The 10 best sex games to spice up your sex life


Do you feel like your sex life with your partner can use some spicing up? We recommend playing exciting sex games! Playing sexy games will help you rediscover each other again. You’ll also get to know a side of your partner that you haven’t seen yet! Play the 10 sexy sex games below for a wild evening together.

#1 Rolling the dice

All you need is a notepad or sheet of paper, a pen, and a die. Write down 6 exciting locations where you have never had sex before and number them. You can choose locations outdoors such as the park, the car, or a fitting room cubicle in a clothing store. You can also choose locations inside. Think of the kitchen countertop or on top of the washing machine. You can take turns rolling the dice and play this game as long as you like. Do you want to make it really racy? Roll the dice once a day for a week. This will give you something to look forward to every day!

Tip: no inspiration for new locations? Sex dice can inspire you with exciting locations and positions. All you have to do is roll the dice.

#2 Hide & seek – the naughty version

You don’t have to hide in this sex game, but there are all kinds of exciting things you can use together. Think of different sex toys or handcuffs, for example. You can also hide massage oil or a blindfold. Hide them around the house and set a timer for one minute or so. Then let your partner do the searching. When he or she has found something in time, it’s up to you to spoil your loved one with it. But if they haven’t found anything, then it’s your chance to choose what you’d like! Because there are so many options, you’ll definitely never get bored with this game.

#3 Erotic massages

Massage each other and take turns. For some more excitement, you can buy different (edible) massage oils or massage candles. Start massaging each other’s feet, calves, shoulders, or back. Don’t start with your partner’s intimate areas right away, slowly work your way towards them instead. Almost there? Rub and massage the area around the groin first to tease a little extra. This will build up the sexual tension. Preferably use lubricant for massaging the penis or vagina, as ordinary massage oils can irritate those areas.

#4 Erotic fantasy jar

Write a number of sexual wishes on a small piece of paper and put them all in a jar. Agree how many you’ll do together. Now you can both take a piece of paper out of the jar. The goal is to fulfil the wish that you’ve drawn. Remember to always consider your partner’s limits, so write down fantasies you think your loved one will want to act out. You can take all the pieces of paper out of the jar in one evening, but you can also continue this erotic game for months by simply grabbing the jar once in a while to get going again!

#5 Role play

A sexy role-playing game is definitely worth a try. There are endless possibilities! Think of nurse and patient, schoolgirl and teacher, or policeman and criminal. The nice thing about role playing is that you can simply escape into a different character, which can feel very liberating, so you might even dare to do more than usual. Make sure you choose something that you both like to play. You can make your erotic role play even more fun by choosing a matching costume or lingerie set. Once you’ve decided that you want to do role play, you can scroll through the collection of role play lingerie and costumes together!

#6 Strip poker

Playing strip poker will slowly increase the sexual tension between you. When someone has lost a round, they have to take off a piece of clothing. You can go a step further by adding sexual acts when all the clothes are off. Don’t like poker? You can also play another card game. Crazy Eights, for example. You can also think about playing a video game or having a pillow fight. As long as one of you can win and you can play multiple rounds, anything is possible. You can bring your own twist to the exciting sex game of strip poker.

Tip: the Kama Sutra playing cards from the Tease & Please brand not only show the usual figures and numbers, you’ll also find different positions. These cards can give you a push in the right direction!

#7 Blindfolding

Use a scarf, cloth, tie, or a real blindfold to cover your partner’s eyes. If they can’t see, other senses will be heightened. You can have some fun with this by tickling with a tickler or massaging parts of the body. Lick, stroke, smack, and massage to tease every nerve in your partner’s body.

Then, switch turns. You can also combine this blindfold game with delicious and erotic food. Feed your sweetheart strawberries with chocolate or let your partner taste something of your own body…

#8 Time bomb

This sex game requires an hourglass, timer, or alarm clock. As soon as the time starts, you can kiss, caress, and do anything that would be considered foreplay. The only thing you can’t do is penetrate during this time! This will increase the tension, and chances are that you’ll want each other more than ever at the end.

You can decide how much time you take for foreplay, but give it  at least 15 minutes to keep the game challenging. You’ll see that a teasing sex game is a good way to get to know each other’s bodies. You might also find that you’re getting to know more about what the other person likes. As soon as the time is up, you can go all the way!

#9 Truth or Dare

You can easily give a sexy twist to this popular (children’s) game! Write cards with questions and dares on them in advance so that you always have some inspiration at hand. Now ask each other if they choose truth or dare. Your partner can choose one of the two, after which you may ask a question or give them a dare.

It’s a fun way to explore your sexual boundaries and try new things! But you can also learn more about each other. Decide for yourself if this sex game will be slightly erotic, or groundbreakingly sexy.

Tip: can’t come up with spicy questions and dares? The Discover Your Lover game contains many cards with all kinds of questions and activities!

#10 Erotic board games

Last but not least: buy some erotic board games! A few of the tips above already offer a number of suggestions, but there are many more erotic (board) games, card games (with erotic tasks) and sex dice that can make for a wild evening. These games may come in handy if you’re not feeling very inspired or if you just want to experiment.

You can opt for an extensive board game like Discover Your Lover, where you take on many different kinds of activities, or you can go for something simpler such as Kama Sutra dice, which feature a variety of different positions.

Do you already have experience playing an erotic game? Or is it still on your bucket list?

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