The best sex positions for men with large penises

large penis

Male genitalia comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are short and thick, others long and thin. A small penis can be tricky but, if you’re big, you know that it can be challenging too. We’ve listed the best positions for you, so that you and your partner can enjoy sex to the fullest!

Size matters

At first glance, a large penis seems like every man’s dream, but that’s not necessarily the case. For some men, having a large penis is more of a curse than a blessing. Just as there’s a lid for every pot, there is a vagina for every penis. And a large penis isn’t ideal for every woman! Just think of the time that, while doing it doggy style, he went a bit too deep. Such a strong thrust against the uterus is not pleasant for any woman. Do you have a big penis and do you worry about thrusting too deep, or do you not feel like holding back because you want to go full-out? Then these positions are perfect for you!

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“The bigger the better is certainly not always true.”

Positions with the woman on top

All positions where the woman is on top allow her to decide how deep you go. That’s why these positions are ideal for men with big penises. It doesn’t mean that these positions can’t provide deep penetration, on the contrary. If the woman wants to, she can fully lower herself over the penis in nearly all of these positions.

passengerseatPassenger Seat

The passenger seat is a great position to do in many places. As the name says, this position is very sexy in the car, but you can also do it at home on the sofa. Because the man has his hands free, he can use them to touch her everywhere.


If you like to kiss during sex, the lap dance is very suitable. In this position, the woman is on top, so she has all the control. The man can help her a bit by lifting her buttocks.

“When the woman is on top, she can decide how deep you go.”


Each variation of the cowgirl offers the woman full control. She can choose not to let it go all the way in, or she can. She is in control and does most of the work. And the man? He can enjoy the wonderful view.

lotusThe Lotus

Zen and sexy, that’s the lotus. In this position, you can look deeply into each other’s eyes. This position does allow for deep penetration, but in a cautious way. As the woman moves her hips, the movement will be more from front to back, rather than up and down. This way, she can better control how deep the penis goes.

Tip: Make sure she’s always moist or use lubricant.

Positions standing up

Poses where both of you are standing often work well to avoid very deep penetration. (Unless you do the standing doggy of course, because then the man can use extra force to thrust deeply). In these positions, both of you are standing up so his penis doesn’t go as deep and enters the vagina from a different angle than in most horizontal positions.

three legged doggyThree-Legged Doggy

As the man stands in front of the woman in this position, penetration is less from bottom to top and more from front to back (you have to feel this one to fully understand). The penis moves up and down less forcefully. As the woman wraps her leg around the man, it gives him the feeling that she needs him, and the skin on skin contact makes Three-Legged Doggy extra intimate.

staande kaarsStanding Candle

With the standing candle, you stand up straight behind each other. This position is a bit more complicated if the man is much taller as he has to bend his knees, or the woman can stand on tiptoe or put on a sexy pair of high heels. This position works best if you are about the same height. It involves penetration from behind, but since the woman is standing up, he won’t be able to thrust as hard or as deeply as with doggy.

Creative positions

There are really countless positions you can do. Sometimes you just have to be creative and considerate of each other. The following creative positions are very suitable and definitely worth trying. They’re also just very yummy and fun.

Flat Doggy

flat doggy
The flat doggy is ideal for those who love doggy style and always have to restrain themselves because of a large penis. With the lying-down version, the woman tilts her pelvis to make penetration easier, but this way, she can also influence the depth. Especially if the woman has a fuller bum, it’ll act as a kind of bumper. The lying-down version of doggy is also considered more intimate, as the man can lie completely over the woman so that their bodies touch everywhere.

Lusty Leg-wrap

lusty leg wrap

The lusty leg-wrap is a position where neither of you has to strain too much. The woman lies on her back and the man next to her on his side. She wraps a leg around him and with that leg, the woman can decide whether to hold him further away or pull him closer towards her. With this movement, she can also help him with the right rhythm, one that she likes. Little effort, maximum pleasure!

The following applies to all positions: do what feels good and what’s pleasant for both of you! Sex is about giving and taking. Sometimes you have to give up something so that the other person enjoys it more, and sometimes the roles are reversed. Together, you’ll figure it out, especially with our tips.

What do you think are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of a large penis?

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