Everything you need to know about condoms


Condoms are a classic contraceptive method. While every sexually active person is familiar with rubbers, there’s still plenty to learn about them. Read on to find out how best to use condoms and what kinds are available. There’s something for everyone!

Condoms – facts at a glance

  • A condom is the only method that can protect you from STIs during sex.
  • When used correctly, a condom is 95% reliable.
  • Unfortunately, perfect use doesn’t always happen… A condom can tear or slip.
  • The expiry date of condoms should be kept in mind. Expired condoms can break faster!
  • It’s not smart to keep a condom in your pocket or purse. Condoms can get damaged more easily because of this.
  • 5 billion condoms are sold every year worldwide.
  • Condoms are mainly used by young people ages 18-24.

What different types of condoms are out there?

Condom sizes

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. And, for every penis, there’s a suitable size of condom from small to extra-large. It’s important to choose an appropriate size, to ensure the condom does its job properly.

Condoms that pinch, don’t stay on properly or are difficult to get on are probably not the right size. The right condom size is determined mostly by the circumference of the penis.

Do you want to know what size you need? Check out this blog.

Different materials

Besides the different sizes, there’s also a distinction between different materials. This mainly concerns the strength and thickness of the condom. Extra-strong condoms are made of thicker latex, so they are less likely to break.

Besides extra-strong condoms made of thicker latex, there are also safe condoms that are ultra-thin. These condoms are thinner than the standard condom, but offer just as much protection. The benefit of ultra-thin condoms is that a man often does not feel the condom during sex. One extra-strong but ultra-thin condom is the Lelo Hex condom.

Tip: Especially during anal sex, it’s advisable to use extra strong condoms, as more friction occurs during anal sex.

Extra fun

To add an extra touch to sex, you can choose condoms with a stimulating texture. These have nubs and ridges, which provide extra stimulation during sex. This type of condom is intended for couple use, as the texture especially stimulates the partner.

Do you especially want to enjoy oral sex, but still do it safely? Then a flavoured condom is ideal for you. Most condoms don’t smell or taste particularly nice, but to make safe oral more attractive, a flavoured condom is the perfect solution. There are several flavours available, including fruit, mint, or chocolate.

Did you know that… there are also stimulating condoms with lubricant that cool, warm, or tingle during use?

The female condom


The female condom (or femidom) is inserted by the woman vaginally and is meant to catch the man’s sperm. The advantage of the female condom is that it gives the woman more control over the use of contraception. Also, the man does not have to wear a condom. The female condom can be inserted a few hours before sex. In this way, foreplay doesn’t have to be interrupted to put on a condom.

Using a condom? This is how you do it!

A condom can tear or slip during sex. You’ll run the risk of transmitting an STI or of becoming pregnant. If you want to prevent this, there are several things you can do to use a condom correctly!

  • Always check the expiry date before use. Never use a condom with a date has already expired.
  • Choose a condom that’s the right size. A condom that’s too small will tear more easily. On the other hand, a condom that’s too big can slip off more easily.
  • Store your rubbers in a dry and cool place. So not in your wallet or pocket.
  • When putting on the top, always make sure there’s enough room at the top. Hold the top between your thumb and forefinger while unrolling it.
  • Throw away a used condom. Never reuse it!
  • When having sex that lasts longer than 30 minutes, it’s best to put on a new condom.

Extra tip! Use lubricant during sex. This eases the “friction” between the condom and the vagina, anus, or mouth.

What’s your experience with condom use?

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