How to: Sex up your PLAYful Summer

sex up your playful summer

Looking for inspiring tips for this summer? In this article, we’ve listed 4 ideas that can make your summer even more fun, exciting, and hot. From cocktail parties to arousing picnics: are you in?!

#1 🍸Cocktail party!

Summer is the season to enjoy cocktails, right? Mmm, enjoying the sun in the garden or on the balcony sounds great. And guess what, you don’t have to go abroad to get in a tropical mood. It’s fun to organise a cocktail night with your friends, but it’s also perfect for a date! You may feel more comfortable with a tasty drink, and the conversation may just be that bit smoother.

“Create those tropical vibes – wherever you are.”

And… mustering up some courage with a drink is totally allowed! But of course, cocktails don’t necessarily have to contain alcohol. Do you prefer a virgin drink? There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that make the evening just as enjoyable! After all, it’s all about good company and a great atmosphere.

#2 🚗Hit the road

A road trip is always a good idea, as you can organise it just the way you like! Go with friends, for example. Compile a playlist in advance and enjoy the best, car-karaoke-worthy songs. Take some tasty snacks with you, and enjoy the ride!

Are you going on a fun road trip with friends or a sexy road trip with your lover?

Or go on a road trip with your lover, and make a playlist with your favourite romantic songs. Do you have a song that’s kind of ‘your song’? Map out a route along the places where you’ve got some great memories or special dates, and end the route at a beautiful spot where you can watch the sunset. Does it get any more romantic?

#3 🧊Ice-cold fun

In hot weather, it’s important to cool yourself down from time to time. A great way to do that is by using ice cubes and cold toys. During sex, you feel everything more intensely, so if you experiment with special sensations such as coldness during sex, it will definitely turn you  on even more. It’s not only a good way to cool down, it also makes your lovemaking more exciting!

“Heat up a hot night even more with ice-cold sensations.”

#4 🥪Sexy picnic

Who’s ready for a meal? A happy meal, if you know what we mean 😉 We’re not talking about just any picnic. This one isn’t just about eating while sitting on a rug. Nope, this time, you’ll be each other’s dessert! Bring a sexy game and enjoy each other. Make sure you pick a private spot where you won’t get caught.

Which idea do you like the most?

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