How to survive… sex in a heatwave! 🔥


The tropical temperatures we sometimes experience not only increase the heat in our surroundings… we feel it in our bodies too! Everywhere around you, you see more revealing outfits, and our clothes get tighter and sexier. With all that beauty around you, plus that heating effect of the sun, you get much more sexually aroused than in winter. But sex during a heat wave? Well, we certainly don’t want to overheat. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself!

When your body is hot, it’s imperative to keep your head cool! In every season, your bodies get clammy with sweat during sex. After all, it’s a serious workout. But those balmy summer evenings can get really sweaty between the sheets. Read on for our heatwave-resistant sex tips.

A fresh breeze in the bedroom

Of course, we naturally open the windows to let a nice breeze flow through the room. But sex with the windows open? If one of you can be quite loud during sex, it might not be the best idea. Luckily, you can buy a fan! Our golden tip: place a fan in front of two bottles of frozen water or a cooling element. The wind from the fan will be much cooler. Thank us later!

“By putting two bottles of frozen water in front of your fan, you create an air conditioner!”

Fight the heat with water

Have a bottle of water ready next to your bed, or grab a wet towel. Especially after an intense, long session, you’ll definitely be thirsty. In a way, sex is just like exercising, and you’ll naturally crave some cold water. Your body loses a lot of moisture, not only through sweating, but also through sex itself. So replenish yourself! And enjoy the coolness of a wet towel. It works great for dabbing your forehead when you get really hot.

“Sex is like exercising. During and after a good workout, you naturally crave water too.”

temperature play

Temperature Play

Oh yes, Temperature Play at its best! Playing with ice cubes is now not only sexy, but also very functional. Use ice cubes to cool down and arouse your partner’s body. You can also use frozen fruit. Rub it on your partner’s hot skin of and lick it off afterwards. There are also special toys that you can cool in ice water or in the fridge (never in the freezer!). By using cool toys, your hot evening will be much more pleasant.

Heat-resistant positions

It may sound counterintuitive, but try to avoid skin-to-skin contact as much as possible. So don’t go for missionary or spooning! Choose positions that are not too intense, such as Doggy Style or Cowgirl, so that there’s some distance between you two, and you both can take it easy.

leaning cowgirl


And now for our bonus tip! Avoid the bedroom if it’s really hot in there. In the evening, of course, it cools down quickly outside. Go out and look for exciting outdoor locations. Go for a swimming pool, a beach by a lake, or the sea! But make sure you can really enjoy each other privately.

Do you have any other tips? Share them in a comment!

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