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    Penis Pump Deluxe

    £ 44.99 £ 25.99
    incl. 20.0 % VAT excl. shipping costs
    Product number : 05178100000
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    Product video

    Product information

    • Met manometer
    • Strong suction
    • Easy to use
    • Inbuilt valve
    • Colour: Black

    Black, easy-to-use pumping handle to create quickly and effectively a potent vacuum inside the transparent cylinder (up to 76 cm Hg). With pressure gauge and indicator scale.
    Cylinder: 30 cm long, 22 cm deep, interior Ø approx. 6 cm, with 3 cm silicone sleeve (flexible).

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 05178100000
    • Brand: You2Toys
    • Colour: Black
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Penis Pump Deluxe


    • Length: 30.00 cm
    • Minimum diameter: 6.00 cm


    • Suitable for penetration: Yes
    • Stimulation Target: Penis
    • Quick release valve: Yes

    Power & Speed

    • Operation: Grip Pump

    More specifications

    • Weight: 543 gram
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 4024144517886

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (7)

    7 reviews
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    • Jan
      To keep my penis fit, I pump 2 x 10 minutes per day. Good pump, feels solid. Pressure gauge prevents you from going too far. According to urologists, a pressure of 4 to 6 inches/hg is a good range.
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    • xander
      Good pump with a pleasant handle and an indispensable pressure gauge. Scale is hard to read. Small opening in the cover to wriggle your thing through though. Especially when uncircumcised it's no fun. It works best to let the vacuum suck your thing in.

      Press down well and don't walk around, or the pressure will quickly drop. The pump can maintain a stable good vacuum for several minutes though. If this would feel comfortable, it wouldn't work.

      I quickly found that pumping helps with my tight foreskin, it now slides back just a little smoother and my erection feels a little firmer.
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    • Joël
      Very fun device, it's good that there are measurements too for the pressure
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    • arjan30
      An amazing product. It really helps your penis grow.
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    • Albert
      a great product that's really nice to use and feels great, recommended
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    • bart
      Beautiful design and feels good just takes a little practice to determine how much pressure you can apply
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    • Paul
      What an amazing experience.
      It's been a long time since I've had a hard-on like that.
      I can definitely recommend using this with a good cock ring
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