Erotic Story – Lucky Numbers

erotic story

Exciting foreplay can take a pond party to the next level. Just how exciting sexy foreplay can be illustrates this spicy story.

Erotic Story – Lucky Numbers

“Three,” Frederique had said, when Patrick had asked her for a number under ten. He grinned, because at that moment she had had no idea what challenge he had in store for her.

“Then that’s the number of clothes you should have on during our date!”

Patrick ordered a Glenfiddich with no ice and looked around the casino gaming room. It was busy tonight. You could tell the economy was doing well. He made it a sport to fantasize about how the patrons had made the money they were here throwing over the table in tubs. The fat man, with the far too young woman? Patrick guessed it was a pig farmer. Or a car dealer. Someone with black money in any case.

“Bye, sweet thing.” Patrick hadn’t noticed that Frederique had come in by now. God, how fantastic she looked. Her lips tasted of raspberry and her neck smelled of spring. Gently he nudged her at arm’s length so he could get a good look at her. Frederique smiled mischievously, as only she could, and twirled frivolously and with twisting hips. Patrick tried to count. A black dress with a low open back. That was one. It was impossible to have a bra on underneath that. A pair of high-heeled shoes. That was two, because shoes didn’t count separately, they had agreed. Patrick let his hands slide along his date’s hips. He felt no edges of panties. Frederique only looked at him meaningfully and bit her lip softly and quasi mischievously. Like a true Sherlock Holmes, Patrick examined her. No earrings. Not even a rubber band in her hair (something that disappointed him slightly, because he remembered so well how she always put her hair in a ponytail just before lowering herself to her knees in front of him).

“I only come to two?”

Frederique smiled mischievously and stroked along the lapels of his dark jacket. She loved it when he was well-dressed. The tattooed hand sticking out of the black shirt gave Patrick the rugged and mysterious edge Frederique loved.

“There really are three of them. Surprise! Just wait and see.”

All evening, Patrick could only think of one thing: “What would that third thing be that Frederique was wearing? Every time she bent over, to put in her chips cheval, her dress tightened around her delicious buttocks. Patrick was what you would call a “butt man,” and it seemed to us that Frederique was spinning her hips extra tonight to drive him crazy. She flirted with all the men, but always kept eye contact with him. She placed her last chip on number 3, but again she had no luck. It was time to go.

“Do you know yet?” Frederique stood before him in her hotel room. Patrick made an inane face. He really had no idea. Could she have had a piercing? Again there was that mischievous smile from Frederique as she pushed the dress off her shoulders. First her small girlish breasts became visible. No bra. That was no surprise. Hip swaying, she pushed the dress further down until it fell to the floor. He was right; she had no panties on either. Patrick clucked his tongue at the sight of the neatly trimmed tuft of hair.

“Dress is one. Shoes is two. What about three?” Patrick could no longer contain his curiosity. With small quick steps, Frederique began to turn around until her back was to him. Slowly she bent over and Patrick chuckled ‘bad girls bend at the waist’ to himself.

“Tadaa!” Patrick now had a good view of the beautiful curves and the further she bent forward the more clearly a purple shiny stone became visible, at the site of her rear. Not for a moment could he have imagined that Frederique had had a butt plug in all evening. It did explain why she had been twisting her hips like that all evening. A mix of emotions took hold of him. In a strange way, he was proud and felt respect and awe. But most of all, he felt his excitement rising faster than ever before.

“Fuck foreplay,” he growled, undoing his belt and fly. Three turned out to be his lucky number after all.

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