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    The Power of Lingerie in Enhancing Sexuality and Intimacy

    Lingerie can be an effective tool for enhancing sexuality and intimacy within a relationship. By choosing the right fabrics, colours and designs, lingerie can draw attention to desired body parts and create an atmosphere of sensuality and seduction. There are several categories of lingerie that are seen as erotic, such as:

    • Stockings with garters: This classic lingerie is often worn in combination with stockings or stay-ups. Garters can accentuate a woman's legs, which can enhance the feeling of seduction and sensuality. A highly popular suspender belt at EasyToys is the Kiss Black Suspender Belt.
    • Push-up or padded bras: A cleavage can be exciting and arousing for men. Push-up bras can accentuate the breasts. Are you in search of a beautiful push-up bra? Why not try the Sexy Lace Planet Push-Up Bra!
    • Lingerie in sheer fabrics: Silk, lace or satin can create sensuality and intimacy. It gives a subtle view of the skin.
    • Strapless lingerie: Strapless lingerie can reveal covered body parts and create a feeling of seduction.
    • Corsets: Corsets reduce the waist and accentuate the curves of the upper body. This can increase the tension between you and your partner.

    Lingerie can be used to bring fantasies to life and can serve as a tool for role-playing.

    Everyone has a different perspective on erotic lingerie

    It is essential to remember that sexuality and intimacy are subjective. Everyone has different preferences regarding the type of lingerie they find erotic. It is also very important that the woman feels comfortable in the lingerie she wears. By means of the right lingerie, a woman can feel self-confident, which can create seduction.


    Many different types of lingerie are often seen as erotic, such as garter belts, push-up bras, sheer fabrics, and corsets. It is important to emphasize that sexuality and intimacy are subjective concepts and that everyone has their own preferences for which type of lingerie is considered erotic. It is also often important that the wearers of lingerie feel comfortable. Communication is key in this regard.

    Want to learn more?

    In addition to our regular size lingerie assortment, EasyToys offers a wide range of larger size lingerie. This means that women with larger sizes can benefit from beautiful and comfortable lingerie that fits their body shape nicely. We are happy to help you with this and have therefore compiled some tips for women looking for lingerie in larger sizes.

    We are here to help you with combining lingerie with your everyday outfit! The right combination of lingerie and daily clothing can not only contribute to a more attractive appearance, but also boost your confidence. Do you need support in selecting appropriate lingerie for various clothing styles and occasions?