relax. It also reduces stress, helps you sleep, and improves your mood thanks to all the endorphins that are released. We all do it – some a little more often than others – and we all have our preferences in terms of what we like and how we do it.

Still, most men often just sit and jerk up and down with little variation in what they do. Fellas, it can all be so much more fun! Get out of your masturbation rut with these 6 masturbation techniques for men!

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1. The Stop-Start Method

This method is also known as edging. It is used by men to suppress the problems of premature ejaculation. However, this technique is also for those who want to get more control over their orgasm. As the name suggests, you start masturbating and stop right when you’re about to ejaculate. Then wait for a moment and, when the arousal has subsided, start masturbating again.

“The Stop-Start Method treats you to a long and relaxing session.”

It’s actually quite simple; the longer you can delay the orgasm, the bigger the reward! Not only will you treat yourself to a long and relaxing session, your partner will also benefit from this technique during sex. There are plenty of times when you don’t move and do other things to please your partner. By practicing the Stop-Start Method, you can also enjoy sex with your partner for a longer period of time. That’s taking care of two birds with one stone!

2. Try a sex toy

Sex toys for women are nothing new, and some women enjoy playing with an entire collection of them. But did you know that there are also many sex toys for men? This doesn’t mean you have to insert a toy anally, there are plenty of other options

Cock rings

Have you ever considered using a cock ring? A nice penis ring can provide the necessary variety during masturbation. The cock ring retains the blood in the erectile bodies of the penis. The result: a penis that feels rock-hard and stays upright!

Make sure you get a cock ring that you can attach to both your penis and your balls. An elastic one made of rubber or silicone is usually suitable for this. In this case, your balls will also be tightly enclosed and pushed a bit forward.

“A cock ring makes your penis rock-hard and upright.”

Fleshlight Masturbators

Fleshlight masturbators are definitely the most popular sex toys for men. Rightly so, if you ask us! The Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve made of soft silicone, hidden in the housing of a flashlight. The inside of the sleeve consists of various stimulating structures to provide the penis with the necessary stimulation. The opening of the toy is shaped like a vagina, mouth, or anus. Reproductions of famous porn stars are also available. The material of the Fleshlight adapts to your body temperature and feels like real skin.

“The Fleshlight provides the penis with the necessary stimulation.”

There’s also the Fleshlight Ice version. This is a transparent model where you can see the action inside the sleeve. The material also makes your penis look bigger! This will definitely turn you on even more 😏

Tenga Masturbators

Tenga is a very innovative brand that has introduced a variety of men’s products to the market. They’re known for selling masturbators which all have unique, distinctive features. Their best known products are Tenga Eggs, but the Tenga Cups and Tenga Flip Holes are also among the brand’s bestsellers. Tenga Eggs are available in multiple colours and models all of which have a different structure, so you can always switch it up! The Tenga Egg is made to rub on your penis.

“Each masturbator has a unique and characteristic feature.”

If you’re looking for a different kind of masturbator, you can go for the Tenga Flip Hole. These beautifully designed masturbators let you control the pressure by using different buttons on the sides. You open the Flip Hole, put your penis in, and you’re ready to go!

Pornstar Signature Series

With this series of masturbators, you can easily get your own porn star! The series consists of a large number of masturbators each of which has its own specific features and structure. The Pornstar Signature Series are strokers that are made from moulds cast from your favourite porn stars. All signed by the ladies themselves! You can also use the cap of the shell as a holder for your phone or tablet while masturbating.

“The masturbators look lifelike because they’re moulds cast from your favourite porn stars.”

Each masturbator in this line has an extra addition. In other words, no two products are the same! Thanks to the lifelike details and additions, this brand has really proven itself. Sleeves all have space for bullet vibrators, and they are equipped with discreet housings.

Besides the well-known masturbators mentioned above, there are also many others! Masturbators from Mystim or FPPR are also great options.

3. The warm washcloth

Squeezing your budget? Or is it your solution for ejaculation anyway? Either way, a warm washcloth is a great option! Simply get the washcloth warm with water and get inside with your penis. And with some (stimulating) lubricant or a condom, you can make it even more pleasurable. Let the masturbation begin!

“A warm washcloth is a good alternative, but don’t expect fireworks.”

After ejaculation, you simply put the washcloth in the laundry basket and nobody notices. However, keep in mind that the washcloth is a cheap alternative, so don’t expect fireworks. If you have the budget, a Fleshlight is a better choice.

4. Virtual Reality Porn

It’s always a good time to try something new! Watching standard porn is starting to get boring for a lot of people, and the inventors of VR-Porn agree. For a few tenners you’ve already got a cheap pair of VR glasses and can easily move yourself to a porn set!

All stimuli, juices, and genitals will literally come at you from all directions. With most VR-Porno films, you can look 360 degrees around you. Websites like VirtualRealPorn let you download a number of films for free to try it out.

5. Prostate stimulation

You probably know about the female G-spot. Well, men have the P-spot! By which we mean the prostate. This lies between the scrotum and the anus. The gland is responsible for the production and transport of sperm cells and can be stimulated from the inside. The prostate lies about 5 cm deep inside the anus, just below the bladder. You reach the spot by lying on your back with your knees up and slowly inserting your fingers and moving them towards your navel. When you feel a hardened lump the size of a walnut, you have reached your destination!

“Stimulating the prostate can lead to an intense orgasm.”

Unfortunately, the prostate is still an unknown area for many men. Too bad, because stimulating this gland can lead to an intense orgasm. Massaging the gland regularly also keeps the prostate in good condition. There are also a lot of toys – prostaat stimulators – available to stimulate it. 

6. Use your imagination

A good erotic (porn) film can get you in the mood, and it can also help you masturbate. A lot of men need visual stimuli to reach a climax. Although watching porn can certainly be satisfying, it can also be nice to use your own imagination.

“Erotic films can be satisfying, but so can your own imagination!”

Try to concentrate on your own body the next time you masturbate. By practicing using your imagination, you can always visualise certain fantasies or images. You’ll be amazed by your own creativity!

Did you get it on with some of these masturbation tips? We’re very curious how they worked out for you!

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