How to give a great body-to-body massage

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With a body-to-body massage, you probably give the most erotic massage you’ve ever heard of. Because let’s face it: a massage in which your bodies slide over each other is intimate and hot! We’ve made a step-by-step plan to make your body-to-body massage a great success.

The preparation

Prepare well!

A body-to-body massage requires preparation. You need a number of things that not only ensure a comfortable massage, but also keep your floor, bed, or sofa clean.

1. Lots of lubricant

With a body-to-body massage, you need a lot of lubricant. Really, a lot. This type of massage doesn’t feel very pleasant if you don’t use lubricant. Your skin will start rubbing, and you can imagine that this is less than comfortable. A small, 150 ml bottle isn’t going to be enough, so make sure you have enough lubricant.

Tip: Place the lubricant bottle in a bowl of warm water so that the gel feels comfortable when you use it.

2. A sheet

Some gels or oils can leave nasty stains on your bed or furniture. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a special sheet that prevents the oil from getting into your underwear or sheets. There are sheets that are specially made for your mattress, but there are also large sheets that you can use anywhere the house!

Starting with body-to-body massage

Let’s get started!

When you’ve set everything up, you’re ready to start. You might want to put on some relaxing music to get in the mood. On Spotify or other music apps, you can often find playlists with ‘massage music’ or ‘meditation music’. Next, have your partner lie on their stomach.

Take the lubricant and pour it over your partner’s back and legs. You can be quite generous to make sure you use enough gel. Then, use your hands to lubricate their back and legs so that all the oil or lubricant is well spread. Now the real work can begin! The following steps can be done in this order, but you can also do them however you like.

“You may want to put on some relaxing music to set the mood. You can often find suitable playlists on Spotify or other music apps.”

Step 1: Massage with your forearms

For this technique, you don’t use your hands, but your forearms. Start with the calves and continue with the thighs. You can choose to sit on your partner’s buttocks or next to their feet. Now firmly stroke their calves with your forearms and work your way up. It’s best to put some pressure on them, because there’s generally a lot of muscle and fat in these areas.

You can also use your elbows for a nice massage. After a few minutes, move on to the back and massage it firmly with your forearms as well. Be careful with your elbows near the spine and ribs, they can be sensitive. Finally, you can also do the upper arms. Don’t use your forearms and elbows on hard areas of the body. It won’t feel good.

Step 2: Use your breasts

For a man, this step may be a little more difficult to perform, but you can still use your chest to do this technique. Glide your upper body from the lower back to the upper back. A woman can tease her partner by just sliding her nipples across the back for a subtle tickle. Then run your breasts over the shoulders, neck and back, which feels nice and soft to your partner. You can turn your upper body around or move it back and forth.

“A woman can tease her partner by merely sliding her nipples down their back for a subtle tickling sensation.”

Step 3: Thighs against thighs

Now lower your body all the way onto your partner’s, making sure that your thighs are touching theirs. Kiss your partner on the neck while moving your thighs up and down as if you were swimming. Now slide slightly to the left and move your right thigh up and down your partner’s thigh. Then do the same for the other side.

Step 4: Ass to ass

Sit up straight and take a seat on your partner’s buttocks. Get into a crouched position, like a frog. Now rotate your hips so that your buttocks slide over those of your partner. You can also move your buttocks back and forth, especially in the lower back area. If necessary, use the same technique for your partner’s shoulders and back.


Step 5: Full body massage

Lie on top of your partner and use your whole body to massage your lover. This will feel warm and comfortable for them! You can move up and down, although it may be difficult to get a good grip because of the lubricant. If necessary, pull your body up against your partner’s shoulders. You can also put your hands next to his or her hips and find support that way. Another way of massaging with your body is to move like a snake. Make writhing movements. Then turn your partner around and continue in the same way.

Step 6: Focus on the front

Now that your partner is lying on their back, you can choose to redo some of the steps so that the front is also catered to. But you can also make the massage a bit more erotic by gently massaging the penis or vagina with your thighs or arms. As a cherry on the cake, let your vagina or penis run over your partner’s body.

Note: If you use massage oil, it’s better not to massage the penis or vagina. Massage oil can irritate the genitals and disturb the pH value. If you use lubricant – or a massage oil that’s also suitable as a lubricant – this is not a problem.

More inspiration for a body-to-body massage?

Watch the video below for more inspiration and an explanation!

Do you have a burning question about body-to-body massages? Let us know in the comments and we’ll answer it!

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