How to use the five senses for even better sex?

five senses

Did you know that there are simple ways to use your senses to make sex even more intense? Stimulating creams, a sexy playlist, the sensual scent of oil or perfume – it makes a bigger difference than you think! Want to know how to best stimulate your senses? The tips below will help you get the most out of your sexual adventures.


We’ll start with the most obvious sense: touch. You already do this automatically during sex of course, but there are plenty of options to excite your body even more. One way to do this is by increasing the sensitivity of the skin. Stimulating lubricants are perfect for this. Vagina-strengthening gel, stimulating or ultra-thin condoms and a clitoral balm are also great options. You can even use a pinwheel to stimulate the nerve endings in the skin and make them extra sensitive to touch.

Please note! The sharp tips of the pinwheel should not pierce the skin. Also, never use a pinwheel on sensitive areas such as the genitals, neck, or head.

You can also play with the possibility of touching less temporarily, for example with orgasmic cream to enjoy sex for longer, or with relaxing anal gel to make anal sex more comfortable and easier. If you’re a lover of SM, you can alternate different types of stimulation. You can do this by alternating hitting with a paddle or whip with a gentle massage or stroking with a tickler.


You can also do several things with the sense of hearing to get even more in the mood. Think of erotic listening stories, for example. This is great as part of foreplay (or during masturbation), as it increases arousal and stimulates your fantasy. This allows you to surrender even more to your partner or to your own fantasies. During sex, you can also moan occasionally to let your partner know that you like what they’re doing.

During sex, you can also moan occasionally to express your pleasure.

Creating a sexy playlist is perfect for setting a certain mood in the bedroom. There are countless playlists online, but you can also create one yourself. Or try our Bedroom Tunes playlist, compiled for and by our community! You can take this a step further by using a toy that responds to music. One that vibrates to the rhythm of your playlist. The Lovense Lush 3 even has its own playlist on Spotify, compiled by a panel of toy testers.


Are you a very visual person? Go for a position where you have a nice view of your partner’s body. Wearing sexy lingerie or a role-play outfit can take your bedroom session to an even higher level. Should you and/or your partner like porn, watching a porn video is a fun part of foreplay. You can try to re-enact the action in the video, or make your own sex video that you can watch together later.

It can also be very exciting to take away the sense of sight with a blindfold or mask. You’ll be completely dependent on the other four senses, which are then heightened and make you experience sex even more intensely.


Oral sex can be very tasty, but you can easily make it even tastier with flavoured condoms or flavoured lube. If you’re a man and expect oral sex during the next intimate session with your partner, eat something beforehand to make your sperm taste sweeter, such as pineapple, lemon, or cinnamon. Playing with edible body paint or lickable massage oil is also a very tasty, creative and, above all, sensual option!


Scent is very strongly linked to your emotions, making it a powerful tool to make your sexual experience even more intense. You can use anything for this, such as a massage candle, massage oil, or scented sticks. Do you have a perfume that your partner bought for you or that they’ve complimented you for when you’re wearing it? Then put it on during an extended session in the bedroom as well. Or go a step further and try a pheromone perfume for some added attraction.

How do you prefer to stimulate your senses in the bedroom? Let us know in a comment!

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