Female ejaculation: find out how to squirt!

how to squirt

Female ejaculation? Yes, women can ejaculate too! You can do it yourself, but your partner can also learn how to do it. Although only a small number of women can squirt further than a man, most women are able to produce a milky white vaginal fluid if their g-spot is stimulated properly. We’ve listed 5 handy tips that will definitely help you get a squirting orgasm. Get ready for an amazing experience!

Female ejaculation: this is how to squirt!

1. Relax

Preparation is essential. If you want to squirt, you’ll need to let go of all mental barriers. It won’t work if you don’t relax! Make sure you’ve taken care of everything beforehand – think of a towel to catch the fluid, lubricant, a clean environment, and having trimmed your nails. You may also want to put on some relaxing music to set the mood for yourself, with or without a partner.

2. Empty your bladder

Make sure that you’ve gone to the toilet beforehand. A squirting orgasm gives the same feeling as if you have to pee – this is because your body uses the same muscles. Naturally, this makes it harder to stay relaxed, but when your bladder is empty, it’ll be easier to let go of this feeling.

“A squirting orgasm gives the same feeling as if you have to pee.”

3. Get aroused

To be able to squirt, you need to be in the right state of mind. It’s important to be as aroused as possible. Try to wait a bit before touching the vagina and anus, but do explore the other erogenous zones. Will your partner be helping you? Take your time with foreplay and certainly don’t rush anything. Wait until you start using your fingers and avoid the clitoris for a while. A partner can try kissing the area around the vagina for example, and move ahead slowly!

How to squirt

4. Have an orgasm

When you’re sufficiently aroused, you may want to come ‘as usual’ first. A woman can orgasm several times in a row. A ‘normal’ orgasm creates enough strength and fluids down under. Sufficient energy, but also enough relaxation and moisture can make you ejaculate afterwards!

5. G-spot stimulation

To even get close to ejaculation, the G-spot needs to be stimulated. To do this, use your middle and index finger and move your palm – facing upwards – slowly inside. The G-spot is located about 5 cm inside the vagina. At the top, around the level of the clitoris, you’ll feel a small thickening. Found it? Now use both fingers and make a sort of beckoning movement – as if to gesture, ‘come here’ – and gently move over the spot. Instead of your fingers, you can also use a G-spot vibrator.

When you’re almost reaching your climax, place the middle finger behind your index finger to exert some more pressure. The orgasm is getting closer and closer. This can feel very similar to when you have to pee, but as long as your bladder is empty, that won’t actually happen. Just keep going, the feeling will go away soon enough – the further you go, the better it feels. When you or your partner manage to let go of this feeling, you’re getting closer to female ejaculation! Just before your orgasm, push out the pelvic floor muscles instead of squeezing them together to increase the chances of squirting.

“The G-spot is located about 5 cm inside the vagina.”

In short, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Find your G-spot.
  2. Stimulate your G-spot with your fingers, your partner’s penis or a sex toy.
  3. Continue until you feel an intense sensation deep inside your vagina.
  4. Push your pelvic floor muscles out while you’re orgasming.
  5. Squirt, squirt, squirt!

Did you manage to squirt after reading these tips? Or is something missing? Let us know in a comment below!

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