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EasyGlide Cleaning - 150 ml

£ 8.34 £ 6.66
150 mL (£ 4.44 / 100 mL)
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Product number : 27520062
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Product information

  • Safe to use
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Content: 150 mL

EasyGlide Toycleaner is a cleaning agent that is specially designed for sextoys. 150 ml

5% non-ionogenc surfactants, anionic surfactants, methylchloriosothiazolinonc, methylisothiazolinone.

Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
150 mL
Original name:
EasyGlide Cleaning - 150 ml

More specifications

155 gram
Package size:
13x4.5x4.5 cm
The Netherlands

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Reviews (935)

  • Laura en Lennart
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2019-03-15
    Do you ever just throw your sex toys into a drawer after an intense orgasm, just to fish them out again the next time you feel like having some fun? Stop it. Not only is it more hygienic to thoroughly wash your toy after use; cleaning it will also ensure your favorite toy stay nice for longer. This means you can continue to have safe and fun adventures with it for a long, long time.

    How do you clean a sex toy? Whatever you do, don't use soap and/or alcohol. A vibrator reacts to cleaning products exactly the same way Superman reacts to Kryptonite: it's their Achilles' heel. Some silicone rubber toys can even melt piles of mush. Gross.

    This is why I recently decided to try EasyGlide's toy cleaner. A cleaner which has been specially developed to clean bedroom toys. This includes dildos and vibrators but also sex dolls and swings. A real all-rounder. The cleaner comes in a 150 ml bottle with a neutral vibe - just like all of EasyGlide's products. The only hint that this is something a bit more exciting are the words 'toy cleaner' on the front of the bottle.

    The toy cleaner contains an anti-bacterial product which banishes odors and kills harmful bacteria. The product is clear and almost scentless. I say almost scentless because if you take a really good sniff of it - and stick your nose in the bottle - you may pick up a subtle hint of lemon. The cleaner isn't chemical and it won't irritate your skin. The manufacturer states that the product boasts an optimal pH level. That's nice because lots of toys end up in some pretty intimate places.

    You can apply the toy cleaner using the bottle's pump. One or two pumps is enough for dildos and vibrators. You only need a little which means bottles last for ages. I've been using it for nearly a month and the bottle is still nearly 80% full. Of course, it does depend on what you want to clean. You're probably going to be using more of the product when cleaning larger items like slings or sex swings. Let the cleaner absorb for 1 minute after applying it. Just rinse with water (the label says you don't have to do this), dry with a clean cloth and you can put away your sparkling clean toy. Conclusion: I am satisfied with this toy cleaner. A no-frills product which does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's affordable too. It couldn't be better.
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  • Annet
    Expert review
    5.0/5 2018-06-11
    The EasyGlide seems to me to be a normal, natural spray to clean the sex toys properly. Important to order it aong with your first order, to prevent harmful bacteria from collecting on your toy. Because it is skin-friendly, and tested for skin infections according to the description, I don't expect any issues, such as a reaction on the skin.

    The Packaging

    I received the EasyGlide with my first order. They both came in neutral packaging, tightly closed so that it cannot be opened easily by children, for example. For the sender it says “mail order” so there's little to see, should it fall into other hands ...

    The bottle itself is simple and natural. The green label gives you the feeling that you're holding a product that is free of substances that you don't want in your intimate areas. The content, a transparent, water-colored liquid, also gives the impression that no extras have been added. The product's intended use is indicated on the back of the bottle in various languages, including Dutch.


    The bottle has a spray cap, so it is easy to distribute the liquid over your toy. There's 150ml in one bottle. According to the description, the liquid is water and grease free and has been dermatologically and clinically tested and assessed. The pH balance is also exactly right for this use. The spray can be used for cleaning sex toys and latex condoms. The product is affordably priced.


    With the convenient spray cap, you can easily distributed the liquid on the sex toy. It doesn't feel sticky. Afterwards, you can rinse it and dry it with a clean cloth. Of course you have to make sure that it is really dry afterwards, otherwise you still have a chance of mold growth. And if you keep your toy in a clean place, for example in a special bag or case, it is completely clean and ready for the next use!

    Incidentally, my skin reacts easily to certain products, but with the toys where I have used this spray, I haven't noticed any skin reaction.


    A normal cleaning spray for sex toys. Feels natural and is completely safe to use because the spray is skin-friendly, water and grease-free and has a good pH balance. A nice, trusted way to clean the toys and prepare them for the next use, at a good price.
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  • Stier
    4.5/5 2022-01-14
    Good product odorless and cleans my wife's toys nicely
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  • Poel
    4.3/5 2021-02-16
    Good stuff
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  • L&L
    4.8/5 2021-02-22
    cleans everything well! inexpensive and really nice
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  • Boy
    4.0/5 2021-02-22
    does what it's supposed to do
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  • JB_71
    4.3/5 2021-02-22
    Does what it's supposed to. The dispenser works great!
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  • Fox
    5.0/5 2021-02-22
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  • Nb
    4.5/5 2021-02-22
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  • SS
    3.8/5 2021-02-22
    Cleans properly!
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