The 6 best masturbation techniques for women

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Reaching an orgasm through masturbation is still a challenge for many women. This can be quite frustrating when you just want to feel that incredible release. Check out these 6 masturbation tips for women and explore how you can get the most out of masturbation!

Tip 1: be confident

Masturbation is still a taboo. Many women are ashamed of the fact that they masturbate, and at least 55% of women prefer not to talk about it at all. However, masturbation is something you shouldn’t be ashamed of.

“At least 55% of women prefer not to talk about masturbation at all.”

Almost everyone does it, and it’s also very healthy. It helps with depression, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, and improves blood flow to your lower body. As soon as you can let go of all your doubts and shame about masturbation, you’ll see that satisfying yourself becomes a lot more fun!

Tip 2: get in the right mood

A woman generally doesn’t get aroused in the blink of an eye. The feeling needs time to build. Don’t start off with your clitoris right away, as it won’t have much effect yet. Your body needs time to pump blood to your vagina and stimulate your nerves. First, ‘warm up’ your body by thinking of something arousing. Massage an area like your nipples at the same time, and gradually work your way down. You’ll feel for yourself when you’re stimulated enough to take the next step, but take at least 10 to 20 minutes to completely warm up your body. After this, masturbation will feel better and more intense.

Tip 3: use your imagination, a book, or a film

Porn films made for women are becoming increasingly popular. An erotic story or a naughty fantasy can really get you going as well. You’ll find that a story, film, or exciting fantasy can really take you ‘over the edge’!


Tip 4: get to know your body

If you don’t know what you like, masturbation will never really be a pleasant experience. Explore what turns you on. Start at the top and slowly let your hands glide over your body. Pay attention to your nipples, they’re important erogenous zones. Rub them, softly squeeze them, and discover what feels best for you.

“Move your fingertips over your hips, bum, and the insides of your thighs. This will definitely turn you on.”

Let your hands slide further down, as if someone else is touching you. Move your fingertips over your hips, bottom, and the insides of your thighs. This will definitely turn you on. Take as much time as you need to let your fingers follow this ‘path’. Finally, your fingertips will arrive at your vagina.

Tip 5: use a vibrator

Using a vibrator can be a very pleasant way to satisfy yourself, and let’s be honest: it also takes care of some of the work! Especially if you have difficulty with reaching an orgasm or masturbating with your fingers in general, a vibrator is probably just the thing for you. There are countless models to choose from.

Air pressure vibrator

Air pressure vibrators have become increasingly popular in recent years. These toys don’t use suction but instead they emit air pressure waves that stimulate your clitoris. And that turns out to work very well for many women! All you have to do is place the top on your clitoris, and the device does the rest. Are you on a budget? We can recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2. Are you able to spend a bit more? Then we suggest trying the Womanizer Premium.

Rabbit vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is probably the best known vibrator on the market. You can insert it, but it also has a clitoral stimulator so that you can enjoy double stimulation. Be mindful of what you buy and don’t immediately go for a rabbit vibrator that rotates, squirts, lights up and thrusts at the same time, as this will probably be too much stimulation for you. We recommend the EasyToys Lily vibrator that has well-placed motors, is easy to clean, and has a slight curve for your G-spot. A slightly more powerful alternative is the Sway Vibes 2.0.

A vibrator with intense vibrations

If you need a lot of help to reach an orgasm, a Wand vibrator is the best choice for you. These very powerful vibrators were originally designed as neck massagers, but over time, they’ve taken on a completely different task!

A small vibrator

Still, not every woman wants a big, powerful vibrator. If you’re looking for a small one, a mini vibrator is a good choice. For women with a higher budget, the We-vibe Tango is a great mini vibrator that gives off deep vibrations, despite its size. Don’t have a lot to spend? The Lipstick vibrator from our own EasyToys brand is the perfect choice. This discreet mini vibrator fits perfectly in your handbag, has a silicone shaft, and is rechargeable. You can also take it with you in the shower or bath!

Please keep in mind: mini vibrators generally don’t vibrate as hard as regular and large vibrators due to their size. Still, if you don’t need much to stimulate yourself, a small vibrator won’t be a problem.

Tip 6: try these masturbation techniques

While one woman likes a firm rub, another reaches her high point through tender touches – though the latter will be the case for most women. We’d like to share a number of masturbation techniques that you can try to find out what you like. We recommend using some lubricant or vaginal fluid with these, so that fingering will be smoother and more comfortable.

Indirect stimulation

For some women, direct contact with the clitoris is so intense that it feels uncomfortable. If this is the case for you as well, you can try to masturbate with your underpants on or with a pillow between your legs. Gently rub over your underpants with your hand held flat and put some pressure on your clitoris. If you want to try the method with the pillow, it’s best to lie on your belly with the pillow between your legs. Move your hips back and forth in such a way that you create friction.

The scissors technique

If you can tolerate a bit more stimulation, the scissors might be a pleasant technique for you to try. Make a scissors shape with your index and middle finger and place your fingers between your labia with your clitoris in the middle. Now move up and down from top to bottom or from left to right. You can also squeeze your fingers together a little. You won’t actually touch your clit, but you’ll definitely feel the movements.


The circular motion

The circular motion is probably the best known technique. Spread your labia with one hand while masturbating with the other. Use one or two fingers. Now make circular movements around your clitoris. Using vaginal fluid, saliva or lubricant is recommended. When you’re turned on enough, you can also make the same circular movement directly on your clit.

Tapping technique

If you need more stimulation than you get from the techniques mentioned above, you can use the tapping technique. Always do this carefully and let your clitoris get used to the touches. The tapping technique entails softly, rhythmically tapping on your clitoris, giving it ‘pleasure shocks’. You can move your finger faster as you approach your climax.

G-spot massage

Not all women like just stimulating the clitoris. If you’re one of those women, you can get some extra action with your G-spot. Massage your labia and clitoris with one hand while you insert a finger with the other. At a depth of about 3 to 5 centimetres on the same side as your belly, you’ll feel a ribbed thickening. This is your G-spot and is actually the ‘back’ of your clitoris. Your clitoris is not only on the outside but continues on the inside. If necessary, lift your hips a bit so you can feel the G-spot better. Now make a ‘come here’ gesture or a movement that involves curling that finger. It’s okay to put some pressure on it.

“At a depth of about 3 to 5 centimetres on the same side as your belly, you’ll feel a ribbed thickening. This is your G-spot and is actually the ‘back’ of your clitoris.

The important thing with all these techniques is that you keep a steady rhythm and don’t stop! That gives you the best chance of having an orgasm. With each of these techniques, don’t forget the area around your vagina too. You may want to occasionally massage the inside of your thighs, labia, nipples and – if you’re open to it – your bum and anus.

Do you have any questions about these masturbation tips or do you have some good advice for other women? Let us know in the comments below!

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