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Busenkette mit Klemmen

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Product information

  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: PVC, Metal

Exciting look, horny wear-feeling.
30 cm long at nippel-clips for HIm & HER

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
PVC, Metal
Original name:
Busenkette mit Klemmen


30.00 cm


Nipple stimulation

More specifications

59 gram
Package size:
12x11x3 cm

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Reviews (15)

  • Rick
    Expert review
    nipple clamps from sextreme

    The nipple clamps from sextreme come in a small, square box with a picture of a naked woman's breasts on the front, with the nipple clamps photoshopped onto them.

    The same picture is on the back in the background to make room for a close-up of the actual clamps. It may not be the chicest packaging, but it's immediately clear what you're buying and how it works, and the sexy picture will actually make you want to try out the clamps straight away.

    In addition to the sextreme nipple clamps, which are separately sealed in plastic, the box also includes an extensive manual. In addition to general information about Sextreme products and how to maintain them, the manual also includes a short user's guide for the clamps. The nice thing about that is that they also give you a few tips, for instance for adding weights to increase arousal.

    Adjustable nipple clamps from sextreme

    The nipple clamps from sextreme are made entirely of metal and are connected by a 30-centimeter metal chain. The clamps are connected directly to the chain, so unfortunately they can't be removed. The nipple clamps themselves have rubber covers. The covers are removable so people with a higher pain tolerance can use the serrated edges of the clamps. The clamps have a pretty strong spring so they have pretty significant pinching force. This has been taken into account by making the strength of the clamps adjustable with a simple screw mechanism.

    An exciting addition for both parties

    The clamps are really easy to use, which makes that you can keep on playing without interruptions. All it takes to adjust the pressure is turn the screw and put the clamp back on. I really liked this aspect, because I could start out gently at first, and once my girlfriend got used to the pain, I could increase the pressure, so that the pain sensation remained, but never got too intense. In addition to the sensation for the person wearing them, the clamps on the nipples are really visually attractive, too, and can of course you can also gently pull on the chain. Even though they're advertised as nipple clamps, the adjustable pressure also makes them ideal to use on other places, too. That makes it fun for both parties to experiment and means you won't quickly get bored with these clamps.


    In terms of price, these clamps are average compared to other nipple clamps on the market. They're a little more expensive than versions without adjustable pressure, but this addition is definitely worth it, because it makes them ideal for beginners and people with sensitive skin or a low pain threshold. My girlfriend and I have already had a lot of fun with them and I know for sure that we're not even close to being bored with this toy. I haven't found any negative points yet so I'd definitely recommend these nipple clamps.
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  • ms_999
    very good. easy to adjust, easy to handle
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  • PJS
    A great addition if you have sensitive nipples, very easy to use and easy to adjust
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  • Furry
    It's great to be able to determine the pinch tightness yourself. It's also nice for beginners. The necklace is just too short to pass behind the head.
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  • Appi
    Nice product, easily adjustable to increase excitement.
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  • Swans Kazan
    Basically a great product. But you have to love it, of course.

    The clamps do not stay in place that well, unless of course you tighten them pretty good.

    Do this a little in advance or it could take some juggling which may ruin the moment for your partner.

    Same goes for the situation where the clamps fall off during the 'deed'.
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  • LatexLover
    Very nice that these nipple clamps can be adjusted to increase or decrease the pressure of the clamps. Sometimes it takes some searching to find the perfect pressure. Unfortunately it sometimes happened that the clamps detached/slipped during use due to the rubber covers, but they can come off which solves the problem. The chain is a nice addition to the set. All in all, a great tool for an exciting kinky evening.
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  • Maartje
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  • Patrick
    They do their job, you just have to set it right and enjoy
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  • S
    Great nipple clamps, stay in place well and you can easily tighten them!
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