Toy of the month: SVAKOM Nova Kegel Training Set


In our Toy of the Month blogs, we share a fun, exciting or special toy with you every month. Today, we share a toy for women that helps improve your sex life; from smoother penetration to more intense orgasms!

More about these fun Kegel balls

  • Set of 3 vaginal balls
  • Different weights
  • For pelvic floor training
  • Soft silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Pink

Ben Wa balls help you train your pelvic floor muscles. A well-trained pelvic floor has tremendous benefits. Do you have some trouble holding back your urine (after childbirth) or does penetration feel less intense? This toy can help you! This set contains 3 soft vagina balls of different sizes and weights, so you can take it a step further at your own pace! The largest ball has the least weight, so it’s the easiest to hold in. The smallest ball is the heaviest, so this one’s the most difficult.

Tip! You can use a little bit of lubricant if insertion is difficult.

Wearing these balls helps your vagina to become tighter and healthier, and you’ll have more control over it. Sex will definitely become even more enjoyable!

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