Still a bit chilly out? Warm each other up with these foreplay tips!


Finally, the spring sun is showing her face again! All around us, people are starting to show off some bare skin, which is sure to stimulates our libido. Still, it’s okay if you need some help to get yourself going. Well, there’s no better way to warm up than with a bit of foreplay. Check out our tips!

Setting the tone…

Foreplay can start well before you enter the bedroom. Show that you’re in the mood by touching more or sending teasing messages. A few subtle hints during the day are enough to build up some heat before you jump into bed.

Just make sure you and your surroundings are well looked after. The last thing you want is for your partner to trip over a stray pile of clothes or be distracted by an unpleasant smell. Make an effort to create a romantic atmosphere by putting on some nice music and lighting candles.

The right outfit can also help to fuel each other’s sex drive. For example, show your partner that sexy lingerie under your clothes. The perfect way to tease them 😉

A challenging game

Don’t take off all your clothes right away! Foreplay is all about gradually taking it to the next level. One way is to tease each other. By stopping each other from doing what you really want, you become even more excited.

You’ll find that the erogenous zones are especially sensitive to this. By just squeezing the upper leg, gently sucking on the neck, or stroking around the genitals, you’ll surely arouse your partner. Be careful not to go too far; some people can take more than others. If they reach the top before you’ve actually started, it doesn’t really help the mood.

“Let your hands do most of the talking.”

Dirty talk can also be a real turn-on. Whisper what you’d like to do in your partner’s ear and let your warm breath touch their neck. But, be careful not to talk too much or toss off silly clichés. It’s best to let yourself be carried away by the moment and respond to it rather than to force it.

voorspel tips

Turn up the heat!

Do you find the gentle kissing and caressing a bit too vanilla? Bite your partner’s shoulder or give them a nice tap on the bum. Run your nails over their back and leave some marks. Sometimes, a little pain makes the pleasure all the more intense!

You can also choose to alternate the leading roles. Give your partner the control and see where you end up 😉 Of course after discussing it, you can also consider a spicier approach, for example by dividing the roles of dom (dominant) and sub (submissive).

There are various toys that can make foreplay even sexier. Indulge yourself with a remote control vibrating egg or take control with a tickler!

Ever heard of Temperature Play? With a few warm drops of oil from a massage candle, you can pleasantly surprise your partner! Or put an ice cube in your mouth and leave a trail of ice-cold kisses behind you.

Perhaps you prefer to pamper your loved one with a sensual massage. Massage oil comes in all kinds of nice scents and even flavours! As the icing on the cake, add a dollop of whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a delicious dessert.


If one of you doesn’t feel like it or just can’t do it, that’s OK. People are different. The moments and circumstances in which we get aroused can also be different. In the end, it’s about helping each other and being together.

How do you and your partner get in the mood? We’d love to read more in the comments!

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