Being single is great – here’s 7 reasons why!


Many people hop from one relationship to another, and some prefer to just stay single. Sometimes even forever! But why do so many people consciously choose to avoid relationships? And is that a shame, or even sad? Nope, it really isn’t! In this article, we reveal all the benefits of being single.

1. Independence 💪

If you’re not in a relationship, then you don’t have to consider someone else’s plans or preferences either! Not only can you have everything your way, you don’t have to worry about someone making a move on your partner, and you never have to worry about your partner not liking your friends. No jealousy, feeling threatened, or being overprotective if you’re happily single!


2. No fuss 😌

Disagreements. There’s no getting around that in a relationship! Disagreements lead to arguments, which leads to drama. Fortunately, as a single person, you never hear “What are you doing?”, “Why are you saying that?” or “Why do you hang the toilet paper the wrong way round?”. No whining = a drama-free life.


3. It’s pretty chill 🍻

No expectations from your partner, no obligatory dinners and forced conversations with your in-laws, you’ve got an open schedule! You have more than enough time to meet up with friends, and you can stay out as late as you like. So…where are you going out tonight?


4. It’s all yours 👑

A double bed is twice as nice when you don’t have to share it! If you’re single, there’s no snoring and annoyances on that front either. No more fighting over the blankets, the remote control, what music is playing, or what’s on the menu! Compromise, who?

alleen thuis

5. Go wherever you want 🛫

Going out is one thing. But you can also travel whenever and wherever you want! Be it a weekend camping with friends, or a backpacking trip on your own to a faraway country. Also, if you’re planning to move, the decision is a lot easier when you don’t have to consider a second opinion.

solo trip

6. Invest in yourself 📈

Without a relationship, you can fully invest in yourself. Whether you have materialistic goals in mind, want to travel, or prefer to think about the future, it’s your money and your money alone. So you can save as much as you want, or instead spend your money on the things you enjoy.


7. Sexual freedom 👣

If you’re single, you don’t have to shave or do anything extraordinary for your partner! That saves you a lot of time, effort, and stress. Do you prefer solo sessions, or do you like a little adventure from time to time? Let your imagination run wild and make things as kinky as you like.

seksuele vrijheid

What do you like best about being single? Let us know in a comment!

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