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    Sextoys for him

    Sextoys for him, sex toys for men

    In addition to the many sex toys available for women, there are also a lot of sex toys available for men. These men's toys can be used to make your sex life even better. We have listed a number of them for you!


    A masturbator is a penetrable sex toy for men. Many of these toys have an opening that looks like a vagina, mouth or anus. Most masturbators are designed to best recreate the feeling of real sex. For example, the toys are easy to warm up and in many cases have stimulating textures on the inside to stimulate the penis even more. With a masturbator you can also train your sexual resistance.

    Cock rings

    A cock ring is used around the penis to keep the erection longer. The ring fits tightly around the base of the penis, so that blood is pumped to the penis, but cannot flow back. This results in a firm and long-lasting erection. It is a great solution for men with erection problems or if you just want to enjoy sex longer. Some cock rings come in fixed sizes, others are adjustable. In addition, there are also vibrating cock rings available, which can be used during penetration with your partner. 

    Anal toys

    For men there are various anal toys available with which the anus can be stimulated and penetrated. The anus is very sensitive because of the many nerve endings. The prostate is also located inside the anus, also known as the P-spot. The stimulation of the prostate from the inside is perceived as pleasant by many men and can lead to violent orgasms. Various prostate dildos and prostate massagers are available to stimulate the prostate.

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    Penis sleeves

    A penis sleeve can be slid around the man's penis for the purpose of lengthening it. The penis can thus be lengthened or thickened a few centimeters. For men who have trouble getting a firm erection, these men toys can offer a solution. Some sleeves feature stimulating textures, such as studs and ridges, to provide extra friction during penetration.

    Inflatable dolls

    An inflatable doll for men is an inflatable doll shaped like a woman with one or more openings to penetrate. These female inflatable dolls come in different designs. Some have realistic additions such as hair, a three-dimensionally shaped head, or a removable vagina. The sex dolls have a realistic length of between 1.50 and 1.60 meters and can often be purchased for a relatively low amount.

    Penis pumps

    A penis pump is also called an erection pump and is a cylinder that you slide around the penis. The pump sucks the penis vacuum causing the blood vessels in the penis to expand. This allows more blood to flow into the cavernous bodies, resulting in a firm and hard erection. For this reason, a penis pump, like a penis ring, is widely used by men with erection problems. Just like with a cock ring, the effect on your erection is temporary. There are electric penis pumps, but most erection pumps are operated with a hand pump. Many penis pumps are transparent and have a ruler on the side so you can see exactly how the penis is increasing in size and how much it has grown.