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    The best masturbators for beginners!

    If you are a man looking to try out a sex toy for the first time, a masturbator is an excellent first choice. The now overwhelming range in these sex toys for men, might lead to some choice stress or be discouraging. Don't worry, we are here to help!

    What should you pay attention to?

    When you first want to try a masturbator, there are a few things to consider:

    1. Budget: There are some great affordable options that can do the job excellently, but if you have a bit more to spend, there are also toys that might last a bit longer or offer more stimulation. Therefore, first decide for yourself what you want to spend on a sex toy. As a beginner, don't go for the most expensive and advanced option right away.
    2. Stimulation: Ask yourself what kind of sensation you are looking for. There are masturbators that approximate the sensation of oral sex, while others mimic and approximate the feeling of a real vagina or anal penetration. Which type of stimulation do you prefer?
    3. Ease of use: Finally, you want to make sure that the masturbator you choose is comfortable and user-friendly. For example, many first-time users prefer softer materials that feel just like real skin. Another important consideration is size. If you are not sure what size you need, it is always better to be careful and choose a smaller option. Today, there are several compact masturbators available that you can easily take with you and store quickly and easily.

    Keeping the above factors in mind, we have gathered here some of the best masturbators for beginners:

    FPPR collectie

    De FPPR collection includes several compact masturbators to suit the needs of the modern man. These masturbators consist of a penetrable sleeve hidden in a discreet and stylish casing. The opening of the sleeve is shaped to look like a vagina, anus or mouth. In addition, you can choose from different skin tones.

    The stimulating structures on the inside of the sleeve and the softness of the material contribute to a realistic experience. In addition, the discreet casing has cut-outs for fingers to ensure a comfortable grip. The masturbators from the FPPR collection certainly don't fall short of the more priced strokers in our range and are an excellent choice as a first masturbator as far as we are concerned.

    A lifelike experience and choice of vaginal, anal or mouth opening

    • affordable
    • compact
    • discrete
    • material feels comfortable
    • perhaps a little too small for some men
    • sleeve may crack over time


    A true men's brand, Boners has a number of affordable masturbators in their range that we can recommend to any novice user. Boners' masturbators are made of silicone, a high-quality material that is long-lasting and easy to clean. The brand has three fantastic masturbators, each offering a different kind of stimulation

    the Boners Handjob Stroker is perhaps most simple masturbator of the three, but certainly performs no less than its more advanced brand masturbators. Made of soft and stretchy silicone, the stroker feels great on the skin. On the inside, the masturbator features firm nubs that optimally stimulate the penis. For a relatively small amount of money, the Handjob Stroker gives you a masturbator of stature!

    the Boners Vibrating Handjob Stroker has an open design which means that, as a man, you do not need to have an erection to use this masturbator. The silicone masturbator pampers the penis with delicious vibrations and the material feels very comfortable. The masturbator is easy to charge with the included USB charging cable.

    If you are looking for a sensation similar to oral sex, we can recommend the Boners Vibrating Blowjob Simulator recommend. Unlike Boners' other masturbators, the blowjob simulator features a powerful motor that allows the toy to vibrate. The masturbator focuses on stimulation of the glans and through its 10 different vibration modes, guides the user towards climax at lightning speed.

    High-quality masturbators at an affordable price

    • outstanding quality
    • easy to clean
    • lasts a long time
    • you pay a little more

    Masturbation eggs from Tenga and SVAKOM

    Discreet disposable masturbators that even fit in your pocket

    Want to experiment with a masturbation toy for the first time to intensify your solo sessions? Then the disposable masturbators from Tenga and SVAKOM we can definitely recommend it. In any case, you don't have to leave it at the purchase price, because you can get this masturbator for just a few euros. When you peel off the eggs, a stimulating sleeve emerges that can be pulled over the entire penis.

    On the other hand, these masturbation eggs can basically only be used once. Unfortunately, the eggs are difficult to clean. If you want to use them again, we recommend wearing a condom for hygiene reasons.

    There are many different eggs, each with a unique stimulating structure on the inside of the sleeve. The pattern of the shell on the egg reveals the stimulating structure you can expect. Do you currently have little to spend, but are still very curious about adding a masturbator to your sex life? Then definitely try these eggs from Tenga and SVAKOM.

    Want to know more about masturbators?

    Wondering which masturbator brands really stand out? We have made a selection of the top 5 masturbator brands that you should definitely not miss. We will also tell you more about how to clean a masturbator. When you have just bought a masturbator, you obviously want it to last as long as possible and remain responsible to use.