The 12 best sex toys for your hand luggage or suitcase


Since we’ve been staying at home for so long, most of us can’t wait to get away from it all. The summer holidays are just around the corner! Have you already planned a nice holiday or are you looking forward to the moment that you can get on a plane without a mask? These 12 sex toys should definitely be included in your hand luggage or suitcase!

Finger vibrator

A finger vibrator is ideal to take with you on holiday. You can easily hide the toy in your suitcase or hand luggage and use it to stimulate all of your partner’s favourite spots and your own. This finger vibrator is made of flexible silicone, which makes it comfortable to wear around your finger. This toy is also available in soft pink.

Cock Ring Set

Want to be sure that you’ll have a firm, long-lasting erection on your holiday? If you don’t want to take a few of those blue pills with you, this 6-piece cock ring set is an excellent alternative. These wide, flat silicone rings don’t roll off during use, so you can focus completely on the sex or masturbation!

Sex dice

These sex dice will spice up every sex session. One die suggests different locations to have sex, and on the other die, each face has a sex position drawn on it. The dice include a ‘do not disturb’ door hanger so you can relax and experiment in private.

Rosy Gold Vibrating Egg

A vibrating egg is not only very discreet to carry with you, but can also be used very discreetly! The Rosy Gold Vibrating Egg comes with a wireless remote control, so you can also let your partner play with it. The egg has 10 quiet vibration modes and is also completely waterproof. When you wear this vibrating egg, even a visit to a museum will be an exciting experience!

“With the wireless remote control, you can also let your partner play with it.”

EasyToys Mini Vibe collection

The EasyToys Mini Vibe collection includes several compact sex toys that you can easily take with you. The mini G-spot vibrator has a curved top to perfectly stimulate the area. As this toy is waterproof, you can also safely use it in the shower or bath. The pink mini vibrator with diamonds from our collection is intended for external use and provides targeted stimulation for places such as the clitoris, nipples and perineum.

Tip! A toy bag protects your sex toys from dirt and dust. It’s also very discreet!

FPPR masturbator

This FPPR masturbator takes up little space and cannot be immediately recognised as a sex toy. When you remove the cap from the masturbator, you’ll find a masturbation sleeve with an opening shaped like a vagina, anus or mouth. The toys are also available in different skin tones. These masturbators feature a stimulating structure on the inside, treating you to an intense masturbation experience. When you’ve finished playing, remove the masturbator from the housing and clean it well with water, toy cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap.

Ryder condoms

STIs cross borders too! 😉 So do it safely and comfortably with condoms from Ryder. These 12 condoms are packed in a handy box, so you can discreetly take the condoms with you or store them. The condoms are a regular size and are provided with lubricant and a reservoir.

Easyglide toy cleaner

If you want to enjoy your sex toy more often, it’s important to clean it regularly. This prevents bacteria, fungi and viruses from settling on your toy! A toy cleaner is specially designed for cleaning sex toys. Easyglide toy cleaner is easy to apply to your sex toy, after which you only need to wipe it clean with a clean cloth and store it away. It’s that simple!

Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket is a classic among mini vibrators. This vibrator has a handy dial at the bottom, which you can use to make the vibrator vibrate softer or harder. The Pocket Rocket comes with four different top units, which you simply click onto the top of the toy. Each top unit has its own structure, which means that you actually have four different vibrators. Despite its small size, the Pocket Rocket gives off strong vibrations!

Tip! Going by plane? Don’t buy batteries for your sex toy until you’ve passed customs or until you’ve arrived at your destination. That way, you can save yourself a potentially embarrassing moment 😉

Exotiq Massage oil

Holidays are for relaxing, right? A nice massage oil is perfect to use. The Exotiq brand offers several massage oils with the most exotic scents. Put a little oil on the palm of your hand and rub it in until you feel it warming up. Then you can use both hands to massage your partner’s body. The massage oil feels silky soft on the skin and has a soothing effect.

Tenga Egg

As long as you keep these masturbation eggs in their shell, no one will realise what you’ve got in your bag! A Tenga Egg is a discreet masturbator, hidden in an eggshell. When you remove the egg from its shell, you’ll find a transparent masturbation sleeve and a packet of lubricant. The sleeve material is very flexible, allowing you to easily pull the toy over the entire penis. Tenga has a lot of different eggs, each with its own stimulating structure on the inside. Which one will you take with you on holiday?

What are your holiday plans? Are you taking a sex toy with you? Share it with us in a comment!

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