8 reasons to have morning sex

morning sex

Truthfully, there’s always a good reason to have sex at any time. Still, most couples have sex just before going to bed. But why not switch things up a bit? Give some good sex in the morning a try! We’ve listed the very best reasons to have morning sex.

#1 He’s ready!

Let’s get straight to the point: he’s ready to go in the morning! Of course, we all know how he wakes up most mornings. A huge boner in the morning offers the ladies a huge advantage: you don’t have to warm him up;-)

“A huge boner in the morning offers the ladies a huge advantage.”

#2 You’re already undressed

If you sleep naked, that is. If you don’t, you still have less clothes on than you will in the middle of the day. So off you go! Take off your pyjama bottoms and get it on.

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#3 Great workout

Morning sex is the best workout you can imagine! You wake up your muscles straight away and because you’re active in the morning, you will burn more calories during the rest of the day. Plus, you can skip that evening run or workout at the gym. Guess what you can do with that free time in the evening? Exactly! Round two!

“Being active in the morning helps you burn more calories during the rest of the day.”

#4 The orgasm!

What could be a better start to the day than a delicious early-morning climax? Want to bet that you’ll be smiling at work all day? Who wouldn’t want to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier?

#5 Skip that cup of coffee

Everyone knows that sex gives you more energy. So skip your standard morning coffee and enjoy a wonderful lovemaking session instead. You won’t need a cup for the rest of the day.

#6 Round two

After round one in bed, it’s time for round two in the shower. You’ve had sex, you may have broken a little sweat, and you’re generally a bit dirty. You both need to shower before going to work anyway. So why not go for round two?

#7 Make it a long one

For those of you who like a nice long session: sex lasts longer in the morning than in the evening! Why? He’s been storing up his energy and horniness all night. He’ll probably last longer than in the evening. What more do you want?

“He’ll probably last longer than in the evening.”

#8 It’s healthy!

Perhaps the most important reason of all: sex is healthy! Research shows that morning sex is incredibly good for building up an immune system that protects you from outside nasties and viruses. Having sex in the morning reduces the chance of catching a cold or the flu and gives you stronger nails and hair as well.

Are you team morning sex or night sex?

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