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We’re happy to share a new erotic story with you, this time written by Frauke! In this exciting story, the main character discovers that she shares a lot of sexual fantasies with the handsome Sven. She can’t resist ordering some exciting toys in the hope of experimenting more. But how will Sven react?

Impulsive order

Dark. Silent. Immediately, I relax. He throws me onto his familiar velvety blanket. Because I’m wearing the blindfold, I feel even more his. No matter how hard I strain my ears, I have no idea where Sven is, let alone what he’s doing… I hear a rustling sound and instantly get goosebumps all over my naked body. The only thing I can hear is my own heartbeat. And then the sound of a cap. Is that a lubricant bottle opening? Then, again, there’s an unbearable silence. Part of me wants to beg him to untie my hands so I can remove the satin blindfold and wriggle into his arms, but the tingling between my legs stops me. I succumb.

It started after school. He offered me a mojito. We chatted a bit, the rum loosened us up, and the topic of pleasures in bed and desires came up. There was a spark, a tingling atmosphere between us, both feeling the lust to surrender to each other. The flirting made the urge irresistible. Every innocent touch created excitement and intense desire. It soon became clear that we had a common fantasy; I had the urge to be his submissive, and he wanted to possess me, with full dominance. We shared our history, watched some delicious films together, and he shared his favourite websites with me.

“Every innocent touch created excitement and intense desire.”

As soon as I got home, I googled the webshop Sven had mentioned. I was just curious… Full of desire and my thoughts of him as I crawled into bed with my MacBook. Ankle cuffs. Whips. Each mysterious object painted a new fantasy in my mind. After half an hour of scrolling, I slid a hand into my panties, which were soaking wet. In less than 5 minutes, I fingered myself to a trembling climax, thinking of only one person. Immediately afterwards, I impulsively added a few items to my shopping basket and clicked the ‘order’ button.

Seeing Sven has never been the same again. My knees tremble, my heartbeat increases, my lips become wet, and my body yearns for his.

The package was delivered the following day, fortunately in a discreet box. Now that I was looking at my sexy purchases with a sober mind, I realised clearly that this was the door to a new world that I wanted to discover. Apart from my trusty vibrator and some other vanilla toys, I had never experimented. Perhaps I could still return them? Ashamed, I hid the package at the back of my wardrobe. After that, I ignored it for days, until I suddenly heard from Sven again. Ping. A few GIFs popped up on my screen and I took the packages down from upstairs. I took a photo and told him about my purchases and desires. No response. Would he ignore me? So far, we’d been good, but we both felt the passion and the urge to…

A little while after the blue check marks, he sent me a message back. He couldn’t wait to see me and to test out what was in the packages. I had to catch my breath… I felt a smile on my face that wouldn’t go away, along with an enormous longing for him…

“As I looked at my sexy purchases with a sober mind, I realised clearly that this was the door to a new world that I wanted to discover.”

In the bathtub, I read his messages, while one hand was scrolling, the other was sliding over my wet breasts between the foam. Despite the water, my pussy was wet with desire. I curled backwards at the feel of my 5 fingers deep inside me and wanted to scream his name, until – ping – a message arrived with “Tomorrow?”. Nothing more than that. What do I say to that? “Yes, tomorrow, yeesss”? Or should I just keep my cool? Do I wait? Or do I open it right away? What will he think? I don’t want him to know what he does to me. But my goodness, he’s doing a lot! “Gladly”, I replied a while later, and the evening followed with endless in-depth conversation that only stimulated our lust.

We drove into the school car park together – a coincidence? He looked at me and the warm glow of his eyes reached the depths of my soul.
“Do you have a minute?” he asked. I stuck my head through the window of the car, but he asked me to get in. Without warning, he drove off with one hand on the steering wheel, opening the glove compartment with the other, not quite so accidentally touching my leg. Sven put one handcuff on my left wrist and the other on his seatbelt.
“Did you make a naughty purchase?” he asked with an eager look in his eyes. I hadn’t forgotten about my impulse buy, on the contrary, I had brought everything with me. I looked at him and blushed. “Uh huh”, I said. He braked abruptly and followed with an unusually passionate kiss. As he turned towards me, I felt his swelling desire press against my hand. He drove on but never let go of me, not even with his hot glance.

“Sven put one handcuff on my left wrist and the other on his seatbelt. ‘ Did you make a naughty purchase?’ he asked with an eager look in his eyes.”

When he pushed me against his front door, his erection pressed impatiently against my leg.
“Oh,” I exclaimed. But the real surprise was yet to come; immediately afterwards I heard the sound of something metallic, and he locked the handcuff around my left wrist again.
“Have you made a naughty purchase?” he asked again with an eager look in his eyes, a look I didn’t know yet. But I loved it. Oops. I blushed, but very deliberately offered my other wrist.
“I wanted to return it,” I started, but before I knew it, he had already pushed me onto his bed.
“Undress yourself,” he said, after I had done what he asked, he locked the second cuff, blindfolded me, and fastened my ankles to the corners of his bed. And there I was, naked and tied up in front of my still dressed master. Despite my shame, I felt that I was wet. Never in my entire life had I felt such desire. “Incredibly sexy,” I’d once read. And yes, it was… It seemed to take a lifetime for Sven to finally touch me, not knowing whether the feather or the whip would come first. Although he had only caressed my belly, I couldn’t help but groan. “Impatient?” he teased, stroking my whole body except for the spot where I needed it most.

Every touch was a surprise. When he finally touched my clit, I let out a surprised moan which soon turned into a groan. He was licking me, I realised, when I felt the wet warmth of his tongue. Sven kept drawing slow circles around my clit teasingly until I trembled with desire.
“More”, I begged, “more”. He began to slide his glans between my labia in the same excruciatingly slow manner.

“Undress yourself,” he said, after I had done what he asked, he locked the second cuff, blindfolded me, and fastened my ankles to the corners of his bed.”

After that, everything became a bit of a blur: I didn’t see anything, and I only felt, heard, and wanted him. When he finally kissed me fully on the mouth and thrust into me as deeply as he could, I promptly forgot that he had neighbours… Not much later, I came intensely. When my blindfold finally disappeared, his smile was the first thing I saw. “Better not send those things back then?” he teased. He turned me around, and every orifice was carefully discovered and indulged with pleasure. It was wonderful to feel his desire sliding into my bum, with his moans in my ear. I just wanted him to take me harder and deeper. For me, feeling him come intensely confirms that he’s enjoying it all too. It was incredible. I just want to remember this feeling. How he squeezed my love handles while occasionally spanking my bum, as he thrust deeper and deeper into me. He has gone beyond my expectations and fantasies… I would never have imagined this scenario.

Tired, satisfied, and drowning in the splendour of his wonderful body, I curl up in his arms, blushing with shame and smiling a little. Longing for more… More and more, from him, from us.

Toys from this story

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