The best tips for outdoor sex

outdoor sex

Oh, how wonderful summer is. The sun is shining, the earth is waking up. People are wearing fewer clothes and showing more skin. This makes summer a time of heat and lust! Naturally, we all want to have sex more often, so wouldn’t it be fun to do it outside every once in a while? We’ve listed the best outdoor sex tips for you.

1. The right spot

You and your partner have decided to move your bedroom adventures to an outdoor location, but where do you go? Public sex is hot, but do keep it discreet. Don’t go for a place with lots of people (and children!).

Keep it private

Outdoor sex is extra sexy as there’s always a chance that you might get caught. Still, you don’t really want to be watched and/or filmed by anyone. Make sure you explore the area first, so that you can avoid a group of cyclists racing by just when you are getting into it.

“Make sure you explore the area first, so that you can avoid a group of 65+ Nordic walkers passing by just when you are getting into it.”

Avoid sandy spots

We don’t really have to explain why you don’t want to have sex in a place with a lot of sand.  Want to do it on the beach anyway? Consider the options. Think about having sex in the surf, as the sand is wet there. Remember to take some lubricant with you, because seawater can create more friction than usual.

Keep it close to home

Planning sex can take away a lot of the excitement, and driving 40 minutes to some far-away place doesn’t help the mood either. If you live in a busy city, chances are you won’t be able to find a suitable spot in the immediate vicinity. Always be on the lookout when you go out – who knows, the ideal situation may suddenly present itself! And, by the way, have you thought about the balcony, your own garden or roof terrace?

outdoor sex

2. Preparation is key

Of course, it feels great to spontaneously rip each other’s clothes off during a romantic walk in the woods. Still, we advise you to make some small preparations if you can. It can make outdoor sex a lot more enjoyable.

Bring the right essentials

Bring a blanket or something else to lie on. This will keep you from getting branches and thorns in sensitive places. If you don’t have to think about possible injuries and discomfort, you can focus on each other without any distractions. Don’t forget to bring tissues and condoms. Baby wipes can also come in handy to freshen things up.

“A blanket will prevent you from getting branches and thorns in sensitive places.”

Choose the right outfit

Outdoor sex works best if it’s discreet. Women should ideally wear a dress or skirt with easy underwear, so they can get dressed again within seconds if needed. And if the man forgoes his underwear for the day, there’s easier access to his package as well 😉

3. Want to have sex outside, but not a fan of the outdoors?

Are you interested in having sex outside, but are you just not feeling the whole sandy or grassy situation? Perhaps these locations are good options.

Car sex

Always having sex in the same place can get a bit boring after a while. Fortunately, with the car, every spot is within reach. Still, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve tried in the past, you’ve probably also noticed the typical problems. There’s never enough space, and it’s difficult to find a comfortable position to have a carefree happy ending. The back seat is usually the best option, although the front seats can also be pushed back so that you’ve got enough room to get down and dirty.

“Car too small for comfortable sex? Try sex on top of the car.”

Car too small for comfortable sex? Try sex on top of the car. The woman can sit on the hood and wrap her legs around the man. For even deeper penetration, the woman can lie on her back. The man can support her legs by holding them up or folding them on his shoulders.

Sex at the cinema

Sex at the cinema: it doesn’t get steamier than this. Though a crowded movie theatre may not be ideal, it’s a very exciting place to touch each other. While the rest of the audience is focused on the film, you’ve got some time to give each other a little extra love. Reserve seats in the back of the theatre, slowly slide your hand into your lover’s trousers, and see how far you’ll want to go from there! Choose a film that neither of you has really been dying to see, so that you don’t feel like you’re missing anything.

“While the rest of the audience is focused on the film, you’ve got some time to give each other a little extra love.”

The fitting room

The fitting room is also a great option when it comes to sex in public places. No one dares enter, and it’s perfectly normal for your boyfriend or girlfriend to come in to ‘approve’ your new outfit. In general, fitting rooms are spacious enough for you to be comfortable. The music in the shop will even camouflage any possible moaning. On top of that, a fitting room with a mirror can only add to the excitement!

4. Sex in public: consider the risks

Sex in public is very sexy and exciting, but it’s also illegal. Of course, the illegal aspect makes it extra hot, but be aware of the risks. Always clearly evaluate the chances that you’ll run into a police officer, or that there’s someone who might make a video of you. Needless to say, you should both feel comfortable with the situation. If you’ve thought everything through beforehand and if you’re discreet, there’s only one thing left to do: make the most of this time with each other!

What are your thoughts on sex in public?

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