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    Satisfyer Curvy 2+ Pink

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    Product number : J2018-81-3
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    Product information

    • Clitorist stimulation
    • Silicone hood
    • With air pressure technology and vibrations
    • Can be linked to the special app
    • Option to create your own vibrations
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable
    • Waterproof
    • Colour: Pink

    The Curvy2+ sucking vibrator with vibrations is a handy vibrator that's easy to operate and uses air pressure. The Curvy 2+ stimulates the clitoris with pulsing waves of air pressure without making direct contact with the skin. This toy features a soft  silicone mouth that envelopes the clitoris and then gently sucks inward.  The mouth of the Curvy2+ has a diameter of 1.6 cm and stimulating ribbing in the opening. This vibrator has 3 vibration settings and 7 different patterns for optimal pleasure. And with the free Satisfyer app you can also design an infinite number of vibrations yourself so that this toy is always set to your personal needs. You'll recognize the charging point from the two silver dots. The dots are magnets that you can use to attach the USB charging cable. The cable clicks easily onto the vibrator. Plug the cable into an electronic device with a USB port and your toy will be fully charged within 2 hours. The Curvy 2+ is waterproof, so it is also suitable for use in the shower or bath.   The Curvy2+ is easy to clean with a toy cleaner. Apply the spray to the whole toy and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and carefully wipe down the vibrator until it's clean and dry. Soap and water are another option for cleaning the toy. Rinse the vibrator with lukewarm water and use mild antibacterial soap to clean it. Then gently pat the toy dry with a clean cloth or let it air dry. After cleaning, always store the vibrator in a safe, dust-free place.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: J2018-81-3
    • Brand: Satisfyer
    • Colour: Pink
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service


    • Length: 13.40 cm
    • Outer diameter: 4.50 cm


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Material: silicone, ABS
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Clitoris

    Power & Speed

    • Vibration power: Variable vibrations
    • Operation: Push button, Smartphone App
    • Power: Charger (USB)
    • Noise level: Normal
    • Charge Time: 120 min

    More specifications

    • Number of motors: 2
    • Weight: 121 gram
    • Package size: 7.5x11.6x19 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 4061504001852

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    Reviews (24)

    24 reviews
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    • Ash
      Tester review

      As a proud owner of the Satisfyer Pro 2, I was curious how the Curvy 2+ would hold up to it. Personally, I find it more sleek and beautiful, but the most important thing is still how it feels!


      The packaging feels totally secure, professional and expensive. You open it sideways (feels like a gift!) to reveal the beautiful sucker (pun intended)! Beneath the Curvy 2+ is the charging cable and the manual. I didn’t really like the fact that the manual was also covered in plastic though, it was just unnecessary.


      It’s a standard with all Satisfyer products that it has a rechargeable battery. The charging cable comes with the toy, but it’s the same one as the Satisfyer Pro 2 so I just kept this one as a spare. The charging takes around 3 hours, and the playtime is around 1 hour, which is not ideal but is already an improvement. I usually do not take that long with it so have never had to experience an interruption from a dead battery.


      What is cool about the Curvy 2+, or should I say, the whole Curvy line, is that they are not only air pulse, but also a vibrator. And you can control these two things separately! The Curvy 2+ has 3 buttons - the wave symbol is for the vibrations, the other two are for the suction. If you hold down the wave symbol for 2 seconds, you turn the vibration on. After that, you just click through the 10 modes, in which the first 3 vibration strengths and the other 7 were patterns. To use the suction, you also hold the on/off button for 2 seconds, click through it for 11 suctions levels, and click the last button to decrease the suction level. To turn it off, just hold the on/off button for two seconds again.

      However, to be honest with you, I was really intrigued by the app, so I’ve only used the manual buttons once, and for the rest, I’ve only used the app, which is what I am going to talk about in the next section.

      The App

      To connect the Curvy 2+ to the app, you just hold the on/off button for 4 seconds, until it buzzes twice. After that, click on the upper right corner button, if you have connected to your toys before, here you can view which one to connect to. It’s also really handy cause you can see the battery percentage of your toys here. 

      The app has 4 main modes - programme play, live control, ambient sound and music vibes. In the programme play, you can choose from the existing programmes, create your own patterns or create a sequence from the patterns. In the standard programme, there are 6 patterns, in the Curvy 2+ programme, there are 18 patterns. Once you choose a pattern, you can also change the level of the vibration or the suction to your liking. The live control is quite straight forward, it’s the same interface as the programme, but you change the vibration and the suction yourself. The ambient sound adapts both the vibration and the suction together based on the sound your phone picks up. Personally, I don’t really see the appeal, but it’s quite cool to have this option. The last one is music vibes, you can either connect to the apple music library or spotify. From there, you can play songs, albums, artists or playlists. 
      Besides the programmes, the app has 3 other main screens - Remote Partner, Community Share, and Alarms. These main screens require you to create a free account, but it offers you to play with your partners, download and upload patterns that other users have created, and the last one which is the alarm option, I still haven’t figured it out just yet. However, my overall experience with the app is really good, it is the most intuitive app that comes with a sex toy I have ever used and I really love all the options it offers.


      Let’s talk about how this Curvy 2+ actually feels. The only other air pulse toy I have is the Satisfyer Pro 2, and I’m going to say it, this one does not hold up to the Pro 2. I love the novelty of the free app, but somehow it just doesn’t feel the same, it doesn’t feel as good and intense. However, because it has a separate control for the vibrator, you can feel it closer to the more traditional clitoral vibrator. 
      One of the things I kinda disliked about the Pro 2 was that it is super loud, and the Curvy 2+ still makes quite some noise, but it is less loud. And this one did feel more ergonomic and nicer in your hand since you feel less of the vibration on your wrist.


      Overall it is a good toy, but it will not replace my Pro 2. The only reason I would use the Curvy 2+ is for the app control, having my partner control the modes, using novel patterns, or when my Pro 2 is out of battery. It is still a very nice toy to have, but it just doesn’t hold my expectation after I have experienced the Pro 2. 

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    • Privacy
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    • Simone
      Nice and handy device with many different settings, allowing you to vary wonderfully. Wonderful for pampering your clitoris or nipples! I'm very happy with it!
      Long lasting battery.
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    • Ms.Mia
      Not that bad!
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    • Wem
      Super fun to use with the app. The app gives many different fun features, also very fun to use with your partner.
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    • Ms.Mia
      Love it
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    • M
      Absolute winner! Amazing device. Nice that you can operate with an app so also suitable for long distance couples. The material of the toy feels very nice. It's really easy to use and a guaranteed orgasm within 5 minutes.
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    • andy
      nice but this is just not it, you can connect it to your music but the rhythm is not really right, making your own rhythms is fun but sometimes hard to get under control. in addition, it is also quickly empty and the charging takes quite long
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    • Lizzylizz03
      Addicted, can't say otherwise!;)
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    • Anoniem
      Does its job In my opinion, gives less stimulation than the traditional Satisfyer. Nice if you are a beginner.
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