Erotic Story – Ilse Breaks the Rut

erotic story

Ilse had enough. She wanted something completely different, but the solution was not within reach. That’s why she planned this evening with military precision and left nothing to chance.

Erotic Story – Ilse Breaks the Rut

Ilse was fed up. It was time to take matters into her own hands. It’s too easy to just point the finger at others. “Don’t complain, come up with solutions,” was her motto. And that’s why she planned this evening with military precision. She left nothing to chance.

Her husband, Bas, went upstairs every night like clockwork at ten. After seven years of marriage, certain habits had become routine. She still thought he was a great guy, but the predictability and monotony made their life a bit dull. While she was in the bathroom, Bas would undress and neatly fold his clothes and place them over a chair. Then he would crawl naked under the down comforter and read for a bit. He would expect her to join him soon after, give each other a kiss, and then go to sleep.

But not tonight. Because tonight she took his book from his hands and placed it aside on the nightstand. Before he could react, Ilse grabbed his right wrist and placed it above his head on the mattress. Bas had not noticed at all that she had attached handcuffs to the bed.

“Shh!” she whispered to him, making it clear that she had plans. She had the reins tonight, both literally and figuratively. She easily secured his left wrist as well. Ilse was proud of herself. Bas, who normally always took the initiative in the bedroom, was now more or less helplessly tied to the bed by his wrists. He seemed completely taken aback and stared at his bound wrists in disbelief. Slowly, Ilse pulled the comforter off of him and only then did Bas see that two similar restraints were hidden under the foot of the bed. Teasingly, Ilse let two fingers travel from his chest, down his belly and thighs, over his legs to his right ankle.

“So, what are you planning?” There was a hint of fear and excitement in his voice. Ilse only grinned and now also secured his left ankle. She tightened the cords that attached the ankle restraints to the bedposts, so that Bas now lay helplessly tied to the bed like a starfish.

“Shh!” Bas clearly was not yet used to the submissive role he was assigned for tonight. She exaggeratedly sighed and pulled a box from under the bed. It was the box that the delivery man had unsuspectingly delivered this morning. Tonight, Bas would do what she wanted and when. And now it was time to be quiet. Ilse put the black ball from the package in her husband’s mouth and fastened it behind his neck with leather straps. Bas tried to say something, but the ball made him almost unintelligible.

“Although his body had no more surprises for him, his physical reaction showed that he was starting to understand his fate. The small jumps of his member encouraged her to take off her skirt too. Ilse was now only wearing her lace bra and matching panties.”
Ilse also begins to feel tingly. She briefly strokes her panties with two fingers to respond to the rising excitement. She rummages around out of Bas’s sight and pulls out a kind of low thin rod with a black feather at the end. Teasingly, she tickles him with it over his chest and nipples. Bas wriggles a bit and Ilse notices that his excitement is becoming more and more evident. When she tickled his swollen penis with the feather, it made short joyful jumps.

Bas could only moan. ‘Poor Bas.’ Ilse’s imagination was working overtime. In her head, she came up with the most tumultuous scenarios where Bas would do exactly what she commanded him. The anticipation made her weak. But she didn’t want to reveal all her plans too quickly and too rapidly. So she took her time. First, she would sharpen his senses even more by putting an eye mask on him.

Once again, Ilse looked at her husband, who was tied up and had a ball in his mouth and a mask on, and admired her work. Straddling him, she sat so that their genitalia were only separated by the thin fabric of her underwear. She longed to ride him, but she restrained herself. Instead, she took his nipples between her fingers and played with them until they were hard. Inside, she laughed spitefully because he couldn’t see that she had taken two nipple clamps. Carefully, she put them one by one on his small man nipples. He tried to resist from shock, but the bonds and her weight prevented that. For a moment, Ilse felt pity, when it seemed as if his whimpering was a sign of pain. But the swelling of his member revealed his excitement, so Ilse knew she could go a step further.

Ilse turned around and positioned her knees next to Bas’s head. She still had her panties on, which had begun to get quite damp.

Normally, he would have grabbed her to bury his mouth into her and push his tongue deep inside her. But now that was impossible. She saw his cock become even harder than it already was. A drop of pre-ejaculate was starting to appear on his glans. Ilse couldn’t resist the temptation and licked it off with a short stroke, causing Bas to convulse with his entire body, as if he had been struck by lightning.

It felt wonderful to have him so at her mercy. She could prolong it as long as she wanted. The whole night she could make him writhe under her hands and mouth, but she wouldn’t allow him to have an orgasm. Not yet. For now, it was her turn. First, Ilse took off her panties. Teasingly, she rubbed the damp piece of fabric against Bas’s nose and mouth and only then did she remove the ball from his mouth, before he was allowed to taste the source of the moisture. As she teasedly played with his member, she let herself be brought to a first orgasm by his mouth. She decided that it would only be his turn when she was almost completely satisfied.

Ilse prolonged the night. She teased, licked, kissed, rode, kneaded, and tormented Bas, until he begged her to let him orgasm. Only then did she release his bindings and allowed herself to be taken by him with force. Brutally, he pinned her down on the bed and took her from behind.

Later, as they lay sweating, catching their breath, Bas had to admit that he had found the new toys very exciting.

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