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    Sex toys for bisexual and lesbian women

    For female couples, such as lesbian couples, there are many sex toys to enjoy alone or together. The most popular sex toys are outlined below.


    Wand vibrators

    A wand vibrator is a powerful massage device that can stimulate erogenous zones of the body by massage. A wand vibrator has a large, round head that gives deep and powerful vibrations. You can also use different accesories that can increase the vibration. Turn your wand massager into a vibrating dildo with the help of the dildo accesory, or stimulate the G-spot with a specially designed accesory.


    With electrosex the intimate zones are stimulated by means of current stimuli. Different sex toys can be used for this, these are called electrodes. With an electronic sex toy you stimulate the nerve endings of your body. These electrodes conduct the current that is controlled from a control unit. This allows the intensity of the stimuli to be adjusted. For example, gentle electrical impulses relax the muscles, where strong electrical stimuli stimulate the muscles. For example, it is possible to generate various sensations with the control unit.

    Anal toys

    Anal toys are sex toys that stimulate or penetrate the anus. Many nerve endings come together in the anus, making them very sensitive spots for stimulation. There are various sex toys that can stimulate the anus. Assorted butt plugs of different materials, vibrating butt plugs, anal beads and anal balloons that you can manually inflate to the desired size, are part of the range. The toys can be used for anal stimulation, but also in preparation for anal sex.


    Massage candles

    You can light a massage candle just like a regular candle to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. What makes the candles unique is that you can use the wax as a massage oil. Because the candles have a low ignition temperature, the oil will feel warm, but it will not be painful. The wax often has a nourishing effect on the skin. The temperature of the wax also ensures that the muscles become warm and relaxed.


    A strap-on dildo, also known as a strapon, allows lesbian couples to mimic penetration. The dildos are attached to a harness that one of the partners wears around her waist. A harness often contains a hole or a metal ring behind which the base of the dildo can be attached. The harness then holds the dildo firmly in place. Some strap-on dildos come with a harness.

    Double dildos

    A double dildo is a sex toy with two ends, both of which are suitable for penetration. This makes it possible to use the dildo simultaneously vaginally and anally. The dildos are very flexible so they can be used in different positions. This makes it possible to both enjoy the dildo at the same time and feel the same stimulation. Double dildos are usually longer than 20 cm and in most cases are shaped like the appearance of a real penis.

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