Try these positions if you’re trying to get pregnant… 👪


Of course, conception requires much more than simply trying out the perfect sex position. However, it’s definitely true that certain positions can help women to get pregnant. We highlight 5 positions that can increase your chances – after all, every bit helps!

Getting into the best positions for sex

If you want to get pregnant, it’s especially important that the man does the work. Any position where he’s on top, such as the classic missionary position or doggy style, is the most effective. The force of gravity can help the sperm cells to reach the uterus better and increase the chance of fertilising the egg. Positions where the woman is on top are not recommended, because it’s more likely that the sperm cells won’t reach the cervix as effectively or can ‘flow out’ more easily. Opt for positions where the man can penetrate deeply, such as spooning. The deeper he penetrates, the closer to the uterus he is already!


#1 Spooning

lepeltje lepeltje

As mentioned above, spooning is an excellent position to increase the chances of pregnancy. The man can move freely to penetrate deeply and, as the woman is lying on her side, there’s little chance that the ejaculation will ‘flow out’ of the vagina. Besides, this position is also very romantic!

“This romantic position is a great way to increase the chances of pregnancy.”

#2 Flat doggy

flat doggy

If you’d like to try something different, you can flip over for the Flat Doggy. This position is a little less romantic, but it’s great if the person on top likes a view of their lover’s behind. The woman lies face down on her stomach. The man then moves from behind and can support himself with both arms.

Tip! She can lift her hips a little, which provides extra stimulation for both.

#3 Butter Churner

drilboor seks standjeOkay, we’ll admit… The Butter Churner is definitely not the easiest position! It requires both flexibility and endurance from both sex partners. Still, this position is a great one if you want to switch it up, and it increases the chances of pregnancy. The closer the sperm gets to the uterus, the better. This needs no further explanation 😉



#4 Missionary

Need a breather after the Butter Churner? The good old Missionary is a nice option. This classic position allows for deep penetration and lets the woman relax a little. That’s also very important to increase the chances of pregnancy!

“This classic position allows for deep penetration.”

#5 Spread Eagle

Missionary next level! With the Spread Eagle, the woman lies on her back with her hands crossed on her stomach, and her legs stretched upwards and spread as wide as possible. As the legs are spread so far apart, this position offers the opportunity for intense, deep penetration. If the woman is very flexible, she can try spreading her legs even more and shifting them back towards her shoulders; this will allow her lover to go deeper and deeper.


Which position will you try first tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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