Creative, unique and charming ways to say ‘I love you’

I love you

I love you. Three little words, which together form a sentence with an incredibly beautiful message. Some people say it so often that it loses its impact, while others find it so scary to say it that they just avoid it altogether. Whatever the reason, we’ll share 15 unique, charming ways to say ‘I love you’ without saying it literally.

Too much or too little

For some people, this is a difficult sentence. Perhaps because they’re afraid of being hurt if they open up, or because they’re afraid of not hearing it back. And, on the other hand, the phrase can also lose its impact as a beautiful message for people or couples who use it all the time. For example, every time you leave the house or before you go to sleep.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got some nice alternatives to ‘I love you’. This way, you can let your partner know that you love them without always using the same three words.

How to say that you love someone without saying that you love someone:

  1. I love being with you
  2. I am so happy that you’re in my life
  3. I want to share the rest of my life with you
  4. I am proud to call you my partner
  5. Even when I’m feeling down, you can make me happy in a second just by being there
  6. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me
  7. I cannot and will not imagine a life without you

ik hou van je

  1. You complete me
  2. I am so very fond of you!
  3. You (still) give me butterflies in my stomach
  4. I’ll always be there for you
  5. Do you know what my favourite place in this world is? In your arms.
  6. I am so proud of everything you do
  7. You make me feel complete
  8. Even doing nothing at all is great when we’re doing it together

Secret message

Surprise your partner with sweet words when they don’t expect it. You can send a random text, but that’s not very romantic. Write something sweet on a note and hide it in a lunch box, trouser pocket, coat pocket, or sock drawer. Or stick a note with something sweet on the inside of the kitchen cupboards or on the steering wheel of the car. We bet that your partner will soon realise how much love you feel for them!

How do you like to tell your partner that you love them?

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