Celebrate Lingerie Day with these sexy lingerie trends!

lingerie day

Lingerie complements your body in the most beautiful way, and that should be celebrated! Lingerie for the bedroom, lingerie as part of your outfit, or lingerie with an exciting, erotic touch – all of it makes our hearts beat faster. And rightly so! Are you going to celebrate Lingerie Day? Check out these sexy lingerie trends.

Bustiers and bodices

Lingerie is increasingly becoming part of our everyday outfits. A nice bustier over a white blouse or a body under a matching blazer. We love all of it! Why hide your most beautiful lingerie or save it for special occasions in the bedroom?

Our sexiest bustiers

Our sexiest bodies

Bondage lingerie

Want to give your outfit a kinky twist? Or are you looking for something sexy for some spicy sessions in the bedroom? A harness looks great on a nude body or over your everyday clothes, check out the harness looks from the MAZE collection by Bijoux Indiscrets.


Briefs with a little extra

Vibrating panties are perfect if you want to start your foreplay outside the bedroom. Are you and your partner going on a date? Put on a pair of vibrator panties and give the remote control to your partner. That way, you can add a sexy touch to the date and build up the tension to an intense ending when you get home.

Sexy lingerie for men

Sexy lingerie isn’t just for women; men can have a lot of fun with it too! Why shouldn’t men treat themselves to a pair of boxer shorts made of silk, satin or leather? Or translucent briefs that leave nothing to the imagination?

Men, you deserve to feel sexy! Cool and provocative designs will make you feel good about yourself and add some extra heat to the bedroom.

Must-have accessories

Complete your sexy outfit or lingerie set with some sexy accessories! Put some hot finishing touches to a romantic date, kinky evening at home, or a fun party.

Nipple stickers

Sometimes, you want to wear an outfit that just doesn’t look right with any of your bras. An adhesive bra is a good solution, but if you don’t feel like being too confined, nipple stickers are a perfect option. They also save you a possible nip slip 😉 Nipple stickers also heat up the bedroom! They’re super arousing and make for even more excitement.


Ah, the choker! A sexy, close-fitting necklace usually adorned with decorative stones and embroidery. Leather, plastic, and lace are popular materials and can seamlessly complete your lingerie set or everyday outfit.

Body jewels

Body jewellery is usually worn in combination with a bikini or lingerie set. They’re often worn around the hips or waist and add a sparkling touch to your outfit. We do advise against wearing these while swimming to avoid damage and discolouration.

What will your new favourite sexy lingerie item be?

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